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Monday, 31 December 2012

Brutal Longmoor, 2012 and all that

The Brutal Longmoor 2012 gallery is now live and on line here:

Race results can be found here:

A little message
As 2012 trips over into 2013 and I plan for the early start and off to the Serpentine 10k New Years Day race for the 5th time, we start to get near to the 10 year anniversary of this business.

From starting as a "paying hobby" back in 2003 when the internet started working, and with the luxury of a "proper job" to cover costs, investment and food, it grew firstly into a full time self-employed job in 2008 (when the proper-job and 20 years of career was thrown out of the window), and more recently into a limited company (UK Sport Photo Ltd) that has salaries to pay, people it employs, and VAT and other tax bills to sort out.

Quite when all this got all very "serious and sensible" from what was just doing something I'd loved to do all my life (from 14 when I first picked up a camera) , I'm not quite sure, but what I am certain of is that we wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for great people like you supporting and helping us (mainly by buying your photos).

So in this landmark year that my Grandma is forecast to turn 100, I'd like to say a bit thank you to all of you for your support, purchases, suggestions and salutations over the past 10 years either saying "Hi !" out on the race routes and at the finish lines, over the internet or on the phone and email. Thank you also to the team here in the office that work so hard to support the 35 photographers we use regularly to help cover races.

Thank you for being you, and please continue to be you, and I wish you a Happy New Year in 2013 and may all your training plans come good.


and now ... some pictures from the Brutal Longmoor 2012.

It was wet, muddy, and they had to avoid a rally car race, but they got there in the end, rain and wind allowing, here's a little something to show the people back in the office after the holidays...

a quick dip 

Happy reindeer antlers

victory is in the taking part

The only Bolt of the whole day

The white tape doesn't take your weight

Vicar of Dibley puddle moment

attacking the dunes early on

Succeed !

The pain of trying and finishing

spare arms and antlers
don't slip up !

No number, use 000 or search on wolverine
More fun in the mud than you can possibly imagine - Brutal  runs !

The Brutal Longmoor 2012 gallery is now live and on line here:

Happy New Year and we look forwards to seeing more of you in 2013


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