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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Leeds Castle Tri, Marlow River Tri, Capital to Coast Ride, and the Surrey Sportive 2015

A surprisingly busy weekend that started with an early morning Saturday over at Leeds Castle and finished on the sunny lawns at Hove seafront on Sunday evening. There were some bits of rain along the way - with an definite split east west with Kent staying the driest...

Leeds Castle - you can just see the Transition Arch in the background

Here's the various gallery link s- make sure you get the right Day for the Leeds castle tri !

Race and Logo Gallery Link

Leeds Castle Sprint Tri + Junior Aquathlon

Leeds Castle Standard Tri

Capital to Coast bike Ride

F3 Marlow River Tri - Sprint and Standard

Surrey Sportive - Free download gallery
Free gallery downloads:

Based on last weeks second blog with the discount code and links to races being used - then I will do my best to post them here - after the latest gallery links.  If anything urgent pops up in the week with a discount code then I will post that out later in the week.

Future Races to see us at and get your entries into and hope to see you there soon ! :

If cycling isn't your thing then onto the start of July we have the Saturday 4th
Brutal 10 Frith Hill

and then on the Sunday 5th July

The Purple Patch Spire Bushey 10k, 5k and junior Races - near Watford
Chichester Tri
and the
Bewl 15

and 7Oaks Aquathlon (sold out)

The RPAC Summer 10k on wednesday the July 8th

and then after that a couple of half marathons on the 12th July
The Surrey Badger Half Marathon (click here) at Dorking with Events to Live, including live Pic2Go images (so you'll get £19.99 worth of photos courtesy of the sponsor - Run to Live - during the race itself)
and then also the
High Wycombe Half marathon and 10k organised by the Handy Cross Runners.

Meanwhile at Leeds Castle on the hot Saturday morning
And they're off at Leeds Sprint
off for a lap of the Moat

I'm Alive !!
refreshing water station
walking like an Egyptian

Top Marshalling - tidying up all the polystyrene cups

The run through the main support zone

For the finish

That castle background finish

Marlow F3 Tri

Remember to swim that way first...

Not too sure about this whole early morning thing

The washing machine on full spin cycle

stretch arm strong.

double thumbs up and a smile

look - no hands and a double thumbs up !

Look no hands and no feet !! for the win...

Leeds Castle Standard Tri
So err, nobody said anything about wetsuits ?

Top marshalling duties, quick before the bikes arrive...

Those bikes arrive

Strong finish into T2

Agh Hamstring ? nope, just happy to finish..

It's this wide apparently
Capital to Coast 2015
early victory wave, when you're only Half way at Epsom

Bikegeek spot - Nuvinci gears and changer

All good past the Hammerpond

Climbing up the first part of the Dyke

If you look carefully you can see the tree from the last photo in this photo

More climbing to the Dyke carpark, Cows on the South Downs way in the background

Forgot the mountain bike

Forget the road bike (I think he'd had enough)

High five at Hove

The surprise of discovering you've been riding a tandem


Satisfaction at the End on Hoves King's Lawns

The Surrey Sportive
Woking CC wondering why everyone else has pulled over...

Sky taking a bit of wheelsucking at the back

Swooshing through the villages

Surrey - it's quite nice...

That's about it for now, until next time - hope to see you at the Brutal on Saturday at least - trying to convince the children that they can run in the junior race too...


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