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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Picture sharing made easy on the gallery

Seen a picture you want to share on our galleries ?

One you perhaps quite like ? even just a little bit ?

Image Sharing on Sussex Sport Photography Galleries
Well, there's been a few additions to the gallery recently - all aimed at making it easier for you to share pictures directly with your friends, family and facebook acquaintances.

You should see icons like these on the top of gallery pages and picture preview pages:

Any of these little icons will let you post the direct link to the page you are looking at straight to the email/sharing/social channel that you want to. It does tend to work better if you are logged into the service you want to use (i.e. have twitter open on your computer web browser if you want to tweet a link to an image).

The benefit - stay legal easily
The other benefit of sharing links is that it is easier and faster than the rather messy alternative: i.e. trying to take an illegal copy of the image with watermarks and then attach it somewhere, and then explain to your friends why it still has the watermarks on it without appearing like a shoplifter, and then trying to show them the others and going through the whole rigmarole again. You get the idea. Time wasting for everyone.

With this sharing thingy you can simply say here's the link, and my race number was 345 (or whatever it was) and hey presto - they can come along and see you putting your best race face on.

One of my friends - a world hardened runner suggested all the links should include the text "A picture paints a thousand words. I know you look like **** in this one, but if you buy it then your friends will see how much effort you put in".
Well now you don't have to buy it, you can just share it ! (and tell some one else to buy it for you !)

And if you are really interested - it's the widget that I'm using for all this...

Also - if you just want the link to an image to add to a website or anything else the links are shown just above the social icons. 

Direct html links 
If you don't want to use any widget-witchcraft, then you can just get the link shown on the page too (it's called "this images permanent URL")
An image link looks like this:

where "k=" is the bit that tells the gallery which event it is and the "pictureid=" is the unique image reference number on the Gallery.

If you just copy the link shown in your address bar from the top of the page in the web-browser - it probably won't work for another visitor as that link is specific to your session in the gallery. So don't get caught out and just use the link shown on the page.

Hopefully that will make it easier for you to share pictures you like with your friends, twitterati, linkedin colleagues, chat forums, facebookers and anyone else - even your family.

Give it a test !
click here:
to try it out for yourself...and let me know if you like it ! (it's certified office desk safe)

Until the weekend, and good luck for the football,

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