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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

F3 Marlow and Chichester Triathlons 2012 now live

The F3 Marlow River Triathlon and Chichester Triathlons are now live and online here:

F3 Marlow Sprint and Standard Triathlon Gallery:

Chichester Triathlon 2012 - Standard and Try-a-tri Sprint distances

Chichester Triathlon 2012
Chichester Triathlon went smoothly this year without a hitch - their particular way of releasing the pool waves mean that the course is never overcrowded but  you do have a local bubble of competitors to race against.
One suggestion has been made to add a bit of fun to the start is to include the waterslide as the timed starting point ? I think it could catch on ?

Swim complete - exhilaration at not drowning - priceless

Some fast competitors were out on the course, fully sponsored up

Other riders just as competitive, enjoying the experience

Man hugs all round for finishing the race

I think this needs to be sold as Triathlon PR photo - waaay too much happiness surely !

Family friendly finishing in the playing fields made for a great atmosphere

F3 Marlow Standard and Sprint Triathlons 2012
Just like a fortnight ago when other races were collapsing and cancelling all around the place, the F3 Events team and Martyn kept the ball rolling with some well chosen race changes. This didn't turn into a duathlon - and although the swim didn't separate the field - everyone who had turned up for a triathlon and got a traithlon.

So the two changes were - downhill swim only. The current was up, the sluice gates had been shut upstream, but the water was about a foot higher than it had been a fortnight ago - and the swim the evening before had proven the point - swimming upstream was as close to an infinity pool as anyone was likely to get - so it was ruled out and everyone walked up to the next staging point - roughly 850 meters upstream for the swim start.
I was a bit busy at the swim exit/T1 entry to see if the standard swim went in at the same place, but judging by the separation of the field - it doesn't seem like there was a big difference.

You can see how busy at T1 it was here:

The next change was to put the course almost entirely on road, around and over the bridge, and then along the pavement to the lock bridge out past Bisham Abbey, over the river, and then back onto the road pavements to come back to the race HQ to finish. At 7.5k it's slightly longer than 5k, and shorter than 10k, but both were slightly drier than the alternative route along the tow path !

With a larger and stronger field than last year, it would seem that the cumulative effect of other events cancelling and F3's ability to keep things going has paid off - and very well done to Martyn and the team in keeping it afloat this year.

A full report on the race is available here:
remember not to grip too tight with your eye when removing hat - the goggles will break

"You should see the guys behind me !!!"

Just one of the ways to swim and keep your Garmin dry

Careful when going back to retrieve dropped goggles, crash narrowly avoided

It was just a bit busy at T1...
I warned Her I'd put this in the blog !
Where did I put my watch now ? (checks sleeve...)

Nightfever at T2 exit

victory and the course is conquered

Van Halen enters the finish
Relief at making the finish
New Pigeon speedsters from Nike

Hard day in the office

The swim had been a bit "close quarters"

zooming along the course, with a smile

Shielding himself from the strange orange thing in the sky, he battled on...

All finishes are sweet victory
 Well done to everyone from the weekends racing and great efforts, see you next weekend at the Purple Patch Running DTUF Half Marathon - along the Thames from Slough to Marlow. Entries still open here:

Until next time, Anthony

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