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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2018 Serpentine NYD 10k, and Brutal Longmore 2017 - and Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !

Very best of luck wishes and dreams for 2018 - may it be better than 2017, no matter what happened then, it's all in the past, and you've nothing else to be bothering yourself with really have you. It's not like you can jump to any other particular year and give that a go instead eh ? (Unless you are Dr Who, and they don't read this blog anymore/now/next year). Give 2018 a go, it's all we've got.

"Happy Christmas and New Year", in semaphore, at the Brutal Longmoor 2017
Here's a handy list of galleries you may have missed, including the latest events at the end.
(Actually you didn't miss those blogs, I didn't blog, because I had a bit of a pause after 10 years of one every can get to you you'know. But now it's 2018 and I'll try to get back into it).

Date Event Gallery Link
Sun-22/10/2017 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-22/10/2017 Abingdon marathon
Sat-28/10/2017 Beachy Head 10k and Mara
Sun-05/11/2017 LBVCR - The Veteran Car Run
Sat-11/11/2017 Brutal Bourne Woods
Sun-12/11/2017 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-19/11/2017 The Brighton 10k
Sun-10/12/2017 The Hogs Back
Sun-10/12/2017 The Seaford Mince Pie 10
Sat-30/12/2017 Brutal Longmoor
Mon-01/01/2018 Serpentine NYD 10k

If you are having difficulty remembering your race number - then that is on the other results site here:

I have no idea why serpentine don't put race numbers in any of their race results pages ever - but there you go...

Sun-07/01/2018 Tadworth Ten - coming soon

One of the upsides of having a quieter period, and downside, is that I end up doing very much more of the cataloguing and indexing of the images (yes - it's manual if we don't use the pic2go barcodes), and we spend the whole of new years eve and new years day smashing our way through the two recent event galleries (party on!) so I get more of a chance to select images that are just ripe for the picking for the blog... so they probably get a little sillier. Well I hope they do...
By the way - If anyone out there is a capable programmer looking to get paid to write an AI and facial recognition indexing app for us, then please do get in touch (we know normal OCR doesn't work by the way) with CV and reasons you're interested !

Brutal Longmoor 2017
by far the most popular Brutal of the year, with the timing and location being one of the classics of this event series. And being unseasonally mild, there was no ice to break on the way around. #bigdissapointment, so there should have been more smiling...

Feel the family love. You drown. They laugh.

what every man thinks they look like in their own mind...when wading through the shit at work

Chaaarrge !!

The pre race toilet queue is getting a little busy these days

So strong his number fell off

In the spirit of frozen, or some other Mr Magneto comic book hero thingy, I bring you "bog man"

always nice to be recognised, even if it is a surprise for them to see you at work

sorry, can't help you with that one

proper team running through the water

someone knows whats going on here

looks like someone got two birds with one stone this time

Jen seems to enjoy it far more than they did

[David Attenborough Voice] Here we see Territorial marking of some sort or another, as they wade through the Bog, she marks it as her own. Scattering her scent all around the deepest parts. [Ed] WHAAAT ? Fetch Dr Freud !!

oooh ! cold legs

That free feeling, possible image uses include advert for something or other.

the tiny runner behind - has a long pole held her in front - to which 8357 is attached. She runs every race like this. Awesome work - both of you.

 Clare Miller - she's quite good

never exaggerate the difficulty when surrounded if you want to be believed

could have been worse

almost a full face plant, bit of a shock

winning Santa Elves

if you go into the woods today... #hardbrexit ?

confused Carrie

the shock of the cold water made her jump a little

Good team finish together

Head stuck in the mud ? well that's one way to show off your tatoos

Serpentine NYD 10k
The worlds first TRIPLE photobomb on 587...

yes. Number 1. Enjoy it !

Always got to be first, but still raises a hand in victory. #doyouhaveanelderbrothertoo

Undercover TRex spotted in Hyde Park

Honestly looks like he enjoyed the race far far more than anyone else. Ever.

Ealing Pigeons

Ealing Seagulls

RUN ! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ! oh actually, don't worry you're good.

boom ! You've got to want it.

Flying !

Top T shirt caption for new years day

Sorry mate, she's not into you.

Only the cool can carry off a hat like that with British Athletics squad trackies. Do not try this at home, you will fail.

So that's the start of 2018 in the bag for you all. Well done, keep up the training and join us on strava here if you're bored too and need to see what some likeminded people are up to for some inspiration

I need some inspiration myself to get going through winter. I cheat a bit and take vitamin D tablets, which helps with the lack of sunlight here in the office, and whilst we have a quiet few months until everything kicks off for pre-london marathon. My problem is almost every few times I go for a run, my calf or hamstrings blow up like a hot knife. I've got to discipline myself to some slow paced stuff and ease back into it much more gently. This however gets my adductors like something else!!!

Having had a bit of a chesty cough these past weeks as well has been excuse enough. I'm also going to try to sort out a spin-rig to watch some dvd box sets on, I have a very cheap spin bike and an old laptop to play them on - so will see if I can do some gentle HR controlled work. I've a box set of the West Wing, and the original series of 24 to watch from about 5 years ago - so I really ought to do that. I might last more than half an hour at a pinch. Shame I can't really put that on zwift yet (that's too techy so far).

In other news, I'm back down to 12st.0lb, from my 13st6lb New Year's weigh in in 2016 when three months later I adopted the High-Fat,Low-Carb way of eating. I can now stick both arms fully down the front of my old trousers and still have space. yaay go me !

If you know me, you'll know I've done pretty much zero exercise to achieve this weight loss (and waist from 36in back to 32in), it's all been done by keeping off the sugar and carbs. If you fancy giving something really easy a go on the health front - then try this - and personally I've not paid or joined or signed up for anything - just read this and give it a go - , and if you prefer a bit of a video - here's the best explanation
Also our food bill is probably less, so financially it's made sense too. can't be bad really. Oh, and the better half has lost frankly so much weight she's almost unrecognisable (in a good way), so if you eat together in a household - consider talking it through and both giving it a go. If you're fit already it certainly won't do you any harm either to do it all together (disclaimer - I'm not a medical expert, do your own research).

And finally for those of you who read right to the end - as a special bonus and a thank you for being here - here's a 10% discount code for you to use on the SSP gallery for the whole of 2018: HNYBLOG2018
Keep it quiet - it's only for you as you're a special person and this is the only time I'm going to mention it, so feel the love xxx

until next time

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