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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Winter Nuts Challenge, Steyning Stinger, Leicester T+G, and Berkhamsted Half Marathon 2017 now live

And offity they did go !! 

It's been the first truly busy weekend of the year with five events this past weekend - here's the quick race list and gallery links, and please read the quick notes below to get the most out of the gallery

This weekend's event action
Sat-04/03/2017 The Nuts Challenge Sat
Sun-05/03/2017 The Nuts Challenge Sun
Sun-05/03/2017 The Steyning Stinger

NB Free Downloads - just select the free download image product when you add them to your basket
Sun-05/03/2017 The Berkhamsted Half Marathon and Fun Run
Sun-05/03/2017 The Leicester Town and Gown 10k

Helpful Notes !
The Nuts Challenge
Yes - the cheapest collection price is £19.99
1. browse the 000 folders for any images we couldn't find you in. If you have 50+ images then by all odds we probably got you catalogued, otherwise, time for a browse through if you want to, they are organised by location and time taken.
Uncatalogued images
2. Lightboxes are the future: Please add any 000 images that have you in focus and part of the subject of the image to a lightbox, name it something including your race number, and then share it with us. We can then catalogue those images quickly with your race number so they will be included in any search and collection orders.

The Steyning Stinger - with Free Downloads
To get your free downloads - just add the images to the basket and select the free download images from the product list. Many thanks to the event for sponsoring your race photos once again this year.

Next weekends races - all sold out ! (although Colchester might have a space for you ?).
The Llanelli Half is a new race for us, and not very near Sussex, but it's good to be approached and asked to work with such a well regarded award winning race organiser.
If you want to see the true face of hard work, guts and glory - look no further than the Surrey Schools XC championships on Saturday at Reigate. No prisoners are taken in this raw XC event. Don't stand in the way on the course, you will get run over.
Colchester as ever will be a fantastic race with it's famous hill up to the high street to spread the field out before it's route into the countryside to finish back at the Stadium
Next week
Sat-11/03/2017 Surrey Schools XC Champs
Sun-12/03/2017 Colchester Half
Sun-12/03/2017 Llanelli half marathon

If you're looking for something a little further away - here's a little list for you almost to the end of April:

Plan Ahead
Sat-18/03/2017 Kelly's Clandon Park Run
Sun-19/03/2017 Brentwood Half
Sun-19/03/2017 Fleet Half Marathon
Sun-19/03/2017 Salomon Richmond Half and 10k
Sun-19/03/2017 Hastings Half Marathon
Sun-19/03/2017 ETL Spring Badger Half - LAST EVER BADGER
Sat-25/03/2017 AAT Bolt - including free race photos
Sun-26/03/2017 Cranleigh 15-21
Sun-02/04/2017 Paddock Wood
Sun-09/04/2017 HONC
Sun-09/04/2017 PP Grand Union Half
Sat-22/04/2017 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-23/04/2017 REP Bluebell - including free race photos
Sun-23/04/2017 Southampton Half Marathon and Marathon, and 10k

And now I have to pick some photos from the weekend. Make it funny they said. Lighthearted they said. They didn't mention anything about dark innuendo and sarcasm did they ?

Early Enthusiasm. So young.
Sudden realisation dawns for both of them in different directions

Crocodile ankle biting panic

somewhat confident nearer the start of the first lap

now then now then

No, you'll never slip unnoticed past in the background. Not with those sunglasses. or by being two foot taller.

Early surrender

Top Marshals on the tubes kept everyone safe

mustn't get the skirt wet now

It was only 6inches deep but they had fun anyway

Ode to the late Kenny Everett - "We're going to round them up in a field..."

Vladamir Putin escapes the onrushing CIA agent. It's a bit like the Matrix

Ready for phase 2, Gazza Style ?

Please make it stop now...

modelling for the next years Kwik-fit catalogue. Or should that be Pirrelli ?

Is that two laps done out of four ?

Well that's one advantage in not wearing a hat

Working the cat-walk look

A bit of an over-dramatic way of crossing a flat field, but good to help a friend in need.

Still going ok 

Not quite Iwojima, but probably felt like it.

human suffering, of a sort

weeeeee !!

For real

yes, it's freezing my things here, but lets stop for a team photo !

Achilles crocodile bite face

That Phil Mitchel face when things are uncomfortable, but unmentionable

Flying Dutchman , missing his drone rotors

Dramatic Rescue dog in lifesaving action from puddle edge

Time for a facial ?

He would often go to the lake and think nice things

The predator held him aloft by the scruff of his shoulders before flinging him forwards

Full Romeo mode engaged

That Wella moment

Well that's ok then

When the girls suggested T'Bagging at Nuts, he brought all the necessary condiments.

Meanwhile normality took place in Berkhamsted
Busy off at the start

Spotting your friends near the finish

Keeping an eye out for family

There's always a white elephant in the room

Run like you're being chased they said. By what ? By this !!

The first Ever Leicester Town and Gown 10k went off too
Safe start in a bit of rain around the Leicester University Campus

Smooth running out amongst the buildings

Good running into the finish

Full speed to the end

Goal Achieved !

Meanwhile at Steyning on the south downs it was about 2degrees, with hail and sleet... Free photos for everyone - just select the free ones in the order basket.
I sit in a river and ask to see a number. This is the best I get.

Michael Jackson's thriller leaning has nothing on the kid in the background.

watch those hamstrings dude...
True to form, he was obviously number shy.

first mobot of the day across the top of the Ring

See, the weather was fine up there and very smiley.

Numbers out at only the finish then !
Finally back at the Nuts on Sunday
Fair solution

Frozen with thought. or fear. or both.

Australia mode not yet engaged

This southern rail commute was beginning to get ridiculous

one tyre they said. just take one tyre. no need to make it all movie like.

Stuck, but he's ok. no really he's fine.

Not slipping, everything under control

hoop rolling speed fun

well that's a normal sight

Diet coke time


Still too happy, but early on in the course

There are no words

Mr March.

That "1000 yard I'm ok honest" face

Phil Mitchel's I'm Ok face

Australia mode engaged

Slightly wetter at the start on Sunday

Stupid trains

Will be releasing his new HipHop album later in the year

So close to the finish yet so far

Australian muddy monkey bars

Number 1 on the job

And then they sung some Opera. It was amazing !

Stupid commute.

Meerkat mountain

Bunny mode engaged

Miss February

Mr January

Missed off 
Right that's it, apparently I'm off out for a surprise meal and have five minutes to get changed for god knows what. Wish me luck..

until next time

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