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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ealing, Folkestone and F3 Henley Half Marathons 2013 all live

Phew !
The weather held perfectly for the weekend in the south of England. While over in Berlin the marathon record was getting broken, the clouds broke up in the UK for the perfect conditions for running.
Ealing drew the large crowds with 4000 runners, awesome support on the course and a great atmosphere, as well as a new course record of just 64:33 by Matthew Kimutai
Matthew Kimutai sets the new record of 64:33
Almost 400 people ran the coast and cliffs of Folkestone raising money with the Rotary club of Folkestone, and over 260 enjoyed the Thames near Henley with F3Events. There were many other events going on this sunday, inluding an overnight walk in central london, and one of our photographers was asked at Ealing "what was going on ?" at 8am as the person was concerned they wouldn't get to the Windsor half marathon on time... Woods for trees on that one.
Getting that Ealing Feeling - before the start with the Ealing Eagles runners
Needless to say I think they missed out the most !

Here are the gallery links:

Race Gallery link
The Ealing Half Marathon 2013

The Folkestone Half Marathon
The F3 Events Henley Trail Half Marathon

It was two and a half days and one night of solid office work getting these three galleries online - involving a team of over 18 in the offices and 11 photographers and 14 cameras to get them. Folkestone and Henley galleries were live early Monday and Ealing went live at 9pm Tuesday with over 80,000 images for the 4,000 runners for that gallery alone. I guess someone has to make sure of the technical quality of the images !

And simple things like this make it all worth while when we get these sorts of emails:
"30 likes on my new profile picture….good quality shot"

So if you want to get some nice likes on your facebook - post a picture of yourself running your last half marathon ! (no not you Sy H...)

Call for entries:Race Entry links for Halfs and fulls
October Races (selection)
6. Basingstoke Half Marathon
6. Clarendon Half and Full Marathon
13. Chichester Half Marathon
13. Maidstone Half Marathon
20. Abingdon Full Marathon (full)
26. Beachy Head Marathon
November Races
10. Poppy Half Marathon
10. Grand Union Canal Half Marathon
17. The Brighton 10k
March 2014
2nd - The Steyning Stinger
9th - Surrey Half Marathon
23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k

The start ! and it's all go...

Sub 1:38 chipped. That's 10 mins faster than I can do it. In an costume.

the latest fashion in photographer clothing
The latest 80's fashion

Mind that balloon head

All good on the course - just need your number in the right place !

Yes - That's Sonia O'Sullivan the international runner - 1:27 79.86 age grading.
Her second race in two weeks - is this the comeback ?

pull the rip-cord to inflate your life vest

We hope this was his own spit

One way to put your name on you ! Masking tape to the rescue

wrong music to finish the race too - disaster !

No surrender chaps...

They're going to ban selfies at the Hong Kong Marathon

Always nice to see a well blown kiss

Right ankle failure, but he made it round.

double thumbs and off the ground !

more double thumbs and off the ground !

big double hands and flying around the corner

Hi Fives for all the supporters !!

Not recommended as the most economical way to cover the course - but fun !

Spot the twins

The tree lined routes of Ealing made for shaded running

Hopefully they raised a ton of money

This is almost a post-war homecoming reunion shot. It's ok, she survived the half !
So that was the weekend that was, lots of great running, some amazing results, loads of PB's and some good honest fun.

So get your photos to prove it, stick them on facebook, get some likes, get some sponsorship funds back in and get yourself back out there for some more training ! (before it starts raining...oops too late)
If that lot doesn't motivate you - 19 year old Delilah Brown here should - just with her smile.
Time is nothing, achievement is everything.
Until next weekend, when the weather forecast is again - perfect :-)


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