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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Brutal Bordon, Colchester Half, ETL Spitfire 10, Tempest 20 and Cranleigh 15-21 2014

Hi there,
How was your running this weekend ? Did you make it out into the fantastic sunshine ?

Another busy weekend here at SSP towers, with races stretching from the deepest Surrey borders to the far reaches of the A12 and Colchester for their Half Marathon. Early starts two days in a row, the weekend alarm calls at 5am are still dark.

As you will have realised when you experienced it - the weather was perfect conditions for all the races across the south - apart from a little bit of wind, we all seemed to cope admirably with the sun. A few dehydration cases were seen, but statistically lower than normal and I can report that everyone was ok in the end, as ever it's always good to see fellow runners helping out to get people to medical help and assistance when this happens. On the other hand - you also know you're in good company because Mo Farrah managed to do it to himself at the end of the New York Half Marathon this weekend too - so it's all part of your elite training experience !

Here are the links to the race photo galleries from this weekend, fully indexed for your easy searching pleasure - because lets face it - you're not going to browse through 90,000 images quickly !

RaceGallery Link
Sat 15th - Brutal Bordon
Sun 16th - Colchester Half Marathon
Sun 16th - ETL Tempest 10 and Spitfire 20
Sun 16th - Cranleigh 15-21

Lost and found - one shoe at Bordon, one crazy owner

Sunglasses and Muddy fun at Brutal

For Ted, his canine friend who passed on

Splashing fun

The Brutal Spa treatment baths

I hope they know each other !

Concentration at the finish

The new finish at Colchester - a lot safer with the barriers

This is the thixtropic mud globule mess that is Bordon

And lo a new boyband was formed that very morning

Minion !!

Sarah expresses herself as clearly as ever xx

The Bikini loin-cloth taken-off-top look

Mud Hand

That's going to be a long video

Join the Navy for motivation they said...

All looking good with Roger Federer helping you along

Big waves at Cranleigh

Proper Mobot from Crawley

Good to see Seaford Striding along

Rock on BHR

Eyeballs out Sprinting in at Colchester

Glorious running

No Surrender

The joy of finishing

He didn't carry the weights around the whole way

On reflection, yes this was tougher than a tough mudder.

Full facial cleansing at the Brutal Spa

Taking in the sights at Dunsfold with Events to Live

It's a long runway !

Optimism at 2 miles

good finishing speed

The brutal stampede start

ooh, you've missed a bit !

Events to Live Tempest and Spitfire starting off

in-flight refuelling

So that was another weekend with almost 90,000 images new to the gallery - it's been busy - and with everyone back in the office from various other commitments we hope to get back on top of things in time for next weekends races - we really are in the thick of it for the spring half marathons !

Next racesLink to entries
Sat 15th - F3 Dorney Half Marathon
Sun 23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10k
Sun 23rd - Back 2 the Trenches #1
Sun 23rd - PP Water of Life Half Marathon
Sun 23rd - Brentwood Half Marathon (sold out)

So, enjoy the galleries and I hope you had a good time !
Until next time, Train hard, keep hydrated, and enjoy your running,

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