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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

May Bank Holiday weekend 2017 - all galleries live - Ranelagh, REP Steyning, 3Forts, YMCA, Oswestry, and Hart Tri 2017

Claire Rogers, overall winner of the 3 Forts Ultra-Marathon 2017 at the 6km mark
Story of the weekend was Claire Rogers #415 winning the Three Forts Marathon in 3:27. (that's faster than the winner of the Southampton Marathon last week BTW).

First things first, she won it overall, by 2 minutes from Stuart Backhouse #143. She was behind him as they ran up Cissbury ring with about 3k to go, so she must have put in a tremendous effort in those last stages to take the win into the headwind and rain. For those who are not aware - it is very very rare for the women to win overall, especially on this sort of course.
Secondly - do not underestimate how difficult this race is - personally I think it's as hard as Beachy Head, it might not have the same total elevation or have the seven sisters, but it does have more distance, and is on equally difficult terrain with large climbs throughout. Stuart Mills needs to come and give it a try sometime and pass judgement (I can't recall if you have Stuart?).
Very well done Claire - it was an absolute joy to see you race and cross the finish line so determined. That look on your face in the last 50m was inspirational finishing. And our quick facebook post about it on the day has now gone through 8500 views and 94 likes - which is as good as going viral as it gets !
You can see her working hard for it on the day here:

Monsters inc. energy release system at the YMCA runs

Otherwise - It was a busy last day to April with 5 events on the Sunday, and then one more on the Bank Holiday Monday for good measure. Over 90,000 images in total all catalogued for your delight and easy searching !

All the events from April can be found here on our easy to browse page on the gallery:

Quick list
Date Race Gallery
Sun-30/04/2017 Oswestry Half Marathon - Free with Pic2Go live during the event
Sun-30/04/2017 REP Steyning Tri - Free downloads
Sun-30/04/2017 3 Forts Marathon and Half Marathon
Sun-30/04/2017 Ranelagh Half
Sun-30/04/2017 YMCA Fun Run
Mon-01/05/2017 The Hart Tri

New Sport Centres are always lovely to see - here's the new one at Hart near Fleet
So April started as far back as Paddock Wood, includes the incredibly succesul and popular ABP Southampton races just last weekend, and the free download galleries of the REP Bluebell and Steyning Triathlons. (top tip if you're having difficulty downloading the free images - add them to your order basket and order the free ones, and check out !)

If you're wondering about last weeks races - they're still here
Date Last Weeks Race Gallery
Sat-22/04/2017 Brutal Windmill Hill
Sun-23/04/2017 REP Bluebell
Sun-23/04/2017 Heart of the Wolds Sportive
Sun-23/04/2017 Southampton Half Marathon
The Oswestry Half Marathon race photos were of course free and live to participants, to anyone registered on - and if you're still interested - you can still register to receive them.
Thanks go to for sponsoring the fast and free service - it has been very well received by all as far as we can tell from all the fantastic comments.

The Oswestry Half's pic2go images with 873 finishers have been seen 583,660 times, liked 26,883 likes and 3776 comments, which for any social media marketing people out there - you'll know that makes it cheaper than advertising on facebook, more direct and more effective in getting engagement for your event, brand or sponsorship than anything else available at the moment ! Get in touch if you spend any marketing money on facebook - we can probably do a better job for you.

Pic2Go is the future of live event photos, because - who wants to wait ?

Joe overseeing the start at Oswestry Half Marathon - a great days racing
The Everyone Active - Hart Tri 2017 was of course in May so you can go straight to that gallery with this link - a new sports centre and a new event - and it all seemed to go errr swimingly.

Now go to May on the calendar and see where we are going to be - and get your entries in ! (actually just checking it now - we need to add a few more in there that have been confirmed).

Free photo fest

Some of you may have noticed a bit of a trend with the free photos thing recently ?
Have a look at this table and see if you can notice anything coming up over the next months ahead and tell me what you think is happening - and by now you know what pic2go means - free, live and given to you directly during the event ! (yes faster than amazon prime using a drone, and lands where you want it to - directly into your timeline). It's a win-win for everyone.

Upcoming events
Sun-07/05/2017 7Oaks Tri - free photos
Wed-10/05/2017 Mundays 5k - free photos
Sat-13/05/2017 The Little Welly - Junior OCR - Surrey - PR
Sat-13/05/2017 London Revolution Ride Sat - pic2go
Sun-14/05/2017 Kelly's Cycle Challenge - free photos
Sun-14/05/2017 EG Tri
Sun-14/05/2017 Oxford 10k
Sun-14/05/2017 London Revolution Ride Sun - pic2go
Sun-21/05/2017 REP Arundel Tri - free photos
Sun-21/05/2017 Fareham Tri
Sat-03/06/2017 The Hurt
Sat-10/06/2017 Race To The Tower Sat - pic2go
Sun-11/06/2017 Race To The Tower Sun - pic2go
Sun-11/06/2017 Mid Sussex Tri - free photos
Sat-17/06/2017 Muddy Mission - free photos
Sat-17/06/2017 Brutal -Congo Woods
Sun-18/06/2017 Hampshire Hoppit
Sun-18/06/2017 Shrewsbury Half Marathon - pic2go

Over on the Three Forts
Sorry Lester, can't read your number !

I swear that hedge is getting bigger to ruin the view here

Ultra running dog poo check and removal

"look Mum no hands"  you won't believe what happened next...

Truleigh Hill - done

all good up the last hill to Chanctonbury

I want these three to support me on my next race. Awesome work for Tubby Bear.

For the finish

They really shouldn't have let go of the leads.

Dipping for the line, dog still wins by a nose

Good stuff from the Mayor, in the rain and the cold.

Ranelagh Richmond Half..
when compression socks go wrong

Ever had that feeling someone is shadowing you ?

Fetch batman ? or is he Joking ?

He's off for a cheeky Nando's afterwards
Running free and enjoying it !

happy running into the finish
 Meanwhile at the REP Steyning Tri
oh yes. job done.

Taste the air

T for Triathlon. or Tea. or err. 7Up ?

not bad syncronisation

Graham always takes this too seriously

Tractors are allowed on the full on road course, if you want to make it harder for yourself

concentration is the watchword

Daughter didn't say no.

Relay Team winners. Which one was the swimmer ?
 YMCA Reigate
Competitive finishing across all the ages

Actually he does Run reigate

Another daughter that let Dad borrow stuff


she's on rollerskates. seriously, it was art. modern interpretive dance art, but still art.

When she's going to beat you, and you know it. and hell so does she ! #storming

Wife carrying championship practice for next years world champs.

New watch, already knows to stop the time at the finish.
 Hart Tri
nothing better than new tarmac in transition

Swim exit past the entrance made for good spectating

Full transition is always a healthy sight

I think we got the framing right for their next newsletter ?

long undulating hills anyone ?

it was a compteititve race

we love hills, the perspective is so much better

Strong finishers

Don't let high-fives distract you from the curb...

Proper finish in branded Tshirt for next marketing effort. This is PR gold.

This is also PR gold. Big PR Gorrilla gold.

Day off from running the Empire. Everyone needs to keep fit at all levels of management.

53 marathons Amy,  smiling because it's only a Half ?

Going strong at the start !

Wayne enjoyed it !

How to finish with your friends. Well, I hope they're friends. They should be friends. OK, Well they look like friends.

Right - that's it for this week, it's a quiet one with just the 7Oaks tri on sunday and that sold out the second it went online, so no late entries for that. You've got the list above for what else to look out for and then we have two busy weekends of very busy stuff to do with you.
The Mundays run on Wednesday in Bushy park is good value though - so get yourself over for that if you can.

Until next time !
p.s. trying to get more sleep - hence these getting published later in the week now rather than staying up until 2am.

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