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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The 3 Molehills 2013

Ahh, the end of another week, the temperature drops below 5 degrees Centigrade and the Half marathon race season grinds to an almost halt the cross country season picks up. After the busiest two months in the history of our work, I'm quite in need of a rest (i.e. a single day off) so the next two months to catch up and see how much the kids have grown up will be good.

If you were to read the regular press and magazines it would seem as busy as anything with planning and the endeavour for the spring marathon season is full of beginners training advice, which races you should enter on the road to London (or not) and the top ten types of races (which are not open for entries yet anyway). But the off road season starts and it's the trail running months for some proper hard training and races lie ahead into the new year.

This weekend was the Events to Live 3 Molehills Race - a challenge made up of 3 non-molehills around the Dorking Vineyard of Denbies - also known as Box Hill, Norbury Park and Ranmore, taking in the stepping stones, the steps, and the crazy 2mile downhill on the last return from Ranmore Common.
About 70 teams took on one challenge each as part of the relay team, and about 149 individuals took on the challenge - which is more than a half marathon. Respect to everyone that took part and the effort that goes into covering these hills - and an excellently well marshalled event yet again from ETL. 

The Events to Live - 3 Molehills race gallery is now live and online:

Of course the end of the season is never really over, there's races every weekend locally and nearby like these ones below:
Future events forecast where we are going to be:

Call for entries:Race Entry links for selected races:
December 2013
1st - Jigsaw 10k
8th - Seaford Mince Pie 10 (sold out)
8th - Hogs Back 11.7km (free race photos)
15th - RPAC Holly Run
28th - Brutal Longmoor
2014 events to follow soon
March 2014
2nd - The Steyning Stinger
9th - Surrey Half Marathon
23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k

some people also don't know about the Sussex Race planner, which is regularly update with local Sussex Races:

The 3 Molehills
Sunday was a bit of a first all round - the kids came out with us to work. So instead of them having a lie in as Mum and Dad get up and go to work at 7am, it was up before usual on a weekday for them and out of the house wrapped up and ready to go. The eldest has come out before, and indeed sold some photos, but this was the first time both the 3yr old and the 6yr old has joined us in our exploits.
First off was over to the stepping stones for leg 1, for those of those interested - that was ISO8000 (i.e. dark - but the 1DX is frankly amazing) for us and a bit tricky for everyone else as they ascended up box hill - which we tried to get in the background for the second leg shots, and then it was trying to get the fantastic autumn colours up the side of Ranmore common and the finish turn.

All go at the start, a sprint to the bottleneck
Quite fast flowing at the Stepping stones
The water motion can be quite unsettling (as I found too)
Apparently they know each other...
Denbies in the autumn colours
That winning smile from Vic Park Harriers

Always show your number !
Perfect Airplanes up to the top of Ranmore and the start of leg 3
Perfect descent technique for 4 legs
Working hard, commission pay only - Xmas coming soon - help her out
Some Autumn colours
The autumn vines

Setting up the second cameras for remote triggering - but handing them to the kids as an extra shot just in case can work out well, keeps them interested - and if you like them - will earn them some pocket money to buy some Christmas presents. All images focus and quality checked as ever - so get them if you like them !

She didn't stop and talk, so we took this instead
Two happy campers after their three hill exploits !
Don't mess with the S
First Three Back in after Leg 1

Photobomb !

Box Hill in the background looming large over the course - Sophie has a sense of timing !

The full race results are available here: 
and the full race gallery (search by the whole number on your bib, including your relay leg number) is here: 

Good running everyone - it looked like you all had a really good time out there on Sunday !

Remember too - if you were part of a team - make sure you pass the links onto your team members as only one of you will have had a post race email from the organisers - your team mates may not even know about the photos...

until next time,


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