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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Steyning Triathlon is now live for free downloads

The Steyning Triathlon gallery is now live and ready for free unlimited downloads here:

Full race results are available on the race website here:

Perfect weather and a well oiled route meant for some good racing and times despite the windy bits out on the cycle route. I look forwards to reading the report in 220tri magazine, here's the race report in

Just as a quick note, if you can't find your bike photos - it's because your number wasn't visible from the front - so whilst I've had a good go at them all, you might well have to search on "000" and go through the pictures there. Same goes for the finish photos - although we do have the finish mat times to help us, we have done our best to figure out who is who.

Never ask the photographer which way to go, we have a wacky sense of humour which is best not tested...

careful step on shoes and toe off

easier with shoes already on

Throw it all over and hop on fast

all clipped in and ready to roll with a tricky disc in the wind

Enter the British Aquathlon Champs - organised by REP, and rub shoulders - for a few meters at least

Nobody told the truck driver it was a no-drafting event

Patrick Brown - he won.

Last spare space for branding just here

Happy bikers Enjoying the ride

Sunglasses were needed early on in the day

not part of any of the races, the royal salute - would have been a DQ if he was.

In flight cooling

Christian - He won too

Finishing Flourish

Sharon came flying in at the finish

Charlie ran off to Sao Paulo afterwards

Christian still looked happy at the finish
This is Mick - it's all his fault you had a great day at the races ! with sponsorship from BLOC sunglasses

Well done on another great event from Raw Energy Pursuits,their next big up is the Arundel Triathlon at the end of the month - take your chance to get in this open air lido swim, very tough bike course and a challenging run, all in the shadow of Arundel Castle - beatiful.

Ranelagh Half Marathon, Horsham 10k and Marlow 5 this weekend - thankfully unlikely to be another 40,000 images going onto the gallery - I'm indexed up to my eyeballs at the moment and need a break from the computer screen. Order queues will be attacked tomorrow - promise.

Finally remember it's local council elections today and the AV referendum (Thursday 5th of May), which means pre-school for my daughter is cancelled and we get to lobby the local councillors about the village school that was 30 places short last year, 30 short this year and forecast to be 30 short for the next two years on too. Also I do go and vote, my Grandad died on christmas day fighting for my right (and yours) to do so in WW2, so I'd better do my duty, as I hope will you.
(And remember - as Tony Benn said - if you don't vote, he doesn't need to care about your opinions - and that thought should matter to you.)

Until next time, brace yourself for the rain at the weekend - hopefully (but not during the races)


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