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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

RPAC Holly Run 2011 now live

The 2011 RPAC Holly Run gallery is now live and online here:

Event website:
Race results:

On a deceptively cold day, with firm ground underfoot a record entry in the junior races was a pleasant surprise for everyone.  With the wind and rain keeping out of the way several course records were broken making for a fantastic days racing- it's great to see the talent developing in the area with such great commitment from the coaches and clubs that took part. Very well done to the RPAC team for putting on such a great local - and wider community - race series.

Next Races
If like me it's a weekend off next weekend (yaay for my third weekend off in the year) then the next races are at the new year - for me it will be the Serpentine New Years Day 10k (full), or the Brutal10 on the 2nd of January as a pre-return-to-work freshener - highly recommended !

Christmas deadlines
Digital downloads are available instantly all the way through the Christmas break, today was the last day before 2pm for prints before christmas day, and digital files will be processed asap up to Thursday. Any custom products will be delivered after christmas now.

Thanks for reading and subscribing to the news Blog through 2011, so until next year

Plenty of new talent on the run

Tight racing from the Senior Races

Close finishing and sprinting in
Checking over the wrong shoulder, 781 got there first

Minimal fancy dress this year

p.s. Please don't shop in Comet Hove - a docking station on display destroyed my wifes iphone (i.e. it burnt out the main circuit board killing it totally) and they have been refusing any liability whatsoever for the damage. Their customer services has been infuriatingly unsympathetic and not helpful in any way saying talk to the shop manager, and the shop manager claims he has no authority to help citing talk to customer services. However the faulty docking station was removed from display and returned to the manufacturer - because naturally they believed my wife about that bit of her story.
So, please don't support poor customer service and don't shop in Comet Hove. If anything changes - I'll update you ! In the meantime - if you must - go to PCWorld instead - because they just sold off Comet from the group at a loss.

Click here for our race finding link page on the blog

Current gallery listing - the ones at the bottom will be archived first to make space for new events so don't miss out, especially on the free download galleries.

18/12/2011 now live - RPAC Holly Run
11/12/2011 now live - Seaford Mince Pie 10 2011
10/12/2011 now live - Brutal 10 Race 3 2011
27/11/2011 now live - The 3xMolehills 2011
20/11/2011 now live - Brighton 10k 2011
13/11/2011 now live - Poppy Half 2011
13/11/2011 now live - Phoenix Preston Park Races 2011
13/11/2011 now live - Grand Union Canal Half 2011
12/11/2011 now live - Brutal 10 Race 2 2011
06/11/2011 now live - Veteran Car Run 2011
06/11/2011 now live - Loseley 10k 2011 - free downloads
05/11/2011 now live - Future Car Challenge Run 2011
30/10/2011 now live - Barns Green Half Marathon 2011
22/10/2011 now live - Beachy Head Marathon 2011
16/10/2011 now live - Abingdon Marathon 2011
16/10/2011 now live - Kellystore Guildford 2011 - free downloads
15/10/2011 now live - Brutal 10 Race 1 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Petts Wood 10k 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Givaudan Ashford 10k 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Badger Half 2011
09/10/2011 now live - Herts 10k 2011
08/10/2011 now live - Dusk till Dawn 2011
08/10/2011 now live - XT MTB Enduro and 10k 2011 - free downloads
02/10/2011 now live - 7Oaks Junior Aquathlon 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Wimbledon 10k October 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Reading O2O 10k 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Basingstoke Half Marathon 2011
02/10/2011 now live - Rowers Revenge 2011
25/09/2011 now live - Tonbridge Half Marathon 2011
25/09/2011 now live - Hursley 10k 2011
25/09/2011 Now live - The Big 10k 2011
24/09/2011 now live - XT Festival 2011 - free downloads
18/09/2011 now live - Pilgrims Half and Full Marathon 2011
18/09/2011 now live - Kellystore Joyden Woods 10k - free downloads
11/09/2011 now live - Chestnut Tree House 10k 2011
11/09/2011 now live - Bacchus Full and Half Marathon 2011
04/09/2011 now live - Newbury Tri 2011
04/09/2011 now live - Maidenhead Half Marathon 2011
04/09/2011 now live - ETL Spitfire 20+ Tempest 10
28/08/2011 now live - Bexhill Tri 2011
28/08/2011 now live - Arundel 10k- free downloads
27/08/2011 now live - Hard as Snails - free downloads
21/08/2011 now live - Ringmer Tri 2011
20/08/2011 now live - Pride Run 2011
20/08/2011 now live - F3 Dorney Triathons 2011
20/08/2011 now live - Big South Swim 2011
14/08/2011 now live - REP Birdman Swim 2011
07/08/2011 now live - Milland Valley 2011
July Going to be archived very soon ! - don't miss out.
30/07/2011 now live - REP BTF Aquathlon 2011- free downloads
27/07/2011 now live - Bexhill 5k
24/07/2011 now live - Down Tow Up Flow Half 2011
24/07/2011 now live - Downland Running Festival 2011

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