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Saturday, 6 February 2016

What to do for Valentines and Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Yes its the Start of the Chinese Year of the Monkey on Monday which signifies a year of "Ambition, adventure, but irritation"... specifically because it is a Fire Monkey.

If you're old enough you might just remember this... from 1979 the last year of Monkey Magic
So, you can let 2016 be a year of Ambition and Adventure, and whilst scratching your head plan what Monkey you is going to do for your Valentines Day treat for your better half, Pigsy. (Ok that's probably not your pet name for your other half, but we'll run with it).
Brutal Bagshot 2015, what do you do together ?
I currently have three options open for you to chose from:
1. Make Pigsy do a Run with you on the Valentines weekend - so that's either one of these, stay clean in Worthing on the big day, or get dirty in Brutal Bagshot the day before and relax indulgently on the 14th itself.

Brutal Bagshot

XC - challenge
Worthing Half Marathon
half marathon

or 2. Get them an entry into a race in the future as a bit of a surprise, but get it at a discount using SSP14 to get 14% off.
The Surrey Half Marathon
Use SSP14 discount code this month
half marathon

We have the Surrey Half discount until the 14th of Feb, so if you're going to lovingly buy your Pigsy a race entry this year - why not make it cheaper for yourself ?
Any of the above options is bound to surprise and err "delight" them, so make the day something to remember, and just think you can do the honourable "support team" work if you don't run it with them - and get brownie-points in the process... which is what it's all about. Support, love, help, and making them suffer for your amusement...

What kind of Valentines experience will you be having ? All smiles or tears ?
Whatever you do, just remember - proposing after a race is a done thing, and yes it's a leap year, so anyone can do it, just as long as you don't drop the ring on the way round beforehand... just don't block the finish funnel when you do, thank you.

Anyway, here's the rest of February and March for you - and don't go booking the wrong Hampton Court Half Marathon (like what my friends did...) book the one below !

Sun-07/02/2016ETL Bookham 10kXC
Sun-07/02/2016Watford Halfhalf marathon
Sat-13/02/2016Brutal BagshotXC - challenge
Sun-14/02/2016Worthing Half Marathonhalf marathon
Sun-21/02/2016Hampton Court Half Marathonhalf marathon
Sat-27/02/2016National XC ChampsXC
Sun-28/02/2016Run The Streets - Kingstonhalf marathon
Sat-05/03/2016The Nuts ChallengeXC - challenge
Sun-06/03/2016The Nuts ChallengeXC - challenge
Sun-06/03/2016Steyning Stingermarathon
Sun-06/03/2016Berkhamsted Half Marathonhalf marathon
Sat-12/03/2016Surrey Schools XC ChampsXC
Sat-12/03/2016Brutal BordonXC - challenge
Sun-13/03/2016The Surrey Half Marathonhalf marathon
Sun-13/03/2016ETL Spitfire20m
Sun-13/03/2016Colchester Halfhalf marathon

Righty ho, off to Watford Half and Bookham tomorrow, so see you there and enjoy yourselves ! (weather forecast is cold and windy with a small chance of rain)
Be careful in the puddles at Bookham
Until next time

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