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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Firle, Hull Marathon, Falmer Tri, Bacchus, and Pilgrim 2015 galleries now all live

All off at the start of the Events to Live Bacchus 
It's all on line and ready to view !
A great big mix of events at the weekend with Marathons, Half Marathons and Triathlons all going on.... clearly the most popular day of the year for getting out and doing a bit of exercise... Autumn has clearly finally arrived.

Here's the list of races and galleries we covered this weekend, and the next couple of weeks ahead for you to get you entries in if they have not already sold out...

Date Event Name Gallery Link
Sun-13/09/2015 REP Firle Half, 10k,5k Free Downloads
Sun-13/09/2015 Hull Marathon
Sun-13/09/2015 Falmer Tri Free downloads
Sun-13/09/2015 ETL Bacchus Half and Full Marathon
Sun-13/09/2015 Pilgrim Half and Full Marathon
Future Races Links to the events are on the gallery pages
Sun-20/09/2015 B2TT - Back 2 The Trenches
Sun-20/09/2015 Reigate Half Marathon
Sun-20/09/2015 Bexhill Linkroad 10k
Sun-27/09/2015 Ealing Half Marathon
Sun-04/10/2015 PP Reading O2O 10k
Sun-04/10/2015 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-04/10/2015 Basingstoke Half
Sun-04/10/2015 Tonbridge Half

Quick apology for the Hull marathon relay runners on leg 3 - sorry no photos this year - the practical logistics meant that it just wasn't possible for the team to cover it this time. 

If you have had any slow website behaviour recently, again our apologies, but when 200 people descend on the gallery and all search for *that* picture, it will load the server with a lot of search queries to handle at the same time and it simply has to go around you all in turn, which takes time, even though it is rushing about with it's metaphorical hair on fire.

It's not going to be as a big a report as last weeks Nuts challenge overview, simply because - time is of the essence today. And the Censors are in... and I'm only doing a handful of them. (Bacchus, Firle, Falmer and Pilgrim)...

Bacchus Marathon and Half Marathon - organised by Events to Live

All go at the start for the Spartans!

A sense of French TDF from Tuff Fitty

yes - Dad Wins !!

Getting in the miles ready for Christmas

Some fancy dress didn't hinder progress at all

Some fancy dress was very practical, but a bit slow on the running side

Scary spice, scaring.

Overseas French Golf tour anyone ?

Butterflies cant get enough wine

Cost a ton to sponsor that helmet

1279 just realised what the "left hand spun onto blue" on her hat meant for her after 1134 explained it with a knowing grin...

8 legs are not faster than two

well, this was perfectly normal

The wine grape theme was strong...
Meanwhile, at the crack of dawn in Falmer, Brighton was the Falmer Tri

Keeping a watchful eye after registration - "nobody escapes"

Race briefing all went smoothly

The pool was calmed ready for the off

First swimmers hit the water

Good technique through the water

First out of the water, with a cheeky check look at the camera

good run into T1 ready for the bikes...

Managing a smile at this time in the morning - all was ok

Race director has it all under control. But where had his wife got to ?
Who put this hill here ?
Lovely views back to Ditchling
Victory over the hills !!
yes ! The Beacon is tamed again...

Back into T2 for the run

Good work out of T2, 

certain uncertainty 

all finished !

top commentating on the morning

Bigging up the support

he did the whole run on his hands

top finishing victory arms

A Mo Bolt ?

Top prizes for those with the most points get pointy hats

Meanwhile in Firle, for REP Firle Half Marathon, 10k and 5k, just on the other side of the downs, it rained just a little bit...

off for a stroll through the grounds of Firle Place

fresh from last weekends 10k ?

flying along the flat bit

Top finishing and high fives at the funnel

A Great win in the Firle Half for Del Wallace in 1:21:17

Finally, the annual Pilgrimage to Guildford from Sands along the Pilgrims way to St.Martha's

Straight on through the villages

Along the paths

Past the golf clubs

The new anti-gravity shoes were fun, but a bit dangerous too

Anti-gravity shoes work better over grass apparently

yes ! - Made it to the top of the common

Fantastic views across the woods to the south

A Strong charge into the finish

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