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Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Hogs Back, Seaford Striders Mince Pie and Mapledurham Ten 2016 now live

The Joy of the Hogs Back as expressed in dance and the Mannequin challenge

Three races this weekend that have all been hosted first on our new and improved gallery (we have also put them on the old gallery just for thoroughness).

You can find ALL of 2016 events easily from this navigation page here for all the years we have covered

Go to this weekends latest galleries in the table below, and click on the next events listed if you're interested in taking part, getting fit, having a fantastic lifestyle, or escaping the family for varying amounts of time...

Date Event name Gallery Link
Sun-04-12-2016 Seaford Mince Pie
Sun-04-12-2016 The Hogs Back
Sun-04-12-2016 Mapledurham 10
Future Events
Wed-07-12-2016 HPPC Rugby Tournament
Sun-11-12-2016 HollyRun
Sat-31-12-2016 Brutal Longmoor
Sun-01-01-2017 Serpentine 10k
Sun-22-01-2017 ETL Denbies10

The New Gallery
has taken almost 18 months to conceive and construct, brought on by our current supplier deciding to pursue "corporate internal use" image galleries and to remove e-commerce functionality - which of course - we think is quite an important part of our business ! (well we would give them away instead if doing stuff for free was a viable business model, but it isn't...)

The upshot of all this change is we now have much larger gallery storage, can accept Paypal, and faster and larger direct downloads and new user accounts which holds your order history on this new gallery. Plus lightboxes - which are a great way to create a running diary of all the images we have taken of you over the events, making it easy for you to keep a record of your running (albeit with watermarks).

New Directions
In the next few weeks we will be changing the web redirection for the gallery.sussexsportphotography domain to point to the new gallery (It's a CName thing). Old gallery links with this front part of the web address will come to the new gallery - but to an error page, but also with a navigation link to get to the and most people should be able to find themselves a way around from there.
You may have also noticed our new "sspimg" link shortening - which we think looks a bit better than a

Here's a few pictures from the weekend for you !

First up the Hogs Back near Guildford:

Rory had a tight hamstring so went for a drive instead

A strong start out of the blocks 

all looking good, they had yet to meet the Hog

The eyes have it

Photobombing your own photo doesn't count does it ?

All looking good at the finish

all the way to the finish

What happened next? Cartwheeling to the finish...

 Meanwhile over at Peacehaven - the Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10

Fab views and blue skies, but chuffing cold

On his annual mission

It all seemed so good early on

Definitely gloves weather !

Fancy dress all the way

Guns out

Top Christmas jumpering

A very fast Worzel Gummage

A great Christmas top

The blue nosed reindeer

When Mrs Clause comes to the south coast

Top antlers

running as a complete tree and her helpers

By mile 9 and it wasn't going so well

There's laws against this sort of thing

Top tinseling

Getting good air

Santa is on his way...
and finally over at the Mapledurham Ten - some off-road on path countryside action

All good at the start on the way out on the first loop

Headphones and reindeer hat - fantastic!

Always good to see you !

surprise !

Strong finishing

Won't be late for work this Christmas

Good celebrations at the finish

Prizewinner for the biggest Christmas turkey thighs

flying in for the double arm raise
So get yourself over to the new gallery to see how that works out for you, we're still making some final tweaks and turns to how it flows and little changes here and there so every bit of feedback counts

Until next time, enjoy the warmer weather for training.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Just get through December and then into 2017

Kevin B of Crowborough Runners taking a rest day around Brighton before his own race last weekend 
With the local conclusion to the Sussex Racing league - that's pretty much the end of the local county Road Racing season for the faster ones and the club competitions for 2016. With the temperature dropping like the proverbial stone it's time to start wrapping up, hitting the gym and getting through the winter training regime, also known as Cross Country !! The local leagues here in Sussex are already two races down in the four meetings of that season - and have had very pleasant weather for it so far.

We haven't covered any races this weekend just gone - and the Crowborough 10k apparently was a good run out this year (but I did cover the school play with video - and can recommend this editing suite - it's free and frankly amazing)

Running in Thongs at Seaford 10, as the Australians call them...

Next weekend 
is the sold out Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10, and the AAT Guildford Hogs Back which still has a few entries available - so enter that now so we're looking forwards to seeing you there ! Don't forget the tinsel fancy dress...

The early part of the Hogs Back Road race - before the hills, or the proper fancy dressers
The last races in December are:

The Reigate Holly Run - Sunday the 11th December - used to be massive, still a great course and all age groups from juniors through to seniors -
The start of the Holly Run - one of the junior races

And Brutal Longmoor - on New Years Eve - just down the A3, because you'll be going stir crazy after Christmas and you will need a run out before going back to work aren't you! And you can earn a party night out afterwards....

One day they will wear fancy dress to a Brutal Race.

So whats up next in 2017?
We're really looking forwards to the new gallery hosted on Photoshelter we have been busy putting in holding galleries for the currently confirmed races so far for January and February - check them out here: (and did you see all the other years of images now loaded on there... all of 2016 is on there so time for those last minute Christmas gifts ?)

We'll be getting into setting up the busy March races on the gallery soon too, but here's a quick link to get your entries in for the big ones on the busiest of all days - the 19th of March - one month before the popular Southampton (enter here) and London Marathons on the 23rd of April.

Just be careful if you enter Southampton with your partner - things happen !
Call for Entries - before they are full - here's two of the more popular races that will get sold out before you realise after Christmas - so get in now !

The Brooks Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon - closed road speed
The Brooks Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon - raising funds to build new local running club and track facilities this Half Marathon is one of the eminent pre-London warm up races which attracts a large local field from clubs, teams, running, Military and fitness groups with a great many charity runners. It is ALWAYS sold out with 3500 max entries - with a closed road course and a 3hr time limit - its a eternal favourite - so don't get caught in the post-Christmas rush and get it now here:

You too will look this cool at the Winter nuts challenge. Ok, this cold. My Mistake.
The Nuts Challenge Winter Series
It's the toughest OCR of the year, with very few completing 4 laps of the energy sapping super massive multi obstacle course. It's Nuts.
I'm reliably told that one lap is "Plenty thank you", and quite good fun with your friends from the club (whichever that club is).

In other news - live videos
we're going to try to do more live videos during races - hopefully during the starts and depending on power available - at the finish. We used to do loads, but fell out of practice.
Live streaming is certainly "now a thing" on useful places like facebook and youtube so we're going to do a bit more experimenting and see what we can bring you if we have a good enough 4G signal.
Please subscribe to our youtube channel here : and if anything is going on - they you'll be the first to know ! (heaven forbid we end up the next great youtubers - if that is actually a thing).

Here's our little broadcast from Not the Brighton 10k last weekend...

I know there was something deeper and more meaningful I was going to write here - but that clearly missed me, so enjoy the last few days before we start the crazy christmas pressure, I hope you enjoy browsing the entire 2016 gallery that is now loaded and reminisce on your running year so far -  The usual side effect is that it makes you happy - so take the chance to make this a long term thing and get yourself or your friends a permanent reminder.

until next time

Monday, 21 November 2016

The ETL 3 Molehills and not the Brighton 10k 2016

Everything went off smoothly at the Events to Live 3 Molehills run - three relay legs across the Surrey Hills near Denbies Vinyard and Box Hill. Teams of three or various combinations of that or even solo runners took on the different distances and climbs. Some even made it up from Brighton in time to enter on the day.

People from Clapham chasing each other at the Start of the ETL 3 Molehills
At Brighton on the coast the back end of Storm Angus prevented any road cones and barriers from staying in the right place - making it impossible to secure the race route. 
By 7am on advice from the council over the road closure the Brighton 10k was cancelled, despite everyone's very best efforts from very early in the morning (3:30am) tring to solve things.
Other small details would also have impacted the race taking place - for example the temporary toilets couldn't stand up in the wind - and with no toilets - the race would not have complied with the Race license, or the debris blowing up from the beach in Hove which made it frankly dangerous.
Not giving thanks to Storm Angus.
Race Director Keith Donno said he would talk to the council about the possibility of rescheduling, but they had already told him that road closures take months to book and agree with various Public Agencies and services (aka blue lights, maintenance etc), plus Madeira drive is regularly booked by events, so he thought it would need considerable luck to bring anything in for 2016. Keep an eye on the facebook page here
The Marina wall took a battering, and this was at low tide

The race Galleries from last week are now here:

Date Event Gallery or event link
Sun-20-11-2016 ETL Molehills
Sun-20-11-2016 Brighton 10k  links to 2015 and 2014 galleries are on this page
last weekend
Sat-12-11-2016 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-13-11-2016 PP Grand Union Half
. . .
Next Races
Sun-04-12-2016 Seaford Mince Pie
Sun-04-12-2016 The Hogs Back
Sun-11-12-2016 HollyRun
Sat-31-12-2016 Brutal Longmoor
Sun-01-01-2017 Serpentine 10k

If you want to see how rough the weather was on the Brighton Seafront at around 9am when the runners would have been standing about in the cold - have a look at the video on facebook that we broadcast live.

The entire race route was a scene of utter and complete devastation from Storm Angus.
Perhaps I should have put it back upright ? (only for it to get blown over again).

Arena 80 express their disappointment with the weather
Nice to see the Battels from Crowborough on a bit of sightseeing

Meanwhile, inland conditions were very different. and by Inland, I mean about 100meters, the next block across, not very far away but not on the coast road. Anyway, in Dorking it was like this with no rain at the 3 Molehills...
Nobody ever buys these sort of pictures apparently

everything looking good for a double thumbs up on the last leg in

The bridge to the hill. Better than the wade across the river...

James Baker went long and wasn't going to be at Brighton 

looking strong after the Box Hill stage

Pudsey Fundraising, or still in Pyjamas ?

Strong finishing into the last corner

Autumn arrived with plenty of colour

"watch out there's something behind you"

Good company around the three stage course

flying down to the finish at Denbies Vinyard and some chocolate

spotted the photographer !

All's well that ends well then  !!

Launching onto Photoshelter
In the meantime I hope you're having a good time looking at our new Photoshelter Gallery which includes our entire 2016 event coverage, we're going to announce a competition shortly - so have a good look at this years races on there so far and get a feel for what it can do - in particular - the ability to create permanent collections in lightboxes in your account name.

Until Next time, (which is the Hogs Back and Mince Pie 10 in two weeks time) look after yourselves and have a good weeks training - mind the rain.


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