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Monday, 7 December 2009

Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10

(continuing my theme of non-running first photos related to the event...)
The Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10 (race website here) went off very smoothly under clear blue winter skies.
The results are here: Results and their race report is here: report

We were back by popular request from Natalie the race director, and the fruits of our labour are here to see the race photos :

Link to the brief video montage, embedded below:

Looking at this photo (which almost made it to the top of the page) you'd be forgiven to think that it was a fab weather all day. But you'd be wrong ...

Just take a look at the met-offic rain radar for 8am. That lot was not funny.

It was however moving fast enough to clear all of it through by 11am (which by my maths means it was doing about 40 miles per hour from Bournemouth earlier) - which was reflected in the rather harsh wind that cut through our souls for the entire day.

What some of you may not know is that this race is the day after the Seaford Striders Christmas do, which I had the pleasure of attending last year. What this means is that not only is Marshalling still the critical job to host an event like this - most of them are doing it with an almighty hangover. Respect is due, as this often involves forgetting key items in a hurry like waterproof trousers (for their wind proof qualities) food, water, gloves and hats. It is in fact the only time a hoodie becomes a very sensible and reasonable item of clothing to have to hand on the floor by the bed. So thank you as ever to the marshals, and what does end up being about 2 hours of interspersed solitude for these longer races.

The new waterworks construed to make the race look more like a jail-break for the first and last miles especially if shot from the wrong angle...

There must be easier ways to put in a water tunnel than digging out an entire hill, laying a pipe and replacing the hill ? but apparently - not:
here's some interesting info from southern water !
It looks like this will be the route for the next three years or so.

Unsurprisingly - it was wet up on them hills - our man Mike was up there to see the view, and you too. He ended up bringing one unsuspecting victim of the chalk back after a nasty knee bash. I hear he is ok now, but it's gonna hurt for a while.

This chap navigated the puddles ok though...

Finally, hello to tom roper, and @sweder on twitter who also blogs on (corrected!)
Ash, as a clue, you came to the table I was sat at after parkrun on Saturday and you talked to the arena and brighton lot...

So to see and order the rest of the race photos :

Until next time (at the Reigate Holly Run)



  1. Aha! That explains it Ant - cheers mate.
    Great pictures as usual; put my scraps in their place : )

    Small but important point: it's should anyone fancy a read; hit 'forums' - there's plenty of good running banter there, no ads, and it's free.

    See you on Saturday

  2. Hello to you. My fellow Striders kept me in the dark about the party, doubtless because they wanted me on peak marshalling form.
    The photos capture a day of mud and sun exactly. Good stuff


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