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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Jigsaw 10k 2013 Gallery and Thetford MTB round 2 now live

It's still perfect weather for running, and although the nights are a bit darker earlier since the clocks went back the weather itself hasn't been impossible to cope with. Pre-fat-season exercise should be being done by all with the ambition of minimising the impact of the next four weeks...

The only running race we covered this weekend was the Jigsaw 10k held at Dunsfold airfield (aka the Top Gear test track place), which is arguably the flattest race in the UK. Depending on the wind it can also be the fastest - which was fortunately not blowing on Sunday - so it was absolutely perfect conditions for running.

We also covered the Thetford MTB round 2 of their endurance races - dark, fast, muddy and mean - and if the Round 1 photos are anything to go by, these ones are also going to be something special

More comments and photos below, but here's the gallery links:

Race logo Race Gallery

Jigsaw10k -

Thetford MTB Round 2

Now we are past the 1st of December it's not against my principals to mention the soon looming holiday period known colloquially as "Christmas".
If you're thinking of something to get someone - then race photos are always a good value choice - with anything priced from £5.99 upwards depending on what you want. Mugs today seem to have been the product of choice today - and you can personalise the text if you want to - and I'm pleased to say they are being ordered in plenty of time.
We've also had a canvas or two ordered - up there at the significant end of the market purchases - but possibly something Dads might want to order for Mums (or Mums to order for Dads - speaking as a Dad myself!) if you have found a picture of your Family doing something you are particularly proud of over the past four or so months.

Last minute orders for things that need the post are probably best ordered before December the 20th, although anything more than a print (mugs, Cards etc) - it's December the 12th.
We will do our best to process digital orders right up to late Christmas Eve (until we have to go and eat mince pies ourselves), after that you can still get digital downloads instantly, and then someone might check in at the office depending on what films are on tv and how well the family is behaving...

No duplicate Gift Guarantee - has it been bought already ? If you want to order someone an print or image for Christmas - but want to check it has not been bought already by them themselves - just get in contact with the image reference number you are thinking about before you order and we will let you know yes or no and good to go !

I could go on, (and for those of you who know me well enough who know I do...) but I'll cut that short now - the only race that is not sold out for next Sunday is the Hogs Back at Guildford - and that has free downloads - so get yourself sorted out with those asap !

Future events forecast where we are going to be:

Call for entries:Race Entry links for selected races:
December 2013
1st - Jigsaw 10k  done -

8th - Seaford Mince Pie 10 (sold out)
8th - Hogs Back 11.7km (free race photos)
15th - RPAC Holly Run
28th - Brutal Longmoor
more 2014 events to follow soon
March 2014
2nd - The Steyning Stinger
9th - Surrey Half Marathon
23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k
With the increasing propensity for these blog pictures to end up on facebook so they don't get bought Kevin, I'm trying not to give the baby away with the bathwater. Having found one well known website with over 36 stolen watermarked images on it last week and bearing in mind the $1.2million copyright decision that went through against Getty and AFP when they started showing images they didn't own, it might therefore be a good idea to let these images get taken and used without copyright license and then see what I can get for them once they end up being used... but I digress - here's a few you didn't see earlier...

The Jigsaw 10k 2013
All ready and waiting at the Start

Martin gets clearance to ....

Go go go....

An off up the runway, all 2km  of it

The largest vehicle on the course negotiated Gambon corner ok

Good to see Sam putting in a good time

Runways are - MASSIVE

Good teamwork

Blowing kisses at the photographer won't get you in the blog. ok. er.

For the win !

The three musketeers

Full speed into the finish

Marks Knee is holding up well - he even sneaked a cheeky PB

Dawn had a serious race face and pace on

YES !!

Always nice to have your friends shout you in at the finish !

Concentratey face at the finish timing

Every finish is a Win !

Double trouble on the Fun Run !

Runways are MASSIVE. no matter how you look at them.

I can't wait to see that Clarkson chap off Top Gear try this on their test track...

The finish team relaxing between those critical moments

So a big well done to Martin and the team from Jigsaw10k - it's got to be the fastest end of season 10k that you can possibly enter (as long as the wind stays away) - so put it in your diary for next year already...

Right, I'll lay off the heavy December stuff - you all know the drill, get yourself over to the Hogs Back race next Sunday and it's free race photos anyway !

Until next time


  1. Hi Anthony

    Lovely wright up about the JigSaw 10K, Was a great morning, Thank you for including my photo :-) Sam x

  2. Lovely post thanks for sharing with us those memorable moments..


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