Monday 22 May 2017

REP Arundel Lido Tri and Fareham Tri 2017 now live

5:30am and the Sun rises over the misty pools and the finish arches at REP Arundel Lido Tri

It's good to have everything live and online quickly after a race, so with only two triathlons on Sunday with ridiculous early starts to the day (4:15am alarm anyone ?), by the time we had done a twelve hour day we were just getting into the indexing full speed in the office, with everything done and indexed in full by 7pm, with just the upload left to go. Long hard days, but good to get the galleries all sorted.

Here's the easy single click to May's race galleries: 

With hindsight from last weeks number of clicks - people like them listed directly like this -

Latest Galleries for you:
Date Event Name Gallery Link
Wed-10/05/2017 Mundays 5k - Free Downloads
Sat-Sun 13/05/2017 London Revolution Ride - Free, Live and Given with Pic2Go
Sun-14/05/2017 Kelly's Cycle Challenge - Free Downloads
Sun-14/05/2017 The Muscular Dystrophy Oxford Town and Gown 10k
Sun-14/05/2017 EG Tri
Sun-21/05/2017 Fareham Tri (senior and Junior)
Sun-21/05/2017 REP Arundel Tri - Free Downloads

Remember to download your free downloads - add to basket and order the free ones, and checkout as normal (but of course - it costs nothing !). Pic2Go events have the free photos available through the Pic2Go system, but you can order the high resolution images through the gallery instead.

It was a bit like a sauna, albeit 10 degrees outside to start off, the water was lovely

Some people will see there is no Bognor 10k listed. Sorry about that, we tried.
Unfortunately we were not able to agree on our normal working agreement with the Bognor 10k organiser (although it was the same as the past 10 years), and that agreement makes it viable for us to cover the race for free and donate our profits to their charity. They also didn't want to go for the alternative of paying for free photos for competitors.
So short story is - no, we didn't cover it, yes we did ask the organiser to remove our links from their website before the race, sorry if you had a wasted journey here.
And just in case you are wondering - 2016's race gallery is still available here:
Life, as they say, moves on.

Future Events coming up - spot the ones with Free Photos !

Sat-03/06/2017The Hurt
Sun-04/06/2017The Dorking 10
Sat-10/06/2017Race To The Tower Sat - pic2go
Sun-11/06/2017Race To The Tower Sun - pic2go
Sun-11/06/2017Mid Sussex Tri - free photos
Sat-17/06/2017Muddy Mission - free photos
Sat-17/06/2017Brutal -Congo Woods
Sun-18/06/2017Hampshire Hoppit
Sun-18/06/2017Shrewsbury Half Marathon - pic2go

Things that are currently annoying me:
  • Hateful politics.
  • (Ex)Event organisers who just don't care.
  • Broadband Upload Speeds. Currently researching using two fibre lines to upload and how to put them together in a router - if anyone has any experience of this, please get in touch...

Things making me Happy:
  • Daughters latest opticians test.
  • More Event organisers who do care - see more free race photos at events than ever before.
  • Proper photo albums:
     Remember the photo album things we used to make, and our parents have when we took photos on film roll, not digital ? Proper photos last the test of time, if the sun is up - you can see them !. They have a physical presence. They are part of what makes you and your family - you.

So having tried (and failed) to get my (vast) digital library into a printed photobook, I've finally found a solution that works for me (Ok my friend Charlie told me, thanks Charlie). Personally I've managed 2016 into these, and will take the 20 or so minutes per year to go back through to get things together over the next months. But it is quick, it is simple, and I'll have no qualms about writing subtitles in Biro on them (Which is how it should be done in my opinion). Probably not as witty as the ones I write here though...

Chatbooks is the first book app that has actually worked for me (and that's me speaking as a professional): If nothing else - check the link - the video is also one of the funniest I've seen in a long time.

Here's a few piccies from Sunday...

The REP Leyzne Arundel Lido Tri
All looking nice with the castle in the background, the mist on the water, the sun rising in the east.

Lane counting is more science than you would think

dynamic turning at the far end

All going well down the hill on the bike

even time for a wave

chilled run into the finish

some people are more relaxed about finishing than perhaps others are

Gallopy Gallopy

raaa ! for the win

Good win for Emma Macready in the sprint. With her running record it won't be long before she breaks a few records

proof if you took someone elses prize "to give to them" that you have it...

Mick oozing race director confidence of a Man when the plan has worked.

Everyone Active Fareham Tri

A busy transition

the swiming pool looks ideal for Triathlons

looking strong into transition

just a bit to the left please for the PR branding shot

Who knew there was a castle in Fareham ?

speedy kit all ready for the bike

confident running into the finish

good to see hard running all the way to the finish line

All done !!

Powering out to the bike transition

got the slick tyres on, and all levels included

In my mind, this is how I cycle everywhere too

good running to the finish

I never look this confident when I run

right that's it for a very long two weeks - because we don't have anything down for the bank holiday, (there is literally nothing going on around here!) so next up is the Hurt and the Dorking 10, whilst I try to figure out what to do to feed my kids and employees... all donations by buying your race photos so far this year - greatfully received !!

Any you have until midnight tonight to register to vote. Please do so, otherwise it will be your fault. and my Grandfather would have died in vain, and god knows we have enough dysfunction in my family because of that.

until next time, don't get sunburnt out there,

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Now live - EG Tri, Kellys Cycle Challenge, Oxford 10k, and the Seaford Half Marathon 2017 galleries

The start of the Seaford Half 2017, with the challenge of Seaford head in the background
Four normal events on sunday, notwithstanding a PR job on Saturday, and the very large and succesful Dulux Trade London Revolution Ride across both days of the weekend with live photos going out to participants using the Pic2Go system. It's been a very busy weekend !!!

All the new event galleries can be found here 

If you were at an event with free event photos, then simply order the free ones from the gallery (i.e. add them to basket, select the free downloads - priced at 0.00 each, and then once you have all the ones you want, checkout !)

To register for your free photos from the Dulux Trade London Revolution Ride - just go to the event website to use the pic2go system - you just need to remember your ride number (don't panic there's a link to that on the website, or results).
We will get the purchase gallery for the Ride up soon for any prints and high resolution orders you may have.

Future events this coming month where we will see you !
Sun-21/05/2017REP Arundel Tri - free photos
Sun-21/05/2017Fareham Tri
Sat-03/06/2017The Hurt
Sat-10/06/2017Race To The Tower Sat - pic2go
Sun-11/06/2017Race To The Tower Sun - pic2go
Sun-11/06/2017Mid Sussex Tri - free photos
Sat-17/06/2017Muddy Mission - free photos
Sat-17/06/2017Brutal -Congo Woods
Sun-18/06/2017Hampshire Hoppit
Sun-18/06/2017Shrewsbury Half Marathon - pic2go

Seaford Half Marathon
This is up the top of the hill. It shouldn't look so easy.

This is more like how you should feel at the top of a hill

Easy running into the finish

A top family day out
 East Grinstead Tri
feeling strong off the swim

running well into the finish

High Fives all the way in

The pride of Surrey ?

The very best high-five

Happy end to the race for 7Oaks

Lap four was starting to take it's toll

good riding in the damp conditions

Also a proud Surrey tri member ?
 Meanwhile, on the Kellys challenge cycle
Weaving down the hills

Brake testing

a great cycle out with friends

all going ok near the start

Going well

synchronised cycling

one of these two was talking to much apparently

new hat ?

well, someone had to take it seriously I suppose

taking in the views en route
 Over in Oxford, it didn't rain for the 10k, the new finish was a bit on the narrow side with even more entries
Taking in the famous sights

Taking in the traditional music and atmosphere

Minion and future graduate

Hamstring teaser

two go bananas in oxford

It's one way to stop people overtaking you at the finish

Running in with friends  holding hands is fun 

Always be careul what you are holding when you reach out to cross the finish though

DOnald Trump made a cameo appearance to take over the finish line

Things got a bit busy at the finish

Great to be running in strong and supporting the race charity and organisers - Muscular Dystrophy.
So tomorrow we sort out the Revolution gallery, but otherwise please enjoy this weekends work - we look forwards to see you orders !!

Until next time