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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Capital to Coast 2012 gallery now live

The Gallery for the 2012 Capital to Coast ride is now online here:

Just use your rider number in the search box to find your photos of you or your friends on the gallery.

And if you want to make sure you know about next years ride - go here to register your interest :

This year the ride started at two main locations - the London Eye and also Esher College, making a 75mile ride at the longest. Passing through Richmond Park, down towards Esher and then the other riders joining the main route to Hove it all went smoothly.
At Box Hill the new tarmac ready for the Olympics, which is as smooth as treacle - claimed a few victims on the last hairpin as they misjudged their speed into the corner. All got back up ok though !!
Down into Sussex countryside, past the Hammerpond, along the foot of the Downs to Poynings and then the two stage climb up Devils Dyke, before finally enjoying the view and downhill ride into Hove and the Finish on the Kings Lawns.

We had 5 photographers out on the course to cover as much of the action as possible - and have also introduced a new product to let you get as many memories as possible from the day - under £20 to get all your images at screen resolution - ideal for facebook and home photo galleries.

And remember we donate proceeds from the photo sales to the Charities involved - and last year we we raised £198 from sales - so please help us to raise even more funds for the good causes.

Here's a few photos from the gallery that hopefully sum up the day - and a very big well done and congratulations to everyone involved on the day - it was a long one !!

Enjoying the beautiful view along the South Downs

Bravery in the face of the next 65miles

Team Norwood ready to roll

No surrender before the final climb

Enjoying the Sussex Countryside

The three Amigos

Excellent tandem riding

over there !

All OK half way up the Devils Dyke

wooah !! there horsey
Matt Barbett from 5 News finished in one piece !

The victory arms !!
Even Google were watching...

Satisfaction of friendship and achievement

Made it down to see Mum !

Remember, you can overdose on readybrek !

Strong finishing
It wasn't *that* windy, just hold onto your hat.

Who's the Daddy ?

Even the Marshals had to keep warm out of the wind at the finish

F5 - first team home to Hove

The Box Hill descent - with Tiara

You really need two hands for this descent...

Mr Incredible gave it a good ride

Pleased to see you too !

Peekaboo from the tandem riders

The view down the Zig Zag road valley

look for the bicycle tyre skid marks on the Zig Zag - and don't repeat !

The Gallery for the 2012 Capital to Coast ride is now online here:

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