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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Basingstoke Half, Tonbridge Half, Clarendon Full and Half, and Reading 10k 2015 now live

It was perfect conditions at the park for the Basingstoke Half 2015

What a weekend of sport that was ! ok I'll just talk about the running...

Just a glance across the race diaries and results will throw up a ton of different races and events going on across the whole country. It was a big weekend for plenty of other sports too. I think it's because everyone knows it's about now that the weather starts to change into real Autumnal weather, and it's getting darker in the mornings... Combine that with kids all back into the school routine, and it's easy to see why event organisers pick the first two weeks in October for new events.

If I have any advice for new event organisers - yes, the first two weeks in October are now is the next weekend, and frankly so is the last weekend, as is the entire months of March and April leading up to London Marathon week - we don't know exactly when though because Easter can't make it's mind up... so try August. Nothing goes on in August. Check the school holidays, avoid those, and then pick a weekend that isn't busy. Since 2012 we have seen things gradually get busier and busier - now with events pushing further into February and into the end of August. The end of November and the focus onto Christmas still as ever seems to be an impenetrable zone for many organisers to contemplate.

So how did you get on ? With perfect conditions like this I hope plenty of you managed to get yourselves a PB. With peak temperatures around the 16DegC mark, it was perfect Tshirt running weather, although we saw a few at the weekend wearing a bit more - full Fireman kit anyone ? (although he didn't wear his breathing mask, he did carry the air cylinder!). Top marks also go to Mark #29 who ran around the Basingstoke course in his IronMan onesie - and kept the helmet on - that's going to need a wash...(images below)

Here's the list of race galleries - Ealing Half Marathon runners - don't forget about getting yours from last weekend too !

Date Event Event type Gallery link and link to event
This weekends events
Sun-04/10/2015 Tonbridge Half half marathon
Sun-04/10/2015 PP Reading O2O 10k 10k
Sun-04/10/2015 Clarendon Marathon half marathon
Sun-04/10/2015 Basingstoke Half half marathon
Last weekends events
Sun-27/09/2015 Ealing Half half marathon
Future events - enter now !
Sat-10/10/2015 Brutal Woolmer XC - challenge
Sun-11/10/2015 Warrior Run - Free Pic2Go images XC - challenge
Sun-11/10/2015 Herts 10k 10k
Sun-11/10/2015 Chichester Half half marathon
Sun-18/10/2015 Chelmsford Marathon marathon
Sun-18/10/2015 Abingdon marathon marathon
Sun-18/10/2015 Kellys Run - Free Pic2Go images 10k and Half
Sat-24/10/2015 Beachy Head marathon
Sun-25/10/2015 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k 10k
Sun-25/10/2015 PP Water of Life half marathon

Basingstoke Half Marathon
Up for the fight ? Where is Apollo Creed when Drago is in town ?

Get your Fitness First - because it's too late once you start the race...

Good victory for Run Fasts Vincent Boit in 1:04:43

Kate won the Women's race in 1:25:02

High Fives for Macmillan at the finish

Ironman Mark points out his favourite flag

Race Director Corner - Surrey Half Marathon Toby gets in a 1:49:57 for his sub 1:50 chip time you can enter his 2016 race here

There was a breakout of "Finger-pointing" in the corporate area.

He carried the air cylinder all the way round, not the scooter or the kids. I think he took the easy option.

Ben points out where he had just run from

Farnham were about to lose another runner to Ealing Eagles, all the signs were there.

Gordon gets the point - all raising money for Martletts Hospice - which is where our profits went from last years photo sales.
Tonbridge Half
Today is national Badger Day - so remember to enter the Badger Half 2016 (alas not open yet...)

Join a club and run fast with friends !

This is what closed road countryside races should look like !
Good to see Tony working hard in his office

The result of Tony Working hard in the office 
No Surrender ! oh, ok then.
ON the way out, and ready for whatever the next 11 miles would bring on..
two miles left and the pain shows (he was smiling at the finish!)

For some the 11mile point wasn't so big a problem
A good strong run into the finish - what we all want

Welcome to Kent !

Clarendon Half and Full Marathon
Brian was enjoing things towards the first checkpoint

Long views from the top - if you had time to enjoy them...

Just past the water station - so all is good

Have kids they said. You'll enjoy taking them for walks and stuff they said.
This is stuff.

DMVAC also look to be losing someone to the Ealing Eagles ?

Not sure if they held hands all the way round ?

Up the final hill past the golf course

Fast into the finish - back in the lower field again

Strong running for a 3:08:40 win on the marathon course by Jo Meek and fourth overall

This is the other stuff you get with kids. It all balances out in the end.
Purple Patch Reading O2O 10k 
This years Start under the purple arch !

A very nice morning for a Run along the banks of the river with boats on the water

Run with friends, is always fun

He was definitely in a bit of a hurry

it was an idyllic day for it really

Double Thumbs up - always a good sign

Double victory V's - another good sign

Even more double thumbs up - excellent work

Quadruple Thumbs up !

Too busy holding hands with friends so no thumbs up

Racing in hard at the finish - excellent work

That's about it for this week, just a quick nod and well done to the team at Tunbridge who had an athlete whisked off to hospital - more information on their website here - not easy for people to deal with, and our thoughts are with the Runner and his Family - here's hoping he makes a full recovery soon.

Make sure you are all booked in for the Brutal on Saturday - it's one of the best ones going, otherwise we will see you on Sunday ?

Until next time

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