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Monday, 11 February 2013

Deal Half Marathon, G3-2 and Liversedge Half 2013

Well done if you braved the rain, snow and face chilling wind this weekend, even just on a training run - despite many layers on Sunday my fingers started to hurt so much I couldn't concentrate very well on the photos and it took until about 8pm for my hands to regain all feeling. With sleet and a steady 15mph wind in the face, it was shall we say "challenging". At least the runners at Deal had the wind on their backs on the way back in, they certainly looked happier afterwards than on the way out !

The race photos from the weekends races are now available as below:

The Deal Half Marathon 2013 Gallery is now live and on line here:
Race results: IEK chip timing


The second allabouttriathlons G3 race gallery is now live and on line with free race downloads courtesy of Runners Need are here:
Race results are on the event website

Liversedge Half Marathon
The Liversedge Half Marathon 2013 gallery is now live here:
Race results are on Sport Systems here

Today's theme for the blog photos is silliness. A selection from Deal and the second allabouttriathlons G3 race near Guildford are included below, they're not all silly, and unfortunately I've not had a chance to go through the Liversedge Half pictures yet to pick out the fun ones, I'm assuming that they did have fun there...despite the rain !

New Staff in the SSP Office
In other news, Shona has now started working in the office to help keep all the photographers organised and the race organisers informed, you'll know that she's doing the job properly if the right number of photographers are at the right place at the right time and the race director has a nice easy clear link to the gallery on their website. (hopefully with the results and in their post race emails). She lasted the first week, so that's a good sign ! (although she declined the offer of a free portrait photo this morning, so photo to be arranged).
She's in three days a week, (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays) hopefully keeping us on the straight and level...

Get some Running Knowledge - for free
My friends at Stride UK are running a free workshop on gait analysis on Friday at their offices in Hove. This is proper gait analysis - not just having a look on a treadmill in the shop. So go to their website here to find out more and get edjucated like.

Pictures from the Deal Half and AAT G3-2
Underarm Bolt
Extra large Gangham style 1
Extra large Gangham style 2

Hitch kick jump for joy !

Crossing the field of dreams 1

Crossing the field of nightmares on the way back, up hill.

Kate Bush had a song about this

ABC had a song about this in 1981

Triple thumbs up

Unintentional Photobombing

oops too late, she's not looking any more...

Thriller Zombie monsters ? 

They ran all the way around like this, except below...

YMMM... not YMCA

Mens winner - Daniel Watt in 1:16:22 at Deal - the lowest knee lift I've seen in ages  for that kind of speed.

Ladies Winner - Faye Roberts in 1:30:10 from Canterbury Harriers at Deal

Gemma and Samantha had warm legs for the 2:22:59 

Recently I've seen a lot of our photos being used as peoples online avatars on things like twitter and facebook which is absolutely brilliant.
To a certain extent I define myself by the pictures I'll let people see of me. Facebook is certainly a case in point and their privacy issues on tagging people has never been such a hot topic. Avatars are a really good example of self expression - a picture you're happy for others to see. I know several photographers making some part of their living as portrait photographers specifically for peoples linked-in profiles - which shows how seriously some people take this sort of thing. So next time you're thinking of updating your profile pic - don't forget the digital downloads on the gallery that you can use !

Also, don't forget it's valentines soon, so if you really are struggling for an idea, how about a photo (of them!) or a digital file so you can put it on one of those card things and tell them why you like them ? Or get them a digital download for them to use as their avatar on twitter or facebook ? (or even linked-in)

So to recap here's this weeks selection:

The Deal Half Marathon 2013 Gallery is now live and on line here:
Race results: IEK chip timing

The second allabouttriathlons G3 race gallery is now live and on line with free race downloads courtesy of Runners Need are here:
Race results are on the event website

The Liversedge Half Marathon 2013 gallery is now live here:
Race results are on Sport Systems here

Until next time, keep training in the bad weather !


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