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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Arundel Tri, Dartford Bridge Tri and Denbies 10 now live

Arundel Tri, Dartford Bridge Tri and Denbies 10 are now live

Quick Gallery links:

Raw Energy Pursuits Arundel Triathlon - Free race downloads :

Dartford Bridge Triathlon, Bejing Qualifier:

Events to Live Denbies 10 Family day:

On a blustery and windy day with a mixture of weather from dull grey on the south coast to windy and bright further north many people were out doing battle for the weekends honours.
The always well organised Arundel Triathlon started at 6am on Sunday, with the Bridge Tri due to kick off at 6:30am eventually starting at 8am due to the traffic management team suffering from a broken down vehicle and being delayed. Meanwhile a nice lie in was had up at Denbies Vinyard for the 10am start for the 10mile run and a 10:30am start for the 10k race.

The moral of this story is - stick to running if you don't fancy getting up at 4am and you're not an organiser or part of the event support team !

I hope you all had a good bank holiday rest, or some of you may have enjoyed the delights of the London BUPA 10k, I hope the capital was looking lovely ! Good luck with top quality, good value race photos from that one...

As usual for triathlons we have had our usual challenge of identifying you, even with bodymarking on hands, it's very difficult to spot people's race numbers, and as you can see in the photos below - tri-belts are the devils work and almost pointless when it comes to complying with the race rules (number must be on the front on the run). Never make me a race referee, I'd be stopping people mid run to put their numbers on the front with a DQ for no number...

Here's a few from Sundays days action:
Always good to finish strong at the Castle

Bea Downey won the sprint race for REP

All good on the cycle leg

It's hard work, but good fun

Always tricky to do better once your first photo turns out this good

REP always do a good job of making a race more of an Event

Lead from the front, when being chased by Mum

The start up the hill from the vinyard Building

Denbies Vinyard from the course

Downhill all the way on the way back in

A Family Run Day

Correct pose

careful you don't slip on the way to T1

Woops, forgot the bike

Not a new vulcan hand sign, just a dislocation but it stopped his race (he's ok now I'm told)

Strong Running from the front on the scenic run course
Finally I've been asked to tell you about the sense of having some sort of ID when running or training - see this article and get the discount

I get no kickbacks from this link (perhaps I should Mike ?)- but it's only because I had an accident and broke my foot out on a perfectly normal training run that I now run this business (five weeks off normal work and look what I came up with). I could have done with one of these ID tags, although I didn't go unconcious - it was a close thing.

Picture the scene, no mobile, on a country lane 2 miles from home, after the accident I hopped to the nearest pub - about half a mile, where ice and eleveation turned to "one ambulance if you please" on taking off my shoe and finding an impact and blood on top of my ankle. Clearly something up, I'd turned my foot so much I'd broken my foot, but it felt like my ankle.
After getting xrayed for an ankle and they missed the foot, then getting the foot done, getting home from the hospital was vaguely amusing as I had no money. The Taxi driver was understanding it was 12am.

Imagine the sound on the end of the phone when I managed to get hold of the wife 1 minute before she boarded the plane back from a business trip in canada when I said "I'm ok, just back from A&E, I've only broken my foot, nothing too serious."

As it is, I could have done with some kind of ID. Back then I didn't even carry my mobile phone on a run (I was the typical 30 something invincible). I do now - the heart fibrilations have seen to that being insisted on. However, what use is that phone if I'm upside down in a ditch ? no use to me or the person who finds me. And I'm sure James Cracknell might also take a view on that.

So, please do go and have a look, and even if you don't buy one of these ID's, please make sure you take some form of ID with you on your training runs. Even a credit card can be used to some effect, if only to scrape you off the tarmac, but make sure you take something.

And on that note - when you enter races - fill in the contact and safety details on the back of your race number - I've seen/been at four races over the years where people have unfortunately passed on - and I can guarantee none of them thought it would happen to them. And in one case it would have helped immensely with stoping the distress for the family. A race number is one thing, but the list of names and numbers isn't always to hand to figure out who is who immediately.

Right, on that happy note, it's the Seaford Half marathon on Sunday and the challenging Dorking 10 too, so get yourselves ready - it's usually the hottest weekend of the year.

See you out there, and enjoy the training.

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