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Thursday, 9 July 2009

RPAC Summer 10k live for download

The RPAC Summer 10k 2009

After a day of passing heavy thundery showers, high humidity from the rain evapourating and grey clouds hanging about waiting to douse just one last lawn before bedtime, unlike last year as it came to showtime they all cleared off and left a nice clear sky for the Reigate Priory 10k to take place.

So under a blue sky and a setting sun, with the clump of trees at the 9k mark starting to cast long shadows over the last 50m of the race, it all went off - with a bang ! (which you can see in the youtube start video - a slight puff of smoke on the right)

If you want to see the rest of the photos from the race - you can go here:

Please remember, you can take free downloads of any images you want from the gallery - those nice people at RPAC included this service in your race entry - so not only can you have your medal in your collection - you can also have your photos. With about 5000 photos and just under 400 runners it's roughly 12 photos per runner - which is pretty good value all round !
If you fancy a higher resolution image or a top quality print - you can still order these as normal.

All said and done
the results can be found here:

and the Runners world chat forum is here, with a video of the course linked in there too !

Next Events

If you fancy a nice little turn out this sunday - we'll next be at the
WSFRL Wivelsfield Wobble - more information can be found on the Burgess Hill runners site here:

The weekend after that is bonkers with three large events, including a European qualifying Triathlon in Bedford, so I'll leave you to look at our calendar on the home page (scroll down a bit) to see what's coming up.

Oxtstead runners turned out in good force for the run:

Under starters orders, and "no earpieces" - so that ruled out any MI5 agents taking part...

As everyone headed out, the marshals practiced their cheerleading - check the video for more...

Passing the 1k mark, the sun was in the right place, as were the runners with the lead 4 taking out a good pace - did they know about the last hill ? possibly...

This chap from Ranelagh won - check the results for more info - by a pretty healthy margin - can you see what I meant about the shade on the finish line ? For the photo buffs that ended up as a +1/3ev compensation whilst it was backlit...

A great evenings race and brilliantly organised and a great army of marshals who made it all happen. Thank you for having us along !

and to finish the photos are here:


  1. A nice mention here:

  2. Some great feedback on the free downloads -
    "You took some good ones of me - usually I look dreadful!
    I have to say I thought that the free downloads from the race on Wednesday were the best memento - such a good idea, so thanks very much."


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