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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The 3Forts Challenge, REP Steyning Tri, and YMCA Fun Run 2018 - galleries now ready

Galleries now live ! (well they were yesterday and sunday...)

As we bask in the memory of hot bank holiday weekend days for one more afternoon left of the summer before the rainy monsoon season kicks in, you can have a nice relaxed browse through the gallery of weekend achievements and memories of hot and sweaty action as you sip gently on a cold one.

All uphill at the 3 Forts Challenge - it's very very challenging.

Meanwhile we move ever closer to GDPR start date - more on that later... and I ask you to take a long look at the events where we are bringing you free event photos over the next two months and you can see that our ability to deliver solid coverage and tell a story for you at an event is starting to make a real difference to what participants expect for their entry fees.
That's 15 of the next 23 events - two thirds of everything we are doing over the next two's going to be a busy one for us (and you!)

Take a moment, and then get entered into them - because you can't miss out now you know there are free pictures. and at some point I'll come up with some seismically tacky marketing strapline like "Making Memories Today", which will drive you like a lemming to the race entry payment pages before anyone else gets their first. (You know there are two races in an event - the race to get in - and then the race to finish and get out, and then the race to social media - we can help with that one).

 Enter these races now...and check our your race photos !

Date Event Free Downloads ? Event Website
Sun-29/04/2018 7Oaks Tri Free Downloads
Sun-06/05/2018 REP Steyning Tri Free Downloads
Sun-06/05/2018 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-06/05/2018 3Forts Challenge
Future Events
Wed-09/05/2018 Mundays 5k - Bushy Park Free Downloads
Sat-12/05/2018 London Revolution Ride Yes - Live with Pic2Go
Sun-13/05/2018 Oxford 10k
Sun-13/05/2018 London 10 Mile Free Downloads
Sun-13/05/2018 Run Gatwick - Half Marathon
Sun-13/05/2018 London Revolution Ride Sun Yes - Live with Pic2Go
Sun-20/05/2018 REP Arundel Tri Free Downloads
Sun-20/05/2018 Kelly's Cycle Challenge Free Downloads
Sun-03/06/2018 Dorking 10
Sat-09/06/2018 Race To The Tower Sat Yes - Live with Pic2Go
Sun-10/06/2018 Race To The Tower Sun Yes - Live with Pic2Go
Sun-10/06/2018 Mid Sussex Tri Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Hampshire Hoppit Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Run Central 10k Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Breakfast Run at Loseley
Sun-17/06/2018 Shrewsbury Half Marathon Yes - Live with Pic2Go
Sat-23/06/2018 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sat-23/06/2018 REP Arun Swim Free Downloads
Sun-24/06/2018 Leeds Castle Standard Tri

More on GDPR, data and what the laws say...
We're all getting hammered with more and more spammy emails that say "Sorry we have no idea where we got your email address from, can we still send you spam?". Now apart from them fessing up to the fact that they were probably breaking the current data protection laws by not knowing how they got your email in the first place - there's the whole marketing department panic that in fact - nobody - will click the opt-in tick box after may the 25th when GDPR starts. It is however annoying that the spam emails asking you to opt-in are all pre-ticked. Let's wait until after the 25th May and see how long that jolly well lasts.
Rule #1 - no pre-filled tick boxes.

Meanwhile you're asking what the score is for this blog and the subscriptions to it and when am I going to ask everyone for permission - again...? well I'm not - because this subscription has always been a two step authentication (i.e. you sign up, we send an "are you sure?" email, you click "yes please I'm sure" on the email) - which means we have only ever had double positive sign-ups made to it. So - we're compliant before it became necessary to be compliant. Rather smug about that one...

Finally there's a few people asking what the score is about taking photos of people in public places, and doesn't that clash with GDPR ? No is the answer to that. Public places are public places - and laws regarding privacy already exist. The UK is one of the nicest places to be a photographer, and equally not be a nosey-parker. 
We don't run any face recognition (as that would be creating personal biometric data), and we don't put names against our databases or tag them into the images, just race numbers - so people are basically anonymous - and based on that - what we have is referred to as "secondary level data" - which means it's all anonymous, until you bring other data (which we don't have - like the results) to bear on the situation.

In the meantime - if you're interested (because - well, I know you are), and want to know more about image use and legal image usage and commercial use, and when your "Likeness" can be used by companies - have a good read on this page here on Photographer Rights   - but don't confuse GDPR (which is about using data and permission to use it - mostly for commercial ends) with Copyright, nor with your right to Privacy in a physical sense when in a Public place. 

after that - yes, we've had to employ someone to go through all our data and work out what we do with it, where it is and how we comply with GDPR. So far so good - we where do we put the several thousands of pounds costs associated with that eh? Guesses on a postcard...

The 3 Forts Challenge

Amazing what you can do when you photoshop out a bike with AI replacement

Jim is increasingly happy whenever he gets a chance to run

nooo - behind you !

Enjoy it - don't be in a HUF (Photo Credit: Sophie, aged 8)

look a flat bit ! enjoy it !!

Fully prepared for the weather (Photo credit: Jessica, aged 10)

The joy of finishing in that weather.

We consulted with the timekeepers chief dog on how hot it was. This was his response.

REP Steyning Tri - with free downloads
groovy new end signs so you don't lose your bike

Unofficial route and distance map for pacing. I think there are Garmins for that no ?

Always ride surprised ?

Charlie got his shoulder stuck whilst swimming, he cycled the whole route like this.

Cycling. It's jolly nice in the sun.

The back passages of Steyning are very scenic

That's that done for another year !!

All finishing ok ! well done on another great event

The YMCA Fun Run
Sunglasses almost essential

Spot the pre-race T'shirt - and enter Run Gatwick tonight before entries close...

Top friend work

multiple camera surrendering, different levels of joy involved

When it gets busy at these races - it gets busy

anyone worried about the future of running and youth ?

they just kept coming

The joy of running

Try to blend in they said...

The joy of finishing !

So, may your training this week be full of joy, and if you're near Bushy park and fancy a 5k run out tomorrow (Wednesday) evening - then get yourself over to the Mundays 5k - it should be lovely.
Otherwise enjoy your training, and we'll see you at the weekend where it's going to be a very very busy one for us !

Until next time

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