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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Hampton Court Half Marathon 2016 - your photos now live

Another record turnout for the Hampton Court Half Marathon on Sunday with over 3850 finishers in what was good conditions for running after overnight rain, it even ended up significantly warmer that average, which was comfortable to run in, although still a bit windy along parts of the riverbank.

Clearly paced groups, big start pens, thousands of toilets and timed out spaced starts with help from the Race Pacing team from Xempo  helped to manage the large race numbers, as well as a clearer route for the first few miles without re-looping prevented the fast and furious becoming, er, furious.

Tom Jervis - not out of breath at the finish
A very fast time on Sunday to win with Tom Jervis  #3029 coming down south to demonstrate his speed in a very strong 1:10:57 - a 5min5sec lead on second place for 4th in 2016 u23 national rankings ! First lady was  Lee Pearce in a very strong 1:27:28 - unfortunately I'm not yet able to find their power of 10 records.

The Race gallery is live here for you to see how good you looked: 

There are a few race photos are at the bottom of this update and a few more bits of info worth reading below.

Great photographers on duty for you
Sometimes we like to mention what a great job our photographers do - every now and again we get some fantastic and motivational feedback from customers and gallery viewers on our work - and that always cheers us up and we always pass it on to the photographer.
We try to do the best job for you to make you happy - and we do that by making sure we have professional photographers covering events - that means people who know their way around a camera instinctively and can catch the moment, and a lot more besides.

Paul was one of the photographers working with us on Sunday, and today he landed the front page of the Telegraph Sport section from his "Tuesday night at the outside office". Well done Paul and keep up the good work !!
Barcelona v Arsenal 2016 (c) Paul Terry  Telegraph Sport Front Page.
Finally - special offers 
We have been introduced by the lovely people at UKRunChat to The Life and Health insurance provided by Vitality (Prudential if you didn't know) via Fitness Rewards, . As runners you will probably make the most out of this type of system without much effort, and certainly be motivated to get out and get more rewards if you've lost your mojo - check things out here it has everyday things in there too.

If you quote "SussexSP" in the "Where did you hear of us" you may be eligible for a Free Garmin. Something quite a lot of runners quite like the idea of. Follow this link to request a consultation and eligibility:

Talking of discounts - there might be one last chance to use this discount code SSP14 on the Surrey Half Marathon

Next Events to do and last events done
We have the National Cross Country Championships - all the way up in sunny Castle Donnington (almost back to sunny sunny Loughborough for me) on Saturday, and then The Kingston Half and 10k on Sunday - so a lot of travel and a lot of photos to be processed !

Date Event Event or Gallery link
Sat-13/02/2016 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-14/02/2016 Worthing Half Marathon
Sun-21/02/2016 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Sat-27/02/2016 National XC Champs
Sun-28/02/2016 Run The Streets - Kingston
Sat-05/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-06/03/2016 Berkhamsted Half Marathon
Sun-06/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-06/03/2016 Steyning Stinger
Sat-12/03/2016 Surrey Schools XC Champs
Sat-12/03/2016 Brutal Bordon
Sun-13/03/2016 The Surrey Half Marathon
Sun-13/03/2016 ETL Spitfire
Sun-13/03/2016 Colchester Half
Sat-19/03/2016 Kelly's 10k Riverside Run
Sun-20/03/2016 Brentwood Half
Sun-20/03/2016 Fleet Half Marathon
Sun-20/03/2016 Hastings Half Marathon
Sun-20/03/2016 Cranleigh 15-21
Sun-20/03/2016 B2TT
Fri-25/03/2016 Folkestone 10
Sun-03/04/2016 Bournemouth Bay
Sun-03/04/2016 Paddock Wood
Sun-03/04/2016 AAT Bolt - .UP_sIx3ZZBM
Sun-03/04/2016 Richmond 13.1 Half
Sun-10/04/2016 HONC
Sun-10/04/2016 Warrior Run
Try to run at the right race 676 - that's next Sundays race number !

Living the dream - being chased by Wonder Woman

Yes, you probably got beaten by world class ITN journalist Bill, there was also an Eastenders Actress in the race - did you spot her ?

Always show your number clearly

Keep your race face for special 

Brad looking smooth outside the Palace

Friends can always be relied upon for moral support

The lengths some photographers go to capture their subjects

Don't panic, the King is watching


All go for Prostate Cancer charity, but what did 4320 forget ?

stray arm problems - Not the shot #40 was hoping for

The Monty Python hand of nose strikes again

Overly extrovert gestures can disturb your competition

Spare photobombing hands

Oi - no press !

He forgot to enter the Kingston Half next weekend, unlike 676

70 minutes for a half marathon. Looking far too relaxed

Riding his invisible unicorn into the finish - again

Nailed it !

Dip for the line

woops - 1329 showing her number again, but lost control...

Right, we're trying to plan our turnaround from the Nationals in Derby ending at 5pm to an 8am race start in Richmond on Saturday. Someone somewhere isn't going to get a whole lot of sleep, and just think of the 48hrs childcare bill we're facing. Better take some good photos then !

Until next time, keep warm through this cold snap and I hope the last bits of training for the March Half marathon season is going well for you.

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