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Friday, 4 January 2019

Brutal Longmoor and Serpentine 10k Galleries 2019 are here !

"Merry New Year!!", to quote Eddie Murphy. Whilst some of you may be deciding to do dry January (stay indoors then the rain and snow won't get you, and stick to Dry Martinis ?) or the new "Veganuary" (which Greggs seems to be supporting), we bring you the two real winter tests of stamina and commitment to the running cause - that being the Brutal Longmoor on the 29th of December and the Serpentine New Years Day 10k which is a quick route around Hyde Park - which couldn't have taken place in more pleasant conditions - i.e. it didn't rain, snow, freeze or particularly windy and was quite mild, and the traffic out of London was practically empty.

Gallery links and future race planning - you'll see a bit of an anomaly here - if you've ever followed what we do and how we do it - you can see that we're going to be a bit busier than usual in January - so we hope to see you at some of the free to participate parkrun 5ks over the month ahead and enjoy the free photos that will be coming out of it! It's the #DirtIsGood campaign if anyone is interested in adding that to your social media posts !
Personally I'd been looking forwards to a bit of a rest and fixing the lighting in the office over January - but there we go... Darkuary it is then...

Date Event Event Website
Sat-29/12/2018 Brutal Longmoor
Tue-01/01/2019 Serpentine 10k
Future Races
Sat-05/01/2019 parkrun Forest of Dean
Sat-05/01/2019 parkrun Vogrie
Sat-05/01/2019 parkrun Lloyd
Sun-06/01/2019 Tadworth Ten
Sat-12/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-12/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-12/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-19/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-19/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-19/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-26/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-26/01/2019 parkrun
Sat-26/01/2019 parkrun
Sun-03/02/2019 Watford Half
Sun-17/02/2019 Hampton Court Half Marathon

And to some pictures of festive frolics at Brutal and Serpentine
thumbs up from the triathlete

Shoes are not supposed to be disassembled

oo la la

bog monster zombies

he was only teasing with the water splashes...

muddy filth

the cold water had frozen her legs and arms making running tricky

It's a study of a family dynamic

it's not rally that deep ?

jelly legs

easy now, it's not that big, lets look closer...

proper mud running and efforts

found the pot-hole under the water

never let your brother win

perfect form. Nice to see one done properly

all was going to be ok !
and then to New Years Day !
A tight start next to the winter wonderland, but nobody was rushing to go in this time

it's bigger than Victoria Park !

top photobombing and waving by all

Taxi to the Edgeware road corner please...

Sharp running for a bit of winter training

smoothly in at the finish

the junior 3k was a competitive affair

all under control at the top corner

Fordy waves too

All going ok

The Albert Memorial in the background now restored to it's previous golden glow

Strong to the finish !

So, have a merry new year, enjoy training and take it a little easier in the cold, build up the gentle miles and enjoy the views through the hedges and trees whilst you can be a bit more nosey and see what's usually hidden behind things !! I'm off for an MRI on my poorly right wrist which might have some torn ligaments (well it flops about and I can't pour a jog of water at the moment), which might result in surgery and 6 weeks in a cast. Don't let anyone tell you that photography isn't a physical job !!

Until next time !

Monday, 10 December 2018

The Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10mile 2018 and entries into 2019

All ready for the 24th - Santa gets in a bit of last minute cardio

So that's a wrap ! Christmas 2018 is the next thing on our calendar, and whilst there is a handful of Santa runs around the place, your best-bet for a pre-christmas turn out is a local Parkrun (or not very local if you fancy a bit of "tourism" as they call it).

The next race out for us is the Brutal Longmoor, which is possibly the best of the Brutals - if only to work off the Christmas pudding a few days later, and then there's the classic Serpentine New Years Day 10k - which will blow away your hangover if nothing else works !

Otherwise we're into 2019 planning - if you're London based then the Adidas races are a favourite 10k with free race downloads

If you're putting together your 2018 achievements and trying to work out what to do and aim for in 2019, then why not put it down on record somewhere like and make sure all your medals, times and achievement memories are in one easy place to keep and share - and then plan from there, or take it to your coach and show them what's what and ask what's next ?

I'm going to try to find all the camera  kit from the far reaches of the globe that it all get spread to, get things serviced, cleaned, organised, tested and calibrated (yes, lenses need to be calibrated to their camera bodies so they focus super accurately), and give the office a bit of a tidy up. But first, editing the school nativity play videos...

In the meantime, here's the table of events, galleries and then some photos

Date Event Gallery or Event Website
Sun-11/11/2018 PP Grand Union Half
Sat-17/11/2018 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-18/11/2018 Adidas Fulham 10k - Free Photos
Sun-18/11/2018 The Brighton 10k
Sun-02/12/2018 The Hogs Back
Sun-09/12/2018 Seaford Mince Pie
Future Races . .
Sat-29/12/2018 Brutal Longmoor
Tue-01/01/2019 Serpentine NYD 10k
Sun-06/01/2019 Tadworth Ten
Sun-03/02/2019 Watford Half
Sun-10/02/2019 Worthing Half Marathon
Sun-17/02/2019 Hampton Court Half Marathon
Sat-23/02/2019 The National XC Champs - Leeds - Free photos
Sat-02/03/2019 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-03/03/2019 Steyning Stinger - Free Photos
Sun-03/03/2019 The Nuts Challenge

It's pudding time

Good to see the Vegan Runners out after their strong showing at the Brighton 10k

Top superman work

that's not a pair of brussel sprouts 

The Sean Connery fancy dress costume for christmas worked a treat

When Runners get Triathlon thoughts

the leggings have it

sparkly antlers in the sunshine

she skipped the entire route this happy

mince pie hunger cut in with 1km to go

First time for an offroad 10k, hope the meter wasn't on

What's the collective noun for a group of Debbies ?

Special mention to James Baker - took 1:20 off his own 7 year old course record to drop it to 55:14. I think I can do that on the flat, on a bike ?

And a very happy Christmas to you too !!
So that's it for this year's gallery, I hope you've enjoyed my incredibly insightful captions throughout the year, and hopefully I've not caused you to spit your tea out over your keyboard.. but then again what is the real measure of success here ? (ok, it's people buying or downloading their photos...)

If you're a race organiser, even if you're one we cover your race regularly - please get in contact with us to confirm 2019's race because it's already getting more than half booked up, and we don't like to decline races (but we do!).

so, unless something comes to mind that I need to tell you urgently - have a Happy Christmas, and a great New Year !

Until next time

Monday, 3 December 2018

The Hogs Back 2018 gallery now live

The Hogs Back race snakes it's way from Loseley
All done on the same day the gallery for the 2018 Hogs back is all live and online with over 1230 runners in this sold out race and over 16,000 fully catalogued images ready for you to search and browse:

If you want to see where last weeks race galleries are, or indeed want to have some idea of where you should be running off those mince pies over the next month - then this is the race table listing for you !
Date Event Event Gallery or Website
Sat-17/11/2018 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-18/11/2018 Fulham 10k
Sun-18/11/2018 Brighton 10k
Sun-02/12/2018 The Hogs Back
Future Races
Sun-09/12/2018 Seaford Mince Pie
Sat-29/12/2018 Brutal Longmoor
Tue-01/01/2019 Serpentine 10k
Sun-06/01/2019 Tadworth Ten

Here's a small selection from the Hogs Back for you to enjoy...
Serious Running, for when the Gym isn't your thing

Cairon jumped with surprise when he saw Paul

There's a lot going on in this image, what is 486 thinking, what did 57 just say, and what's the bloke behind 410 doing ?

Don't panic, she has not broken her elbow with jubilation !

bored on a race ? -

Double thumbs up for that then

298 suitably impressed by what's occurring

Bound to be a good run

Centre forward for Stoke next

pink flamingo tropical running vest in December. Reminds me of sunnier climbs.

for the win

"It's all about the fun". Clearly.

Proper hogsback race headgear for the win.

Top Teapot

What they call in the triathlon world - a top "O-face".

Hello Mike !

The realisation that Movember had finished a few days earlier
We're in the quiet season now - which thankfully gives us a moment to look in the windows of shops to think of what we might like to get at christmas. you can get me one of these if you need to - 

We also spend a bit of time talking to events for next year - and we are now over 50% booked for 2019 (NB race directors - get your booking in very quickly, we have already had to disappoint some!!), and are very pleased to announce free race photos with at the Basingstoke Half Marathon 2019. Get your entry in quickly here - now (as a present for your beloved?) - there's also a 10k if you fancy that too !

So, next weekend is the mighty Seaford Mince Pie 10, which is almost always sold out - so that's the last of the runs sorted before the end of the year... remember to wrap up warm for that one...

Until next time, have a good training week and enjoy the mulled wine...