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Monday, 9 January 2017

The Tadworth 10 2017 gallery is now live and next events to enter

The 2017 start of the Tadworth 10 from the in front of the Epsom Racecourse Stand
The race photos from this weekends Tadworth 10 are now live and online here:

An unseasonably warm day up on the Epsom downs - around 12degrees, with only a spot of rain at the end of the race for the tail markers, an excellent turnout for the extremelly hilly course up and down the Epsom Downs over 10 miles. Make the most of the warm - in a weeks time it's going to be very cold indeed !

Date Event name Gallery or event link
This weekends event
Sun-08/01/2017 The Tadworth Ten
Last weekends races
Sat-31/12/2016 Brutal Longmoor
Sun-01/01/2017 Serpentine 10k
Next events
Sun-15/01/2017 London Winter Walk - with free race photos on Pic2Go
Sun-22/01/2017 ETL Denbies10
Sat-28/01/2017 Brutal Men only
Sat-28/01/2017 Brutal Women Only
Sun-05/02/2017 Gloucester Marathon
Sun-05/02/2017 Watford Half
Sun-05/02/2017 ETL Bookham 10k
Sun-12/02/2017 Worthing Half Marathon
Sun-19/02/2017 Hampton Court Half Marathon  ***race almost full**
Sat-25/02/2017 Brutal Bagshot

Any News ?
Just a short note - we are sad to hear that the Run the Streets Kingston on the 26th Feb 2017 has been Cancelled - find out more here -

All good going down hill at the 1mile mark

hold your hands in the air like you - can't see the camera yet

Good work back up the hill to the top at around 4 miles

so much joy !

good airplanes

it was a good race but it didn't quite taste right

plenty of laughs and fun on the way round with these two

deep thought on the whole surrender waving policy

both enjoying the run out

one mile to go and all downhill

meeeoow, or is that a thriller move ?

Pedro was happy with nearing the last downhill

All was good for 160

Geek Chic shows us how it's done

for the win for Carlie

The lead three kicked off straight from the start

The view off up the hill as they go off to one mile

top marshalling

A bit of a chase into the finish line

Bananarama sung a song about this

and for those of you who enjoy a what happened next - enjoy this video

until next time and our review of 2016, train carefully

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