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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Hurt, GYBR, Mud Monsters, Dorking 10 and Seaford Half Marathon 2015 - galleries now live

The start of this year's GYBR (Great Yorkshire Bike Ride)

A busy weekend with over 76,000 images of top sporting action across the nation catalogued and uploaded ready for your enjoyment.

Perfect conditions for playing at the weekend - nice and sunny, but not too much UV flying about with a little bit of cloud cover, and a chill in the wind which is perfect if you're running to keep everything at optimal working temperature, which meant we saw some good times and fast performances, and lots of smiles !

Race Gallery Link

The Hurt


Mud Monsters

Dorking 10

Seaford Half Marathon

At one point last night over 160 people were browsing away at the same time, so apologies if things go a bit slow when that happens, it's the searches on the gallery that make the server CPU work their socks off... it does do everything in turn, so don't keep hitting search if it is going a bit slow, as that just resets you to the back of the queue as you submit a new request to the CPU...

Anyway, I know you like to see our pick of the weeks, so here they are for your enjoyment, a few fun faces in there....

Hello from Yorkshire

It's not flat in Yorkshire, but very scenic !

Holmbury Hill in Surrey, quite scenic too

Correct poker face after climbing Holmbury Hill on "the south face"

Yes it should Hurt. Trade description correct.

"Almost at the top" is a favourite shout at these races. Alas I was lying.

Nobody has the right to look this cool at the top of *THAT* climb

He did climb the climb. Not that you can tell. I might hate him for this.

Yep, only two more climbs left

Correct Hurty face. 10 points.

Little did they know the hills that were to be discovered

Thank "goodness" for that !
Fastest of the Day at Dorking 10

The road out of the start onto the laps of the course

Caroline had a pleasant run out, especially after the Hurt the day before !

Vince and his excellent Carpe Diem fab face

No surrender at 4 miles

Collecting high 5's

romance blossoms in the mud

Teamwork in the mud

It's really just about the buttercups, and the field they stand in.

Top muddy action

what do you mean "enema" ?

He hadn't expected *That*

Sorry this was clearly a private moment

All is good in the mud for Gavin

Wella moments abound

Strictly NO Petting in the water.

that's quite a large makeup mirror ?
Feeling confident 2 miles into the Half

3miles in and great views already

Don't jump too near the edge

Survived the hills !

All looking good along the finish straight

Debbie does it again !!
Right, that's a fine weekend sorted out, and onto the next and the next and the next !!!

Do make sure you get them before they are archived - we have had a few people asking for recently archived images, and they do cost a bit more to get them from the archive, so save yourself some money and get things sorted early. 3 months is the timeline... So everyone from the Nuts challenge in March - if you held off - make sure you're on the case as that's almost had it's time...

Next weekend and entries you need to get sorted out (if you're not too late already):

Saturday the 13th June
The REP Arundel Ironman Swim :
The Summer Breeze Running Festival :

Sunday the 14th June
Mid Sussex Tri : (free downloads)
Events to Live Polesden Lacy 10k :

Sunday the 21st June
Back to the Trenches - The Big Push : And a discount code !! : BACKTTTPHOTOS

Saturday the 27th June
Leeds Sprint Tri and Junior Aquathlon:

Sunday the 28th June
Leeds Standard Tri :
Marlow River Sprint Tri :
Capital to Coast Cycle Ride :

Right, we had better get on and plan where all the photographers need to be for that lot !
Have a great week and hope to see you at the weekend,

Until next time

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