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Race Webmasters

This page is to help webmasters provide clear links and logos to their race and event gallery on SSP.


Your race director has agreed to UK Sport Photo as the official photographers to your race.

As part of the T&C's for covering your race event it has been agreed that the link to the race gallery will be put in the following places on your website and communications:

1.a The race results webpage or next to any results links
1.b in all News announcements or reports after the race
1.c in the post race email

This is primarily to help competitors because - after the race competitors want to know two things -

  • how fast did they do it and 
  • what did they look like.

and the results and photos answer both these questions.

Simply put - we can take a million images - but if nobody knows it's pointless, and we have to go and do something else to make a living (which unfortunately we have done on a few occasions). So your help is very much needed by us and the race charities who also benefit - not to mention all the runners who like to see themselves running.

The number one method is a link on the race website with the results (not a separate photo page) so this information is mostly about how to set up links to the race gallery and why.

Why Links ?
Links to the SSP gallery on the race website are business critical for event photography, and are a condition of our ongoing partnership/sponsorship.

 Providing the photographers, kit, gallery servers, back office and support staff, travel and cataloguing of the images for your event all takes considerable investment. For most events we provide all this for free, and only make it back in image sales, so communication to competitors is crucial for us to be able to provide this ongoing service.

Link HTML Code

The links provided will take all visitors directly to the exact gallery for your race where they can use their race number to search for their photos.  
Please ensure the link code provided is used as your html code exactly - that will take them straight to the event.

The typical html link for a gallery will look like this:

NB don't click on a link and then copy the resulting URL. That URL won't work for other people (it's a cookie thing) - use the link as shown that just worked for you.

There is more information below on the details of our links if you're interested !

SSP Brand Logos

Here are our standard web ready logos.Instead of having to put them on your server you can use these images hosted here on google. Right click to get the "copy image location" code, or use the code shown under the image.

175 x 55 - please do not edit this size
html img src code:

180 x 180 - this can be scaled down to 100x100
html src code: 

standard HTML code for inserting images and advice guide can be found here:


Position Links to your race gallery should be put adjacent to your results link.
This should be "above-the-scroll" on a results page, or on the front page of your race website so they are visible for visitors without extra navigation effort.

It might look something like this on your results page or front page: (this is a 2x2 table layout)

Race Results: Click here for the provisional results on Sport Systems
  Click here for the Official Race Photos

If you have a separate gallery page, then the link on there as well is great, however the majority of visitors will not see it first time and will only look for the results tab and links, and only see the photos link when it is adjacent to the results link.

Timing - when should you post the link ? ASAP !

The Links and logo should be put onto the website before the race has taken place, i.e. as soon as you have them.

If the images are not yet indexed (as it can take a day or so to go through 50,000 images and catalogue them accurately after a race) then the gallery will display a holding page with the current status. Visitors can register with us for an update or follow our twitter or facebook feed for updates - which are also shown.

Do not delay in putting a link onto your site just because the photo gallery is no quite ready. After the race some of your customers are going to visit the race website only once to check for their results. If the link to the gallery is not displayed when they do that - then they are not informed, and so do not know about the availability of race photos and will not know or revisit. Essentially not putting the link will mean people will not know, and they only visit once after the race. 80% of your post race traffic will visit within 24hrs after the race - so for example putting the gallery link up on a tuesday instead of the Saturday will prevent most of the competitors from knowing about the race photos.

Apart from anything else, our logo is now well recognised and adds a level of reassurance to competitors - we don't cover rubbish races ! So getting it up early and visible can help with race entries, which we also help to promote.

Long term and short term communication
Links on a website provide a long-term communication to competitors that the gallery is available.
Whilst post race emails have an excellent 24hr peak effect on web traffic - they only work for about 50% of runners, and are soon lost or deleted. The Website link provides a solid reference point for competitors, in an obvious location.

All about Links

We use the service to shorten our gallery codes and make them more readable

and we use the as a custom shortening on the service - to make it more brand aware.

Getting a direct link from our website yourself

If for some reason we have not sent you a short link, or you are writing a blog and want to link to a race or a photo - then here you go:

Just copy the web address in the top level gallery page for the event.

Communication best practices

As referred to at the start of this guide, I mentioned the best practice list of links for race photography.
Here they are in order of effectiveness - as determined using 5 years of analytics. We try to do as many of these as possible after a race - with varying degrees of success depending on the help we receive.

  1. Link and logo with results on website
  2. Link and logo on website
  3. Post race email
    1. with direct link and mail-merged results, and gallery search link (we can provide this service)
    2. with direct gallery link
  4. Flyers at events
    1. Handed out at the finish with medals
    2. on cars in event only carparks
    3. pre-race pack
    4. post-race pack
    5. on registration desk
  5. Flags with SSP on them at events
  6. High-Viz Jackets with SSP logo
Our overall aim is to provide competitors with their answer to question 2 - "what did I look like?" hopefully with a bit of skill we will provide them with images that they like and want to keep as a memento of your race.
With your help we will ensure that they at least have the opportunity of seeing themselves at your event and making a choice.

This page is the distilled knowledge from over 1000 events in the past decade, and in a previous (succesful!!) career in new customer engagement for a blue chip organisation, so many of these ideas, methods and suggestions have been thoroughly tested and analysed statistically many times. The key however is always one of continuous learning and doing things better and smarter, so if you have thoughts, ideas or otherwise please get in touch for a good chat !


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