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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chichester Half, Cambridge 10k, Herts10k, Denbies 10, Kellys 10k and Mudmonsters 2014

I really need to figure out a snappier name for these posts ! When we have 6 events over a weekend it does get a bit long and silly. Mind you it does mean they get found on the internet searches...

Right here's the list of events and their galleries from the weekend - everything seemed to go very smoothly (even the one with the unplanned route change) and once again testament to the great race organisers we work with and see every weekend..

Gallery Link
Race website
Chichester Half
Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Herts 10k
Events to Live Denbies 10
Kellys Guildford 10k Challenge
Mud Monsters Run october

Frankly that's a load of images and events, and it's a bit of a record for us to have so much online so quickly on a Monday across multiple races, and the rest on the tuesday. I hope you're all enjoying the new faster service we are providing...  The office has taken a bit of rearranging, but it seems to be working !

OK, you *know* this next item is going to be on every post from now until April....

In other news - if you enjoy this online blog then please give us a vote in the Running Awards nominations here:  Online - Blog - SussexSportPhotography. Thank you for the 70 or so of you who have clicked through so far (I trust you voted for your favourite... ;-)   )  And then hopefully we will see you there...
Whilst you're there you can also vote for your favourite races (the ones you see us at - *obviously*), clothes, charity, shops, accessories. Unfortunately there isn't a category for best Race Photos (yet) so we have to stick to the blog category for now....

Next Weekend
You will probably be at the Brutal10 at Woolmer (click here to enter) and if you're not there, there's the Cabbage Patch 10 mile race in Richmond (oh, that's full), or the  Abingdon Marathon (sorry - sold out months ago). Then there's Beachy Head at the end of the month if you're feeling masochistic ? (yep that's sold out too).

Amongst all this rain there is a mini heatwave as well (ok 18degC), so that's going to mix things up a bit here in the southeast, although that low pressure looming over the entire atlantic looks rather ominous...

If you like that kind of weather and getting muddy then perhaps go over to Obstacle kit and see what sort of stuff they have there to keep you warm during those long dark races as they draw in over winter ?

Those photos where I always loose the caption competition

Running away from a vineyard at Denbies10. It's ok they get to come back for a drink afterwards

The Cambridge Town and Gown 10k - with new iconic course through town

Vineyard tour route with the family

Sonic the Hedgehog spotted in Chichester

James takes the win at Chichester after some last minute course changes.

This is the hardest man in running I know. He's wearing gloves like I do. This makes me feel better. Thanks Dave.

Proper finish line sprint screaming

DQ'd from your own race for no race number. The shame.

Kings Parade is really wide when there are no cars on it. Or bikes.

Here you can see the route I cycled to school across Midsummer common in the 80's Not changed a bit. Can't quite see my old house from here.

Running with photobombing friends is the best !

You can wave at the boats, but they don't wave back.

First 100m of Herts 10k Nailed

Best and only Mobot of the day

Good teamwork and Thumbs up at 9k

Are these thumbs up or down ? you decide...

She definitely loves to run !

I've photoshopped out the trampoline in this 90's Miami Vice shot

So it's very busy again after last weekend, personally I'm all ready for Brutal and Abingdon - only 315 miles of driving ahead ! If only I didn't have to go back to HQ on Saturday I could save 100miles... time to do some planning...

Until next time, get some good training in between the showers...


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