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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Brutal 10, Chichester Tri, Bewl 15, PP Spire Bushy 10k and 7Oaks Aquathlon 2015

A surprisingly busy weekend for the first one of July - usually around now with most school exams having finished and the start of wimbledon we find that the events thin out a bit - but not this year.

Fortunately the weather cooled off from the mini heatwave of the week - and whilst it was hot on Saturday, it was mostly cloudy and humid in the woods where everyone was running in the Brutal at Frith Hill. To be honest - the hills were the biggest problem for most.

Sunday started with a different story depending on where you were, if you were running too close and too slowly around Bewl Water on the 15 you may have seen the levels rising steadily... that is if you could actually see through the rain !

First Hill at Frith Hill Brutal 2015

Race and Logo Gallery Link

Brutal 10 Frith Hill

Chichester Tri

Bewl 15

Purple Patch Spire Bushy 10k

7Oaks Aquathlon - free race download gallery
Please make sure you pass any feedback to improve the event back to the organisers !

Just a few Things you must do before the weekend.
1. enter the Badger Half for Sunday - with the most iconic race T-shirt there is - as seen on the Apprentice, and then register your race number for your free race photos to be delivered directly to your Facebook page during the race - using Pic2Go technology on the gallery here
2. Enter the RPAC Summer 10k on Wednesday night - it's a great race with a lovely atmosphere for a mid-week freshener and easy to get to from all over the place
3. Check the list of other events coming up at the bottom of this blog and make sure you get in before they sell out...

So a few action pics from the weekend...
First up - Brutal at Frith Hill
You're supposed to take it out of the packet apparently, but this does add more fibre

no number = no easy search for photos. No pins you say ? Ah.

mind the hair

Strong finishing

concentratey face up the first hill

tight racing into the finish - nothing like a bit of Brutal rivalry
Meanwhile on Sunday at Tonbridge School was the Sevenoaks Junior Aquathlon, there were a few gold medals being splashed about with not one Olympian, but two...

Sydney Olympic Pentathlon Gold medallist Steph Cook started off the swimmers

If you can swim, you're in - some fantastic work and achievements by many of the competitors in their first ever Aquathlon

The most senior youth competitors enjoyed the race

Awesome  Meddalists plus Kelly Holmes and Steph Cook

Even the marshals started to get a bit star struck, Kelly and Steph discovered new territory on the other podium places

The top team from Sevenoaks Tri who put on the event, with their groovy Marshal Caps #iwantoneofthose

Meanwhile earlier in Bewl at Wadhurst, 15miles in a bit of rain
Double thumbs up, despite the rain

Slightly firmer under foot at the 9 mile mark

All went splendidly

Double thumbs, and he likes Tough Mudders... so it must have been wet

not quite sure how good this makes it, but we're guessing it means the race was "ok" !

Hope John recovers soon, a nasty bonk on his right side. Hopefully the famous Hat provided some protection ! Get better soon John !
Over in Chichester the Tri was under way in quite wet conditions to start off, with some quite dark clouds for the early morning

All going ok - exit the swim and enter T1

A quick T1 coaching Pep talk - "Run faster Mummy"

Strong form on the bike 

Strong in at the finish with a sprint

For the win !

If you work hard at it - this is the correct finishing position. Leave it all out on the course.
And finally - up in Watford for the Spire Bushy 10k - organised by Purple Patch Running
It's just as well the PP arch is *THAT BIG*

What was Minn Dog doing in Watford we ask ourselves ?

If you enjoy running - you enjoy running. Never stop the flow.

Good racing into the finish from the Purple Patch team

Winning is fun, and worth the effort. Never let anyone tell you otherwise ! 
As ever - don't forget that we do archive images off the gallery after 3 months and then after that they can go at anytime off to the more expensive place to buy them where you can't get collections at the super discount collection prices - so make sure you get your photos to remember your year by asap.
Go to the full gallery list here to check

Upcoming Events

The RPAC Summer 10k on wednesday the July 8th

and then after that a couple of half marathons on the 12th July
The Surrey Badger Half Marathon (click here) at Dorking with Events to Live, including live Pic2Go images (so you'll get £19.99 worth of photos courtesy of the sponsor - Run to Live - during the race itself)
and then also the
High Wycombe Half marathon and 10k organised by the Handy Cross Runners.

I really ought to write some more copy about these next events - but their websites tell you all, and we still cover them - so frankly - they're great ! (so get entered)

19th July 
Harry Hawkes 10 miles -
F3 Marlow Half Iron Tri -

25th/26th of July
Raw Energy Pursuits  - Worthing Tri - Agegroup qualifiers -
Purple Patch - Down Tow-Up Flow Half Marathon -
Oxfam South Down Way Trailwalker Challenge -

Right that's it, lets see if Greece is still in the EU by this time next week ?
Until next time


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