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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Celebrate National Running Day and Women's Sport Week 2015

Did you know it's national Running day today ?

No ?
well to be honest neither did we until we heard Chrissie Wellington (awesome triathlete) on the radio this morning (I think it was on radio 2 - hopefully will be in his podcast at the end of the week here . Yes it might be an american based thing, but when it comes to running, nobody really owns it. Unlike football, where Fifa now own it, or like F1 where Bernie Eccleson owns it. So we are all free to get stuck in and enjoy it !!

It's also Women's Sport Week  #wsw2015 which means if your a woman, and you like running, frankly that's all the excuses you need to get out there !!!

Anyway, apart from us doing our bit to tell you that it's National Running day and women's sport week - here's a list of races this weekend we should really be telling you about - so you can enter before you go out for your training run tonight - because we will be there to take your photos and help you to have a lovely time of it all and then have something to talk about next monday when it starts raining again...

So here's our top three of the best and friendliest and uncrowded races of the weekend for you to do:

Hill Running - only Hurts if you do it right. How reassuring !
Saturday 6th June
1. The Hurt -
Synopsis - it only hurts if you run up the hills so that it hurts. There are Hills. There are flat bits. There are downhills. 5k, 10k, 20k options so you can take plenty of people along and all finish in the field to your desired level of hurt... And the views from the Hurtwood over the weald are fantastic.

Sunday 7th June
Seaford Half Marathon descent off the Head
2. The Seaford Half Marathon - scenic off road half around the fantastic south downs and cuckmere haven, as well as a descent of Seaford Head and finish on the beachfront promenade. If you don't like rivers, views, a bit of hills, fields, farms, national parks - then this one is not for you.

The Dorking 10, along nice country lanes, with nice people
3. The Dorking 10 mile - the Surrey Championship 10 mile road race with lovely country lanes, tree lined avenues and finish at the rugby club fields. A distance to let your fast-half marathon pace really shine !! Slight undulations is about as hilly as it gets - so good for a blast or a nice sunday morning soujourn...


All these races have entries still open (as I type) so there's no reason not to do it - and of course - the weather is going to be better on Sunday too...

So there you go, 3 popular classic races that will all take you through the summer countryside in varying degrees of verticalness and view across Surrey and of course, Sussex.

I look forwards to seeing your tweets, facebook posts and the comments on the gallery when they are all online on monday, that is after I have seen youall when we were doing the image cataloguing...

Have a great national running day, and Women's Sport Week 2015

Until next time

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