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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Now live - Brentwood, Fleet, and Hastings Half Marathons, and Cranleigh 15-21 2016

Now live - the last of the busy weekends in March !
No prisoners being taken at the start of the Brentwood Half - Fun Run 2016
The Brentwood, Fleet, Hastings Half Marathons, and Cranleigh 15-21 are now live. Plus the Kelly's Riverside Run with Pic2Go making the images available and given to the runners during the race itself !

Here's the quick links to the latest action race galleries for you all fully catalogued by race number - just use that to find your images quickly:
Date Race Gallery
Sat-19/03/2016 Kelly's 10k Riverside Run
Free images via Pic2Go direct to you
Sun-20/03/2016 Hastings Half Marathon
Sun-20/03/2016 Cranleigh 15-21
Sun-20/03/2016 Fleet Half Marathon
Sun-20/03/2016 Brentwood Half

Ordering Queries
Just a quick note about orders and emails - we are getting a lot of people not reading their order receipt emails, and asking questions that are answered in the first paragraph of the email they are replying to!.  Please save yourselves some time - read the product descriptions of things you order and please read an email before you reply to it ! (yeah I know, if you've read this you read emails - you're not the person)

Spam Blocking
Also, unless you've ordered at a weekend and expect us to be working 24/7/365, the number one cause of you not having received your order is your own email settings - either spam settings, or google putting it into the "promotions" folder. Hotmail and AOL are the two worst email systems for blocking emails from us - so please set our email to your safe senders/white pages and it will help considerably in you receiving your orders on time from us.
By all means do always get in touch if the online status says completed and you've not found the email anywhere with a roughly matching time.

Last weekends races - just in case you missed them and haven't got your pictures before they are archived:
Date Race Gallery
Sat-12/03/2016 Surrey Schools XC Champs
Sat-12/03/2016 Brutal Bordon
Sun-13/03/2016 The Surrey Half Marathon
Sun-13/03/2016 The Colchester Half
Sun-13/03/2016 ETL Spitfire Tempest

Here's a few pictures from the weekend - I was ill for the first time ever so was unable to take anything myself, and in all honesty am still ill so apologies if the wit and wisdom I usually share isn't all there this week...

Toby put in a good high-5 finish

Are we there yet ?

Good family work in the fun run

Double take ?

He carried a small baby on his arm all the way round

Alternative wig situation

Good teamwork into the finish

Spot the Banana

Upsy Daisy

I don't think he's going to enter those Nuclear Races

Meanwhile there were some nice countryside over in Cranleigh for the 15-21
All go at the start of the Cranleigh 15-21

good pace through the Esses

Thinking twice about going for the 21 lap

Showing number correctly !

far too much energy for a 15mile run

Meanwhile over in Fleet, things were looking a bit busy but fun

Good to see Pedro out of the mud for a change

All looking good so far

Smiling and running past a pub. All is ok ?

Bit of an early start for some

double thumbs up finish

The start at Fleet is quite impressive

Flying in for first place this year

Good charity running together

Flapping Off to save Gotham city

I'm assuming that's not a tattoo, just good face painting !

And finally in Hastings
Good to see the Run Fast team out again at the weekend

nobody told him it was fancy dress

First Giraffe I've ever seen in a race

fully committed to flying in fast

reaching out for the high-5

Good to see the Irish celebrating St.Patricks day

Hot work even for the cookie monster

Determined finishing

Running down that finish straight is the best feeling

Caught in a time warp

Excellent fundraising for the Round Table

Here's the next months list of future races in case you're thinking of any to enter:
Date Race Race website
Fri-25/03/2016 Folkestone 10
Sun-03/04/2016 Bournemouth Bay
Sun-03/04/2016 Paddock Wood
Sun-03/04/2016 Richmond 13.1 Half
Sun-10/04/2016 HONC
Sun-10/04/2016 Warrior Run
Sat-16/04/2016 AAT Clandon Park Run - .UP_35B3ZZBM
Sun-17/04/2016 7Oaks Tri
Fri-22/04/2016 The Running Awards
Sat-23/04/2016 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sat-23/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon Junior Races
Sun-24/04/2016 REP Bluebell
Sun-24/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon
Sun-01/05/2016 3Forts
Sun-01/05/2016 REP Steyning Tri
Sun-01/05/2016 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-01/05/2016 Ranelagh Half
Sun-08/05/2016 Seaford Half

Congratulations to you all on your achievements at the weekend - it was perfect weather for it, and I hope you all got those personal bests you deserve ! 
Have a great easter weekend if we don't see you at the Folkestone 10, or indeed at the Lewes 10k on the Monday

until next time

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Surrey and Colchester Half, ETL Spitfire Tempest, Surrey Schools XC 2016, and the Brutal Bordon - now live

The start of the 3rd Surrey Half Marathon 2016

What a busy running weekend that was ! Apart from all the races we were at there was the Bath, Silverstone, Liverpool and Inverness Half marathons to add to the mix - a very busy weekend for road running. Timelines on facebook should soon be full of running images and medal shots...

All the latest galleries are now live here:

Event name
Gallery Link
Brutal Bordon
Surrey Schools Athletics Association
Surrey Schools XC Champs
The Surrey Half Marathon
Colchester Half
Events to Live
ETL Spitfire Tempest

Not forgetting last weekends events
Date Event name Gallery Link
Sat-05/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-06/03/2016 Steyning Stinger
Sun-06/03/2016 Berkhamsted Half Marathon
Sun-06/03/2016 The Nuts Challenge

A few shout outs and mentions
Firstly to the very kind people at Trigger Trap  who supplied a cable in super quick time - if you're interested in all sorts of remote trigger photography have a look at their website here: there are some fascinating things you can do !

Secondly - do you blog too ?  I do like to share other peoples blogs where they have used race photos we have taken - so the next two make good reading - and if you have written a blog and would like it to reach more people - then please let me have a link to share ! 
1. - It's the one about OCR racing at the Nuts Challenge in the list of articles
2. - about his achievements to date and fundraising for United Response

There were simply too many events at the weekend for me to do a very in depth gallery this week - and my caption humour is running low as I have man flu, so please put up with this reduced selection...

First up the Brutal Borden:
One of us is very wise
What do you mean go through there ?
Great teamwork
come on, just use your legs
no elbows !!
No the tape won't take your weight.
Rowing across the mud with an old tree ?
muddy fun
some days the commute is hard work
plain filthy
Time for a quick wash and rinse
Meanwhile over at the Dunsfold Airfield (that one they use on Top Gear when they are not burning up Westminster) the Events to Live Spitfire 20 and Tempest 10 went off smoothly around the country lanes and past the aircraft
All go at the front of the field at the start
Some very picturesque lanes
Airfield negotiated safely
on the way out of the airfield on the first lap
Don't surrender, but do apologise for using a race belt, which as you can see - renders your race number un-readable (ban them all I say)

Meanwhile over in Woking at the Surrey Half Marathon...

undeterred he had to get that candy crush high-score
This is how you make it look easy !
Excellent Work from Victoria in the driving seat for Harrison
Nice to see a good victory salute down the finishing straight !
Would you like a banana with your photo ?
Remember to run around the marshals on the course, but you can go either side of these two...
That Retro portable CD player / discman look
Excellent work from Anita and Emma
Good fundraising efforts
Tony the fridge enters the last yards
Dear Barnes Runners, are you happy your club members enter races with fake numbers ?
It was a wonderful finish line atmosphere and great support
Julies going faster now she's allowed to run and not just walk
excellent fundraising work
It's ok, she was just having a rest, although it had me fooled for a moment...
Steph got the answer to his gender wrong AND wore a race belt. humph.

Meanwhile over in Colchester, the weather was just as good

Krypton factor challenge
Bob was at the Steyning Stinger only last weekend
Escaped from the zoo, but made good time all the same
Read that Tshirt carefully
Bear with me on this one
Oops Forgot the sunscreen
An excellent win in 1:09:53 by Adrian Mussett
Helen Davies returned in 1:18:17 for the win
how they don't pull a hamstring I don't know
Lobster on the run
possibly not the most comfortable shoes then ?
Correct finishing speed reached
tight finishing across the line by everyone

Also if you were wondering how well the website was standing up to the traffic after this busy weekend - you can see when one of the post-race emails went out !
Web traffic on the site around 7:30pm Tuesday 15th March - 20 pages per second being served up

At the same time, about a quarter of visitors were taking unlicensed watermarked copies off the website, or at least trying to... shame on them !
"image on mousedown" = right click copy attempted

Next weekend is another popular weekend for half marathons with Brentwood, Fleet and Hastings Half marathons as well as the Cranleigh 15-21 marathon training race...
Here's the full future list for you to consider

Date Event name Race website
Sat-19/03/2016 Kelly's 10k Riverside Run
Free race Photos live during the race
Sun-20/03/2016 Brentwood Half
Sun-20/03/2016 Hastings Half Marathon
Sun-20/03/2016 Cranleigh 15-21
Sun-20/03/2016 Fleet Half Marathon
Fri-25/03/2016 Folkestone 10
Sun-03/04/2016 Paddock Wood
Sun-03/04/2016 AAT Bolt
Sun-03/04/2016 Bournemouth Bay
Sun-03/04/2016 Richmond 13.1 Half
Sun-10/04/2016 Warrior Run
Sun-10/04/2016 HONC
Sat-16/04/2016 AAT Clandon Park Run
Sun-17/04/2016 7Oaks Tri
Fri-22/04/2016 The Running Awards
Sat-23/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon
Sat-23/04/2016 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-24/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon
Sun-24/04/2016 REP Bluebell
Sun-01/05/2016 3Forts
Sun-01/05/2016 REP Steyning Tri
Sun-01/05/2016 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-01/05/2016 Ranelagh Half

So that's it from the Blog for this week, it was a fantastic weekend of running and hard work from everyone from Marshals, Volunteers, event organisers and dare I add, our wonderful team of photographers many who were up before 6am on Sunday mornings to make sure they were in location and in the right place to capture the action.
Also a big thank you to the team here in the office that's been working double shifts through the last few days to get everything online as fast as possible despite a flu virus sweeping through.
And on that note, I desperately need to get some rest, so until next time, keep healthy and keep fit