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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Runners Need G3 February Race 2 - now live

The Free Download race photos from the Runners Need G3 Race 2 are now live and online here:

A slightly different race course for Race 2 in the Series.

This time it's straight out of the carpark, head for St.Marthas Hill, don't turn up it and then go south for little while.
Down from Newlands corner and round the field south of St.Marthas Church
Enjoying the flat bit before the hills bit at the lowest point of the course
 After that it's turn north, and head straight up the steepest path to the top of St.Marthas itself. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that ?

It was a bit Misty, so the view from the top wasn't as good as it can be, but still worth the effort.
Why ? Why, Why, Why ?  I honestly don't know.

Some people didn't seem to suffer up the hill

Up the top, turn left, and then - down the other side - just a bit sandy

floating over the soft sand at the top makes it a lot easier

Once you're up at the top, You ahve done a whole 2 miles, and apart from catching your breath and looking out over the North downs and the pilgrim way, it's back down the hill for 1.5 miles to the water stop, and then back round through the woods climbing back steadily to the top of St. Marthas.  You will have done just over 5 miles at this point.
To give you some idea of how you should look if you're giving it everything - here's the winners, you can see the church in the background to add context:
Mens Winner at 5.1 miles

Ladies winner at 5.1 miles
 Alternatively, you can look like this instead - which is far more fun (I mean, you might as well enjoy yourself!)
Raaaar !

Seriously ?!



Big Yaaay !

Oh Yay !
After this, it's downhill all the way, except of course for the final uphill back to the finish and the car park - but we took photos there on the last race didn't we - so no point in covering that one again.
Mens winner down that last sandy hill from the top

Finally - check out the sponsors website - Runners Need - they did pay for your free race photo downloads after all !

Tomorrow Sunday the 13th we're off to the Deal (Dover) Half Marathon to see 500 runners challenging themselves to a swift 13 miles. Entries are available on the day if you're near enough after reading this at 7am ! Race start is 10:30am.
Hope to see you there !
Otherwise, why not go to the TCR show at Sandown Park, just off the A3.

Until next time, train safe and keep injury free.

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