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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

PP DTUF Half Marathon, HHH Downland Festival and REP Adur Swim - all now live

It was a weekend of acronyms with all three main races:

1. PP DTUF  (Purple Patch Down-Tow Up-Flow) Half Marathon,

2. The HHH (Haywards Heath Harriers) Downland Running Festival, and

3. The REP (Raw Energy Pursuits) Arun River Swim - with free downloads

followed of course by the final three lettered word from sunday - SUN !!!!

Enjoy the galleries - there's a selection below from the days events. If you enjoyed these then you might also enjoy some of these in the next few months from the same people, so you know they will be top notch !

other great events on the horizon you might want to check out for August:

and finally the Arundel 10k with free race photos from around the castle and at the finish

In the meantime you might also want to check out this event over the next few weeks. I hear it's going to be quite big but I understand that entries might already be closed for a few of the races...

And if you're in need of a pick-up on the second weekend of the olympics and have itchy feet - I can thoroughly recommend the Milland Valley Half(ish) marathon - off road, a bit hilly and some lovely views:

Purple Patch DTUF Half Marathon
There was a lot of thumbs up along the Thames and Jubilee rivers on the way to Marlow on Sunday:

If you look carefully, you can see the Slough powerstation chimneys in the background

Daddy made it to the finish !


Good teamwork to the finish

Pure relief

Tight finishing into the line

Hi-Fives into the finish line

good teamwork, even though they started on different waves

Extreme Dipping, although a bit too early for the line. (She was all ok afterwards)

"It's not a race". much.

:-(   & :-)

The Running equivalent of Lightning McQueen in Cars

Thumbs up !

Pretty paths along the riverside

More thumbs up

Nice day for a run

It doesn't get that much better than this as a backdrop

Victory all round

More thumbs up - must be a good race !!

Run DMC, walk this way.

HHH Downlands festival - 30 mile ultra, and the New Dewpond 7- with over 1000ft of climbing enroute...

Steve's a fan of Julie Andrews - apparently

Look - sun, and views to the south downs in the background and yes - DRY PATHS!!

The Legend that is The Jacko

Running down that Hill

What do you call a man with a windmill on his head ? Well, I call him Jon.

REP River Adur Swim 2012

A new event held on the river adur at the Adur Outdoor Activity Centre , a great new venue for a challenging tidal river swim. The out and back format meant it was easy for supporters to keep an eye on the swimmers as the race unfolded, and the winners were men this time (compared with the Arun swim last month).
Mass start from the AOAC
Breeaath !!!
As you can see - it was nice to have a race finish that wasn't back-lit by the sun !!
First man out, Dave Warren in 28:10 and time for some catalogue work

Madeline Parra in 29:46 - first lady

Cue baywatch soundtrack and splashy running ?
Good running up to the finish
A perfect way to spend your Sunday ? - Looks like fun.

 Enjoy the olympics, and if you're in the Surrey Sussex Area - keep an eye out for the bike rides on Saturday and Sunday - especially in the Dorking / Box hill area. and watch out for the road closures too...

Until next time - which might be a few weeks, and then we're closing the office for four days when we have our first holiday in 6 years. Wish us luck !!


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