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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

3Forts,, YMCA Fun Runs, Ranelagh Half, and REP Steyning Tri 2016 Galleries now live

30th birthdays and parties in the background, all normal marathon running
Depending on exactly where you were on Sunday it might have been fantastic weather for running (lets face it - it was), or not fantastic weather for spectating. It really hinged on if you were sat in the wind, which turned out to be freezing cold if you were, and were sat still for hours like I was, or not and Paul wasn't. If you were out running in it for 5 hours or more on the south downs - then the odds of getting sunburnt were quite Paul did. It didn't get through my woolly hat and coat hood unsurprisingly.

Alternatively if you were up in time for the first riders of the Steyning Tri, then you got to sit on frozen ground and hard frost for several hours, squinting in to the sun, like Mike did, trying to spot the right cyclists on the Steyning bypass into the sun and it's reflection off the tarmac just where you are trying to look.

Either way, it's great to see so many familiar friends and local faces after the busy March half marathons in far away places - and very well done to all of you on Sunday, I hope you had a good recovery on the Bank Holiday Monday, or enjoyed another run (Susie...)

And it's only just over a month to the midsummers day and still daylight at 9pm...

New Race Galleries - here's the new ones for you
Sun-01/05/2016YMCA Fun Runs
Sun-01/05/20163 Forts Challenge
Sun-01/05/2016REP Steyning Tri - Free downloads
Sun-01/05/2016Ranelagh Half

It was a great bit of organising by all the races this weekend, and particularly large turn outs at YMCA and the 3 Forts - with some of the best weather we have seen in many years.

Get your entries in for the Hurt, it's just a bit Hurty. But - it is on a Saturday !
Discount Corner - get yourselves in whilst the discounts last
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
Saturday 6 June The Hurt (5k, 10k, 20k) SSP10
26-Jun-16 Harry Hawkes 10 SSP10HH
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon SSP10
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK

Make sure you get your memories from last weekend - still not had an order from Matt though.
Last weeks galleries - get them before they are archived...
Date Event Gallery
Sat-23/04/2016 Southampton Half - Fun Run
Sat-23/04/2016 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-24/04/2016 Heart of the Wolds Sportive
Sun-24/04/2016 Southampton Half Marathon and 10k
Sun-24/04/2016 REP Bluebell - free downloads

Raw Energy Pursuits - Steyning Spring Triathlon

Correctly wrapped up warm for the bike leg, at least it wasn't snowing...

It's only a small hill, no need for all this hard work...

Tempting to stop for breakfast through the town centre

Sunglasses. Probably a good idea.

Handy for checking your set up and bike position - for example this is "aero"



Wise, but not as cold as it could and has been.

Checking out the misty breath and other rides in T1

ready for the off and shoes at the ready

off for a nice sunday morning run

It's over for another year

when you surprise yourself you can't hide it

Top running into the finish to meet the crowds

Nicki performed prize giving duties as ever

Meanwhile, on just over the other side of the Downs from Chanctonbury Ring at Cissbury was the 3 Forts Half Marathon and Challenge (1 mile longer than a marathon for good measure).
Roxi decided to take the dog for a walk.
Scott gave us the double thumbs up - but it was only at about three miles
more double thumbs ups - early days...
good jumps, the shadow's quite good too
Brian takes a bow

1316 congratulates the mayor on another election victory
Big up into the finish

Ed made it across the line, more in sheer relief
hard sprinting action
Lisa responded positively to the commentators shout out with open arms
good strong finish
always good to have some friendly faces at a finish line
Thumbs up for the crowd
One day son you too can run 27 miles and enjoy it. Although you probably don't believe me right now.

when you find out you're the one who enjoyed it the most
Darren carried his mini-me over the line so he can have a feel for it next year...
Top work from the town crier, although his clock stuck on 4hrs:28... time for a new battery that takes some charge..
top high arms at the finish in the air like you don't care
It's not a bad view really
quite a few canicross this year
yes, but where was you race number eh? all day.
I think Paul surprised him round the corner
Running with a smile
Natasha enjoyed the views from the last climb
The funky "show us your number" move so we can actually read it
still raring to go for the final 2 miles
yes, taxi to Cissbury ring car park please
Scott by now was apparently in a world of pain
Paul seems to have surprised a few of you
Thundercats are go
Not sure that's a legal overtaking manoeuvre
Yoga running with Hawaiian flowers - a new form of inner calm

Over in the big smoke at Richmond - running got back to normal after the London Marathon weekend - with the annual Half Marathon - mostly around the river.

why wouldn't you fly along this towpath ?
all is ok, except his race number...
fly along with your friends

the utter relief
competitive focus exhibited at all the age groups
Nice day for a bit of companionship
Horsham Jogger goes wild in London
We missed the cartwheel he did just after this shot...
Not seen for a while - Glenn looking strong
Normal Richmond on a Sunday apparently ?

Meanwhile over in Reigate Park, the annual YMCA fun runs were taking place...
Ben got a cheeky wink
and a double thumbs up
First and second letters of the YMCA...
A bit late for last winters Santa run
nobody was surprised by the shouts of "Look, snow... "
perfect waves for the crowd
A good turnout for the YMCA on the day
Still not quite got the Y-M-C-A thing co-ordinated
so it goes "I-Y-I" ?
Fairies working their magic
Lovely to see Jenny out at the races once again
Sofitel aviation landing in Reigate
Just mind the person behind you before doing the dying fly
Three legged racing could have been solved with a leviosa charm

Pick your three legged friends carefully

Great prizes, winners and officials

A fab sight to see
What are friends for ?

Shane Richie 

umo sumo

Serious Shane with the mascot

Champion concentratey face

winner !

Marshalling is good fun

Wonder Woman !! too cute.

Future Races - coming soon !
Date Event Website
Sun-08/05/2016 EG Tri
Sun-08/05/2016 Seaford Half
Sun-15/05/2016 Kelly's Cycle Challenge - Pic2Go and Free Downloads
Sun-15/05/2016 The Godalming Run
Sun-15/05/2016 Bognor 10k
Sun-15/05/2016 Oxford 10k
Sun-29/05/2016 REP Arundel Tri - free downloads
Sat-04/06/2016 The Hurt - get your discount ! - .UQkTs_LAF8E
Sun-05/06/2016 Dorking 10
Sun-12/06/2016 ETL Polesden Lacey
Sun-12/06/2016 Mid Sussex Tri - free downloads
Sat-18/06/2016 Brutal Frith Hill
Sat-18/06/2016 REP Arun Swim - free downloads

Diets - Really ?!?!
I sometimes put other things that have crossed my path at the end of the blogs which are vaguely related to running and fitness - well here's a little thought on nutrition and healthy eating - It's the LCHF Diet - Low Carb, High Fat.
here's a video from one of it's protagonists about it -  explaining it.
and as someone who has NEVER dieted nor taken it seriously - it's caught my imagination and with that if any of you are using it, trying it or have any experience of it - drop me an email (you can reply to this one!). I'd be interested to hear from you.

Finally - it seems that the weather is going to hot up at last - please remember - we are only a month away from midsummer - that means the sun UV is almost as strong as it gets even if it is a bit cold - so remember to put the sun bock on - we see lots and lots of sunburn cases after races (my facebook feed was full on monday) - do try not to get caught out - put some kids factor 50 sunblock in your car and kit bag - you won't regret it.

until next time, and don't forget to use the discount entries whilst they are valid !

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