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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Watford Half, Gloucester Marathon, and ETL Bookham 10k 2017 galleries all live

Yes - The wait is over ! Galleries are ready, and he's heard about the Nationals deal with Pic2Go...

Just a quick PR announcement: We are very happy to share with you that we have teamed up with Saucony - who are sponsoring the English National Cross Country championships race photos during the event using Pic2Go technology.
If you're going to the event and have checked your race number (here) you can pre-register for the photos here - and then they will magically appear in your facebook timeline on the day - for free !(Thank those nice people at Saucony !).

The full ECCA announcement is here: 

This is exactly what we set out to achieve when we started this business over 15 years ago - sharing great memories that will make people happy for many years to come - this is going to be brilliant !! (and massive. Did I mention massive ?) And our thanks to Saucony for sharing and trusting in us to deliver this for you.
Pic2Go and a typical barcode

This weekends events
Sun-05/02/2017 Gloucester Marathon
Sun-05/02/2017 Watford Half
Sun-05/02/2017 ETL Bookham 10k
Last Weekends events
Sat-28/01/2017 Brutal Men only
Sat-28/01/2017 Brutal Women Only
Sat-28/01/2017 SEAA XC - south of england cross country champs
Next events to enter
Sun-12/02/2017 Worthing Half Marathon
Sun-19/02/2017 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Sat-25/02/2017 The English National XC Champs, Nottingham
Free event photos with Pic2go, sponsored by Saucony
Sat-25/02/2017 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-05/03/2017 Berkhamsted Half Marathon
Sun-05/03/2017 Leicester 10k - use discount code "Sussex10"
Sun-05/03/2017 Steyning Stinger
Sat-11/03/2017 Hero Races
Sun-12/03/2017 Colchester Half
Sat-18/03/2017 Kelly's Clandon Park Run
Sun-19/03/2017 ETL Spring Badger Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Richmond 13.1 Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Fleet Half Marathon
Sun-19/03/2017 Brentwood Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Hastings Half Marathon
Sat-25/03/2017 AAT Bolt
Sun-26/03/2017 Cranleigh 15-21

A quick selection of photos from this weekends events

First up the Watford Half Marathon
Everything was going well at 4 miles

Future Watford Goalkeeper

Top running with friends

Stopsley striders err, striding ?

enthusiastic crowd near the finish for the winner

ok a little bit to close to the course ? yes you're actually on the course and in the way.

That's ok, if you lean out you're not in our way. nope.

streaming up through the golf course on the way out

Yes that's sort of what we do !

For the love of Sponge Bob.

Lovely to see and chat to Mick and Phil - on the scene for over a decade

keep it together dammit.

No sitting on the fence now

The start of a race is always an impressive sight

To be frank, Frank.

I will tell you this only once...

When you wave to the camera late

for the win - good work

JW has never had any kit stolen from the cloakroom

I need to create a GIF of this lad checking the camera...

Hope he checked out our photos too
The Events to Live Bookham 10k

nice day to be out with friends

The woods are alive

All is going ok !

and then there was the water

apparently it tasted ok

just get on with it and enjoy it - unlike the bikers !

The all new / reinstated Gloucester Marathon
And they're off - for a few miles at least

it'll be fine - trust me

flying over the bridge and looking strong

The infamous scorpion running kick. Difficulty: High

almost a sunny warm day. Apart from the cold.

Excellent work and Happy Birthday !

smoothly done at the finish

A strong push to the finish

Danny was there. He's a legend.

Who want's to be a millionaire ? When you can run a marathon to feel good instead.

Right, off to talk to southampton tomorrow about their half marathon, marathon and other bits of planning. And a certain child's 7th birthday. Wish us luck !
Until next time - get the training in whilst you can before it gets too cold and stay safe and warm in the dark nights.
See you at the Worthing Half on Sunday !

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