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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Leeds Castle Triathlons, Harry Hawkes, Capital2Coast and REP Arundel Castle Tri 2016 now live

Jump for joy the galleries are now live !

I'll do a proper blog tomorrow but for now - this is a very brief blog update to say that all the weekends galleries are now live and online here:
Date Event Gallery Link
Sat-25/06/2016 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sun-26/06/2016 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-26/06/2016 Capital to Coast
Sun-26/06/2016 Harry Hawkes 10
Sun-26/06/2016 REP Arundel Castle Triathlon

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Last weekends race Galleries - just in case you missed them !
Date Event Gallery Link
Sat-18/06/2016 Brutal Frith Hill
Sat-18/06/2016 Muddy Mission
Sat-18/06/2016 REP Arun Swim
Sat-18/06/2016 Great Yorkshire Bike Ride
Sun-19/06/2016 Shrewsbury Half Marathon
Sun-19/06/2016 Hampshire Hoppit

It's a nice view, even at 5:15AM !!!!

Discount Corner
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon SSP10
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK

Right - I said it was quick, back with a proper update later !

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

now live - Brutal Firth Hill, Muddy Mission, Rep Arun Swim, GYBR, Hampshire Hoppit and the Shrewsbury Half Marathon 2016

The start of the new Hampshire Hoppit - you can just see the runners going up the escarpment

Such a busy weekend with 4 events on Saturday and 2 on Sunday that one of the events on Sunday - the Shrewsbury Half Marathon - will get it's own blog after this one later in the week.

All fantastic in their own right we've seen iron man swimming, muddy charity fundraising obstacles, marathon trail running, endurance overnight walking, Sportive cycling and one "normal" half marathon on closed roads. Nothing if not a bit of a Heinz Variety of a weekend !

Here's the main table of galleries for you to get cracking through to get your pictures - four of which are free downloads. The market is definitely changing with the overall offering from event organisers growing year on year to include Free Race photos as the prices of Memorabilia items like Tshirts and Medals continue to drop from global suppliers. It mostly seems to be the events organised by Runners for Runners that are leading the way - so it's a good marker for the type of event you're going to get.

Date Event Name Gallery or event link
Sun-12/06/2016 ETL Polesden Lacey
Sun-12/06/2016 Mid Sussex Tri - Free downloads
Sat-18/06/2016 Brutal Frith Hill
Sat-18/06/2016 Muddy Mission - Free downloads
Sat-18/06/2016 REP Arun Swim - Free downloads
Sat-18/06/2016 Great Yorkshire Bike Ride
Sun-19/06/2016 Shrewsbury Half Marathon - Free Direct downloads via Pic2Go
Sun-19/06/2016 Hampshire Hoppit

Almost at the finish of the swim at Littlehampton

In other news - the ETL Bacchus marathon and half marathon are now sold out - so don't procrastinate if you're planning your summer holiday and autumn running, get your entries in early !

Discount Corner
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
26-Jun-16 Harry Hawkes 10
over 500 clicks through to this event, so don't miss out
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon
There's a 2for1 offer with southampton half at the moment
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Almost 400 clicks through to this race entry - don't be late !

Future Events Through July
Date Future Events Event Website
Fri-24/06/2016 Balderton Sportive
Sat-25/06/2016 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sun-26/06/2016 Capital to Coast
Sun-26/06/2016 REP Arundel Castle Triathlon
Sun-26/06/2016 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-26/06/2016 Harry Hawkes 10
Sun-03/07/2016 Bewl 15
Sun-03/07/2016 Chichester Tri
Sun-03/07/2016 PP Spire Bushy Run
Sun-10/07/2016 Kelly's Summer Cycle
Sun-10/07/2016 Wycombe 10K & Half Marathon
Sun-10/07/2016 ETL Badger Half
Wed-13/07/2016 RPAC Summer 10k
Wed-20/07/2016 Wakehurst Willow 8k
Sat-23/07/2016 Trailwalker
Sun-24/07/2016 PP DTUF Half
Sun-24/07/2016 Trailwalker

and yes, still loosing weight on the LCHF diet ( - recently taken to scotch eggs for breakfast. Nice. This is how it's promoted in South Africa -
Works been busy so only managed the one run this past 7 days. Must do more, and stretch my Achilles too.

Anyway time for some photos... apologies not being able to do big coverage from all the events, simply too many and we have got work to do in the office to get galleries sorted out and next weeks prepared for - and that all takes a lot of time (hence this blog being a bit later than usual).

Brutal Frith Hill - there's a rule - you have to run with your hands above your head...
Feeling good at maximal Heart Rate

The joy of finishing

All going ok in the woods

I think she saw a spider

zombie chase

Don't surrender on the hills

On the way up the last hill
The Hampshire Hoppit - a new race of a Half Marathon and Full Marathon, which starts and finishes out of the fields that belong to Claire Baldings brothers horse training facilities
The view behind at the top of the first climb

Along the gallops a few miles into the run

amazing what you can pick up on the way

Feeling good on top of the downs

The last flight into the finish
The joy of finishing a trail marathon on seeing the beer tent

Meanwhile on the Nuts Challenge course, there was some Muddy Missions going on raising money for Parkinsons.

The young are always ready for action

Getting their briefing from Wayne

Tyres, because that's easy according to spiderman here

a quick dip after the barbed wire crawl

Tyred out yet ?

all ok with the universal British sign language for "no really can you help me"

Not sure I'd twist the rope around my arm like he has. By comparison - it doesn't keep you any drier !(as the look on his face says)

At some point it's good to stop and remember what this feels like for reference later. But not for too long. That would be weird.

She stayed here for some time, contemplating the meaning of life

What true friends are for. Just be careful,


If you do it on tip toes, you don't break through the crust

When Princess Fiona first meets Shrek at his swamp. Sorry kids, it's not all fairy tales in reality.

HUGS ! very helpful in most situations

Just after the moment they realised that it was really just very silly

Meanwhile in Yorkshire, there was a Great Bike ride going on
With shoes like that, this really was a British cry for help

Happy to have put that hill behind him

Not sure at that speed a peleton has much aerodynamic benefit

This is not superimposed, it's just a bit of extra flash

Knowing this was not a one way road nor closed, they let their favourite lead the way.

It was only when he got home that he realised he had picked up a stowaway

All looking good up yet another hill !
And then there was the crazy Arun Swimmers at the Raw Energy Pursuits race
The dove from above

You can always rely on friends to enhance a photo

Steve has already thanked me for posting this one of him on facebook. No probs Steve.

Roy gives the British "get me out of here" thumbs up. He knew what was coming.

Practice your swim strokes and technique before you get in the water

The camera is over the other way

And they were off, for a 3.2k shooting of the rapids

Mickey practised her groovy moves

Ready for the onslaught of people wearing rubber suits

Vulcan death grip to get an advantage is a bit harsh

Roy enjoyed every bit of it

It was all smiles before hand, little did they know

This is how close the finish was - slipping and into second

no press please

always get Karate practice in at every opportunity if you're a ninja

Steve lent a helping hand at the finish

post race nerves ?

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. of REP Events

"probably best you don't take up triathlon quite yet"

"It's only a flesh wound"

"That was fun"
That's all the photos for this blog, there will be another blog all about the Shrewsbury Half Marathon later organised by the wonderful team at #UKRunChat

Until next time, keep training, and I hope you enjoyed mid-summers day yesterday !!