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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Brutal Bagshot 2020, How to make a memory and 2020 almost fully booked !

The Brutal year starts here !

So were're creeping into 2020, having just decided to read 1984, because I thought I knew what it had in it but had better find out for real, I'd like us to reverse out of 2020 and have another go, because - well George Orwell said it was supposed to be a warning, and nobody seems to have been paying attention of late. Do have a read, even the first three pages should make you wonder at someone in 1947 being able to imagine and write it (and when you do remember TV was a relatively new thing then, but I guess xenophobia and hate weren't).
and yet some thought 2020 was going swimmingly

We've had the first of the Brutal runs for 2020, which given the winter makes the water particularly fresh, and there's the cross country (XC) season that has now had the County Leagues and Championships, then recently the regional champs (northern, midlands and southerns), and then we will be at the English "Nationals" later in February which this year is back at Nottingham, which again will have free photos live on the day for all participants - so make sure your clubmates know if they're going so they can share their achivements - especially the really boggy bit which makes for great spectating !!

Here's the most recent event galleries to check out your rugged or better features and future events worth getting entered in:

Date Event Gallery results website
Sat-28/12/2019 Brutal Longmoor
Wed-01/01/2020 Serpentine 10k
Sun-05/01/2020 Tadworth Ten
Sat-25/01/2020 Brutal Bagshot
 -  - -  -
Date Event Race EntryFree Photos ?
Sun-02/02/2020 Watford Half  -
Sun-09/02/2020 Worthing Half Marathon  -
Sat-22/02/2020 National XC Champs Free race photos sponsored by Saucony
Sun-23/02/2020 Hampton Court Half Marathon  -
Sat-29/02/2020 Brutal Bordon http://www/  -
Sun-01/03/2020 Steyning Stinger Free race photos as part of the race package
Sun-08/03/2020 Cambridge Half Marathon Free race photos sponsored by Saucony
Sun-15/03/2020 Brentwood Half  -

Here's some of the joy that was Brutal Bagshot last saturday !

Follow the leader

photobombing from a distance

...and then he snapped my neck like a twig officer...

cold reaches the parts other beers cannot reach

run angry or get cold

scrum down

twinkle toes

tolkein has it

almost spring like

that was a cold bit

I've found what was blocking the plug....

Flapping keeps him higher above the water

Hold the sky !

So far so good at 1km in...

mind that hole under the waaaaaa...

everyones a winner !!

How to make a memory ?
As christmas fades away I'm reminded that we are in the business of celebrating achievement, making people happy through sport photography, and making memories.

However - how do you make a memory ? How do you truly make a moment in time become one that is known, recalled and cherished with an internal smile to yourself when you recall it ?

Here's just one way - which has two steps to it.
1. Print it (I use for my home stuff).
2. Put it somewhere in your home
3. Pick the somewhere carefully - and this is the memory making bit - somewhere you walk past every day, but don't always stop. The sort of place the picture will be in the side of your vision - but not taking up all your attention - but just enough for you to see it if you see it.

Examples are places like up the side of the stairs (assuming you have stairs), in a corridor, by a door you open and close mostly when you use it. You'll know where I mean.
Over time - that picture you sort of see every day, and sort of remember so it doesn't fade - will become part of the fabric of your home, and the fabric of your memories.
Try it - it works. It really does. Give it a bit of time (years...)

And for those of you saying - it's ok I have the digital copy - yes you do - do you have an app that changes your phones wallpaper every day to a different image ? or forces you to see it every time that you switch apps ?
If there's anyone out there that writes these sort of things - please can I have an app that shows me what I was doing 11 months, 23, 35, and 47 months etc etc ago. Because I want a month before the anniversary to have a chance to consider doing it again... I don't want to be reminded *on the day* because then it's too late to get myself organised isn't it !! (take note "time-hop" programmers - let me change this in the settings).

Right, that's it for now - keep wark, although it's not that cold at the moment, and until next time keep the training going,


Thursday, 2 January 2020

Brutal Longmoor 2019 and Serpentine NYD 10k 2020 - Galleries live

Well, happy new year to you all !! 2020 and all that is now on it's way - enjoy it whilst it lasts !

It's a winter wonderland. Their security wanted to know what I was doing stood around with a camera outside their main gate. Not being subtle about it if I was doing anything covert to be honest, which I wasn't. But apparently MI6 headquarters is inside here ever since their builders lost the plans like what happened to the Death Star, and you know what happened to that.

If you're looking to do the 10 year change comparison (2010 v's end of 2019), then we haven't yet got to reloading 2010's gallery but we do have 2007 gallery full online here: to see what you looked like 13 years ago !!!

Here's the latest Galleries and future events to get yourself booked into and training through these very mild winter months (so far)...

Date Event Gallery / Future Event
Sat-16/11/2019 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-17/11/2019 Fulham 10k
Sun-17/11/2019 Brighton 10k
Sun-08/12/2019 Seaford Mince Pie
Sat-28/12/2019 Brutal Longmoor
Wed-01/01/2020 Serpentine 10k
Sun-05/01/2020 Tadworth Ten
Sat-25/01/2020 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-02/02/2020 Watford Half
Sun-09/02/2020 Worthing Half TBC

here's some photos for you from the last two events...

Happy New Year !

all smiles at the serpentine  

Here's the 2020 headgear of the year

Here's our first winner of 2020

flying all the way from the Royal Opera House on the laps

This is how I want to get going into 2020

Or like this - this is how going to 2020 should be, at speed and shifting fast

It's a winter wonderland !

And this was the last race of 2019... Brutal Longmoor

Helping Elves were on duty to help you sleigh yourselves around the course

we all need a bit of a lift after christmas

now go wash your hands

some people were thinking about the consequences

Good Game, Good Game

Victory arms

Surprised arms

Victory for all arms

victory surrender arms

space left on one arm

NO !! I'm Stick man, I'm stick man... 

Inverted Strong arms

Blue Arm

Popeye arms

crazy eye (NB there's three heads in the middle there...)

organiser eye


och aie

ooer aye

whats eye

och noo aye

And here's our last winner of 2019 !
 And with that the last year finished and the new year started. With perhaps a bit more vision and foresight than we had in 2019 ? I wonder what they'll call that then ? A miracle probably, or "online digital content legislation for social media companies"...

So, Happy New Year and we look forwards to seeing you very soon !
until next time

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Seaford Mince Pie10, and remember to Vote 2019

Go and VOTE, "santa can explain" later.

The last race before Christmas 2019 was the Seaford Mince Pie 10, and the gallery is here for your christmas fancy dress runners delight: 

You're  all experienced enough to know that you can get your memories from throughout the year by just going to the top level of the gallery and clicking through by year and month until you get to your race, and then of course - we're fully catalogued by race number - which if you don't know that - a web search for the events results will usually throw up your name and race number on the day.
As of today we have over 20,284,983 images fully catalogued online all the way back to include January 2014 fully loaded - just have a squiz here and off you go:

We're still sorting out orders, but you should know you are now perilously close to not getting your mugs ontime. Instant digital downloads are of course - instant - so you don't need us involved manually - but please do remember that all collections of "all my images" are manually collated together for you - so it can take a moment. So - what better gift for your friends on christmas day for those friends you remember over chrsitmas lunch - you can order up their race photo, download it and email it to them over a glass of sweet sherry with your motivational message for the year ahead before the blow out late lunch and wine - because you're not Steve Ovett going for olympic glory...

He's off to vote

She's off to vote

Her voting form is this big

rushing back to get a mince pie

He's going to vote

All christmas puddings can vote

heading into the sun

let it go. The current goverment isn't worth getting back in.

thinking about what presents to make

just been sorting out the red nose

camoflaged legs

off into the distance

listening to LBC radio

it's only a flesh wound

Vegan sausage

can't run away fast enough from it

Turkeys, getting fit for christmas

So - you should have received this email on Thursday. Voting day 2019. The weather forecast is crap. Wet and windy - the sort of weather that old people won't go out to vote in, so I urge all the young people - please please please prove you're made of harder stuff - and get out and vote. Vote as if your life depends on it - because it does. Vote as if the next 20 years of your life depends on it, because it does.
If you want the freedom to work across Europe unhindered, go on holiday easily with minimal administration across europe, enjoy parties, landscapes, and relationships across europe with minimal intrusion - and have very helpful and clever people come and work in our industries, health service, academic, research and service sectorsall the good things that the boomer generation set up, and not forgetting the unpresidented lengths of PEACE that we have enjoyed across Europe (says a man who avoided an IRA bomb because he turned down a job interview in 1992), then think very very carefully about how important this election is.
As things stand - you may well have said "I just want brexit done". well ok, I think you've just had your political patience strung out, (which lets face it is why many of us don't go into administration and council meetings for fun) and you should replace that with "just make it stop!" - in which case - time for a tactical vote.

If you don't know what your tactical vote should be - then go here:
Make your mind up, think about the direction of travel we have in this country, and then vote for the party that's nearest to the type of world that you want to live in.
If you think a leader who doesn't go to major interviews, steals a journalists phone during an interview and lies almost all the time and doesn't know an Irish border when he's actually on one, and then thinks he owns all of it, not just half of it, and ignores what the other half who own it think and tell him - then - go for it, but please write a big "L" (for leaver) on your forehead as well as your conscience, so we can applaud the success of your choices next year if that particular leader gets in. And then, get some training in so you can run damn fast - because you're going to need it if they do.

I live in a massive conservative constituency (South downs and Arundel), with over 50% of the vote last time to the conservatives. But I've not seen a single conservative banner up this year in the village or on the surrounding roads, and have seen multiple labour and lib dem placards all around our area. This is extremely unusual and is more indicative of what might happen around these parts - it's going to be fascinating viewing if nothing else.

whatever happens though - PLEASE PLEASE VOTE - EVERY SINGLE ONE COUNTS !

and we will see on lucky Friday 13th if we're going to have a happy christmas won't we....

Vote regularly, and vote seriously.