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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Steyning Stinger 2012 - free downloads

The Steyning Stinger gallery is now live and online here, with free downloads of over 15,700 images:

Just use your race number to find your images, however if for many sensible reasons we couldn't see your race number then you will need to search on 000 instead and have a browse through.

If you survived this - then races to enter coming up that still have space:

Colchester Half marathon - March 11th:
Worthing 20 - March 18th:
Spitfire 20 - March 18th:

The 10th Steyning Stinger took place on Sunday the 4th of March 2012, in some of the toughest conditions it's been held in. Over the years we have seen snow and rain, but this years combination of cold, wet and wind were particularly challenging conditions.

With at least three of them out there it was a race directors bus trip, here's Graeme
 The half marathon route is here and the possible spots for taking photos, in the end we stayed low to keep under and out of the clouds.

To start with the rain and wind was persistant and from the south west, constantly blowing over the downs. Sat at the 5 mile mark for two hours from 8am the weather turned a bit more blustery and slightly heavier weather at 10am.

Debs chose wisely to go for the half instead

Off road humour
With things closing in a bit it was time to get to the finish for the 1:30 half marathon runners finish, so a mile walk back down to the car and then back to the finish, park up in the mud, get stuck in the big puddle, wizz the wheels about a bit and reverse up to the finish without running any of the early starters over to get all set up to sit under the cover of the boot.

Meanwhile - out on the course... it was raining

early surrender wasn't on the cards for Darren

team work up the hills

remember - you go faster when you smile

In 10 years - our first race pictures of Mick Dicker !!

The hills were alive with the sound of music
James Walker of Steyning AC #373 came home in 1:28:22 - for the Half Marathon which in the conditions was ridiculous, but he did make it back in before it turned nastier.
Paul Bennett of Wessex Road Runners #149 completed the marathon in 3:22:44 - which is equally ridiculous given the rain and wind and the Stings.

victory at the end
At approximately 1:30pm everything changed. First - for a moment the cloud cleared from the top of the downs, and then about 5 minutes later - the wind changed about 90 degrees to come from the north north west, the temperature dropped by about 5 degrees to 4degC and the the rain came in horizontally - straight down my camera lens.

peforming the old Dawn French puddle test
Then the tent at the finish started to take off, some of the runners started to come in near hypothermic and it all got a bit serious. St. Johns came up and with the car turned around to keep the rain out and the engine on tickover to warm up, a few took refuge in the passenger seat to warm up until the medics arrived in their 4x4. I met up with them later and am pleased to report the ones I saw all turned out ok.

The finish line team watched on diligently
The commitment shown by the team at the finish to take down results and maintain safe levels for the competitors was admiral and they stuck it out in the conditions - holding the tent down for several hours. Quite how the marshals on the top of the downs were coping I don't know, with my four leg layers (two of which were gortex waterproofs) and 6 layers of technical fabric + gortex top and military spec boots I was soaked through to the skin by 3:30 and close of play. 5.5 hrs of driving rain will get through eventually I guess.

safe descent through the woods
The other photographers coped well in the conditions, Tristan chopped in at 1pm as he had an appointment at 2pm but was looking a bit drowned even in his special outdoor kit - perhaps a harsh welcome for him to the world of running photography ? Sally cheated by wearing her full military spec kit and then hid in the woods for the second bit when things went bad - which actually made things so much easier, avoiding the gales, heavy rain, but also quite a lot of the available light too.

Quite what his other half was thinking, I don't know

So I hope you enjoy the free download gallery, and remember to post, share and link to them on facebook, twitter or any other method that takes your fancy to show people how insane and also how well you did in the conditions on Sunday.

Very well done to everyone involved whatever you did on Sunday, it was tough going.

Races to enter coming up that still have space:

Colchester Half marathon - March 11th:
Worthing 20 - March 18th:
Spitfire 20 - March 18th:

Don't forget to get your Maidenhead half marathon photos and Pilgrim marathon soon...

Soon to be archived
18/09/2011 Pilgrims Half and Full Marathon 2011 18163 files
11/09/2011 Bacchus Full and Half Marathon 2011 Gone
11/09/2011 Chestnut Tree House 10k 2011 Gone
04/09/2011 Newbury Tri 2011 Gone
04/09/2011 Maidenhead Half 2011 Going 20355 files

right, fourth night on the trot to bed at 2am to get these deadlines done. I'm off to bed.
until next time, see you out there soon, or at the Cambridge half if my calf holds out.


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