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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Brutal Windmill Hill, F3 Dorney Half, Finchley 20, and Colchester Half Marathon 2013

The weekends galleries are now live and online for you to enjoy !

 Brutal Windmill Hill Gallery:
 F3 Dorney Lake Half Marathon Gallery:
 Finchley 20 2013 Gallery:
 The Colchester Half Marathon 2013 Gallery:

Links to the events and their race information and results are included on the galleries' front pages.

As we are in the major Half Marathon season - you may need to get your training races sorted out and get that racing schedule practice in before you do that big one, or a half as part of your taper later in april

Next weekends races are:
The Brentwood Half Marathon - race full
Purple Patch Water of Life Half Marathon and 10k - races full
Cranleigh 15-21 - race full
and we're not at the Eastleigh 10k this year so take your camera if you're supporting

And in two weeks - Easter Sunday and Monday
The Richmond 13.1 Half Marathon - places still available
The Lewes 10k and fun runs - places still available

Three weeks - April the 6th and 7th - places still available - but going fast !!
Bolt Round the Holt -
Bournemouth Bay Runs (Half and 10k) -

Paddock Wood Half Marathon -
The Sussex Marathon and Half Marathon -

Weekend roundup
As the vast majority of the photographic work is outside, we tend to take a good long look at the forecast and wonder if sitting in the office at a desk cataloging photos and doing admin and pre-race preparation is a better life than the regular foray into the great wild outdoors that is our office. I'm personally going to complain to the boss because the thermostat seems to be broken at below 3degrees C for the last three months now and IT'S NO LONGER FUNNY. and I'll add that's ignoring wind chill.

After a week of Snow closing schools and major motorways in the south on Monday, sunshine on Wednesday and then heavy rain through the rest of the week, it was anyone's guess what was going to happen.
I don't know how many of you remember the forecast on Saturday, but if you need reminding it was cold, wet, a bitterly cold gale force wind, wet sodden ground and standing water. Basically everything that you would want if you were doing a Brutal and feeling a bit mildly insane and wanting to re-connect yourself with nature after a week in the office, however not what you would want if you were doing the Half Marathon around Dorney Lake - looking for a fast - which is windswept even on a perfectly still summers evening.

Sunday whilst it was snowing at Longleat and along the M4 corridor, whilst it raining heavily in Finchley it was unbelievably dry (but a brisk cold wind) in Colchester. Which was a nice change for the team that made it there, just as long as the wind wasn't a problem... It made for an excellent race - and a good test for the locals who seemed to rise to the challenge of the first hill (it's a massive climb within 3 miles) without walking.

So, here's a few photos we took out of the 65,000 or so from the weekend that made it onto the gallery...I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Someone was enjoying themselves

balancy steps, just mind the hidden hole

rage on

warpaint and hard work

clearly not gone through the water yet

Leading up the hill, damn hard work

Tough Running

Hang On a moment !

downhill running  = double thumbs up

This weeks Hero

oops lost a scrunchie !

it wasn't that deep in the middle of the second water crossing

in a hurry to finish at Dorney lake

on the windy road around the lake

good use of a bin liner until they disintegrate

flying along the back straight

big double thumbs up

focus at the finish

marshals make the drinks go round

hugs and encouragement

Keep calm and go for a run

Flying along at Finchley 20 on sunday

Flying along even faster at finchley

double thumbs at 3 miles

good motivational teamwork around the 4 laps

number 42. That's the answer !

travelling up from Winchester for this - must be marathon training

All smiles

Woah big fella !

Salutes all round

no surrender at the finish

this is how you may feel after 15 miles of running

The first hill at Colchester

"You did what ?" "doh..."

Kate Bush would be proud at the top of this Hill

Winning ladies approach the finish, which was yet to get busy

Thumbs up to the finish

This way ? - Yep

Always good to see friends 

No Headphones, but earmuffs were allowed

a sudden realisation that all was not as it seemed

Synchronise watches at the 13mile mark

Leading the race at 13:15mins through the  High Street

Glad Tom could see the funny side

Only two left, he sold the rest on his way round the course

For the win

A shiny trophy for an excellent time

Surely it's easier to swing from his webs ?

why crowd barriers are needed at race finishes #1 - blocking the way

Run Rabbit Run !!

Full pain for full power at the finish

Paul - looking trim in his Fetch Vest..

Why you need crowd control barriers #2 - people block the route for runners and the view

Proud achievements - rightly celebrated

The Mayor did his own course check and survey on the way round

All the race directors and teams of volunteers did fantastically over both days in difficult weather conditions. Saturdays races included a broken leg and at least one case of hypothermia, Sundays races included no headphone rules, the usual complaints about that (mostly from people who knew and then were annoyed that the rules were applied), yet also witnesses to cars cutting up into runners on the roads, where if those particularly unfortunate runners had been wearing headphones they would have had some seriously dangerous encounters.
 Having seen ambulances not get through a sea of runners because people were wearing headphones, and also having seen ambulances zoom down race roads because headphones were banned (and everyone heard the marshals shouts and got out the way) I know what side of the fence I prefer. To all those who wear headphones, I'll say this - it's a rule, and whilst it might not be for your benefit, I sincerely hope it's not for your benefit when you're in need of emergency care but waiting for that ambulance that's stuck behind someone else wearing headphones because they can't hear it. Accidents happen at races, so be prepared and do everything you can to ensure you're not the problem. I've only once ever pulled someone out of the way of an ambulance, they had headphones on and I sincerely hope I never have to do it again.

Until next time,
Be safe, keep warm and lets hope spring turns the corner pretty soon !


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