Monday 15 June 2020

Mid Sussex Tri - a quick and easy trip down memory lane 2013-2019

Prizes galore at the 2019 Mid Sussex Tri

As there's not been much going on I've not had much to blog about, but thought this might make things easier for people to go back through their archives online for the Mid Sussex Triathlons 2013 to 2019...
I've gone through all the results, compiled the race numbers against entrant names and made a bit of a table, with links to their gallery search results...

(Although I can only guarantee they are all there for the sprint triathlons, not all the aquabike races. If you do know your aquabike race numbers from previous years - the race galleries are still there to be searched)

So on what would have been the day after the #MidSussexTri - why not take a trip down memory lane and have a look at yourselves from previous year - 2013 to 2019 to be exact -

Here's a list or entrant race numbers and easy links to see your race galleries -

Hopefully you're keeping your training going and you're going to come back stronger and faster - but enjoy this little reminder !

And if you just want to go to the gallery for a particular year and have a browse - then this is the current online list for the MidSussexTri races:

That legendary pre-race briefing from Steve
victory in the swim

tasty fresh air


all was going ok

looks like Rob enjoying it

did not drown

strong finish run

shouldn't try to shout to the person in front

zooming along

almost finished

Dad's winning

always good to finish
so I hope you're managing to get through the strangeness at the moment, and that if you're working your safe and if you're furloughed you are also safe, and if you're unemployed or falling through the gaps - I hope you get some help and opportunity soon and are also safe. With the great north run cancelling today, as a heads up - the first possibly taking place events we have are the macmillan mighty hikes - in September - so we have three more months of shutdown and no work to contend with on our budgets - when lockdown eases for mass participation events (if we don't have a second wave) then it will just be in time for the end of the running season, so we don't really think we will be covering much until March 2021 - here's hoping that's going to be a thing or we will be rapidly changing what we do for a living. Until next time, whatever that might be...