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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Deal Half Marathon 2011 - gallery now live

The Deal Half Marathon 2011 gallery is now live and online here:
The race website and results are here:

Up and out early on a Sunday morning with a forecast of rain ready for the next Ark wasn't the exciting prospect it can be made out to be. Zooming down the M20 past Ashford (mental note made - channel tunnel is 1hr from home and Sunday mornings are a good time to get there) the rain thinned out and the great skies of Kent parted to a thin white layer instead of the dark grey we had left behind in Sussex.

With a slight mizzle (the annoying lens coating type) tickling the face at the start, it was easy to forget when the course presented us with an opportunity for what can only be described as a magazine cover road backdrop at about 2.5 miles. Then the rain stopped.
The weaving road as a backdrop adds depth and perspective
 The only challenge remained to get as many pictures of everyone in the groups as possible - which is where the years of practice kicked in, fishing in between everyone as they zoom past.

A slight hill at 2.5 miles - but a great background
At this point a polite mention should be made for the winner 371 - who as the local DealTC /Invicta runner put in a 1:10:14 half marathon on what can only be described as severely hilly. I'd love to see this chap Phil Anthony have a go at Barns Green Half. He could take the winnings there too, but by all accounts he has quite a good pedigree. We saw him last week at the Ashford and District 10k, where he came second, so he's had a busy week and he'll be on for a good summer season by the look of things.

This is what 70:14 looks like - note the crowds following close at 2.5miles
So apart from the very strong westerly wind, which kept everyone occupied for most of the first 6 miles, the weather was perfect. So perfect I don't think I've seen so many waves, face pulls and generally happy looking people running a race. It must be the Kent air.
Rolling Stones tounge 1

Rolling Stones Tounge 2

Rolling Stones Tounge 3

Happy double thumbs and smiling

one big thumbs up

bada bing, bada boom
The main thing with this race is to make sure you don't forget anything. And concentration is very important on the hills.
Concentrate up the hills

Doh ! Try to remember everything and plan ahead
All done, the finishing straight down the hill to the timing mats and your Gatorade drinks, £5 Sweatshop voucher and Fetching Race Mug. For some it was emotional.
push it to the finish

wave to the stands

It's been emotional

Great team efforts !

Souvenier mugs listing the sponsors you should support !

Very well done to everyone at Deal Tri club for the second running of this course, including the new course record which will be a real challenge for anyone to beat now.

Enjoy the rest of the gallery:

Until next time, run safe and keep dry,

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