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Sunday, 27 September 2009

This weekend I was mostly Triathlon

So, what did you do at the weekend ?

It is the timeless question of work colleagues over the first cuppa of the Monday morning.

Did you see the grand prix?, watch the footy, the 6-0 drubbing, any of the cricket ? some of the Golf, or the Rugby ? Stade Francais only managed a draw 9-9 if you're wondering.

Hell no, you were out there doing it, you're not some couch potato (ok, you might have made it home for the Grand Prix).

Now back behind the desk after another summers fun in the sun (how long can it go on for ?) you're probably reading this by email and thinking, "hmmm. This weekend I was mostly triathlon".

Good or bad triathlon doesn't really come into it, and only you can judge the circumstances for yourselves. Perhaps you were more 10k ? or Half marathon ? a Wedding ? Whatever you were up to - brilliant ! Make the most of it whilst it lasts.

So for ourselves, it was Extreme Terrain Festival, (here's a peek at their Finish line flagging)

a Wedding, The Firle 10k and Half Marathon (here they are running away off to the hills)

and the Inaugral Hever Castle Triathlon.

This is where the lady of the lake appeared to King Arthur., Or it was the Hever Castle lake at about 7.30am on Sunday. You decide. It was misty, it burnt off just in time for the start. The Swan wasn't to pleased about things.

A mixture of new event orgainers and experienced alike all benefitted from some of the best Autumn weather we are likely to get:

The joys of a well signposted finish line greeted everyone at Firle on Sunday:

Did you win a prize ?

Results from the various events are still in progress but provisionally they are here, or going to be:
Extreme Terrain Festival Results (are up)
Firle Running Festival - 10k and Half Marathon (nb you should be getting these by email)
Hever Castle Triathlon (expected here)

So now you're back behind the desk, what to do ?

Well, if you're waiting for the photos, or want to have a quick look - then just like you we're sat at a desk going through the 45,000 pictures we've taken across all three events and sort them all out.

What ?!?!? yep, we cataloge them all by race number to make it easy for you to find them, and also take out the gooners and out of focus pictures. There is no automatic way to ensure only quality pictures are put on line (sure there are some automatic ways to post rubbish galleries up, but we don't use them - pride in our work and all that). Also a special thanks to Mark at Champion Chip / for the finish line numbers from Hever Castle.

45,000 images is roughly 100 man hours, split over three people - that's going to be 33 hours work each. For some of you - that's the whole week ! for us it's got to be about two days. We work hard for you ! and it saves you time. I'm working hard now - look !!!

So, sit back, chill out, bask in the glory that was your personal victory (feel free to point out how fit you are to your colleagues), perhaps do a little work ? and then - when you want to see your photos - click on the links below, and they will be there, just as soon as we have cataloged and indexed them... check on the event page to see when they are going to be ready, and if you haven't registered for this blog news - use the sign in box on the right (if you're reading this on the blog page), and you'll get a blog email just as soon as they are ready:

Or of course, you can follow our Twitter: and get the mini-info updates that way...

Well done to all of you taking part at the weekend wherever we saw you, and I look forwards to seeing you all again soon -

perhaps at the Orientator next saturday or the Clarendon Half Marathon (or full marathon)?

TTFN, and see you racing later...

(Henry Gr8 and AnneB were the first to cross the finish line at Hever.)

p.s Gez - you're still the best

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