Wednesday 27 June 2018

Shrewsbury Half Marathon, Adidas City Run 1hr, Hampshire Hoppit and the GYBR 2018, Leeds Castle tri, REP Arun Swim, Brutal Bordon, Harry Hawkes 10 mile, and Race to the King 2018

Some nice views have been had

Two long weekends - so so busy (only the 12 events, including international corporate work) frankly I've not had a chance to write a blog, with a total of the first time ever I've missed an update - so getting straight in - here's the table of recent event galleries for you to update your photographic memory with...

So all these events (and a few others we can't show you) have all been made live and online - just follow the links.
If they are the free downloads - then get them and save them to your storage device of choice, because we all could do with a photographic memory ! (And don't rely on this being here forever...)

Date Event Paid Coverage Gallery
Sat-09/06/2018 Race To The Tower Free  Live photos
Sat-09/06/2018 Mighty Hike - Thames Path Free  Live photos
Sun-10/06/2018 Mid Sussex Tri Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Adidas CityRun 1hr Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Hampshire Hoppit Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Shrewsbury Half Marathon Free  Live photos
Sat-23/06/2018 REP Arun Swim Free Downloads
Sat-23/06/2018 Brutal Bordon
Sat-23/06/2018 Race to the King Free  Live photos
Sat-23/06/2018 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri + Aquathlon
Sun-24/06/2018 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-24/06/2018 Harry Hawkes 10 and Ditton Dash 10k

To be honest, we are exhausted here in the office, and you would be too if you'd done this many events, so I'll apologies for the brevity of even fewer images than usual in the list here, and my general random nature of putting them all together.

Team of friends ready for the swim

They started off as friends

You may be confused. Yes he is usually winning or near to winning the Beach Head Marathon

over enthusiasm can be taken too far

Suitably pensive

completely abandoned all hope

May need an uplifting hand from a friend

Wave to the family and supporters on exit

double thumbs up

the joy of surviving

Hulk Happy

All worked out well in the end with friends

Not a bad commute to work this run

Hoppit hoppit

frozen in time you can still see them here if you drive past

"when the wind changes, you'll get stuck like that". They did not heed their mothers advice when younger.

The Kings hills are alive - with the sound of music

This hill had the sound of death metal

top work with friends, as the other takes a shot of their backsides.

the monotonous hills can get to some

Quick boys - calendar faces

Footballer face

another Mary Poppins moment

Enjoying his commute

How far will you go?

Power ranger pose - perfectly executed

When your woo wha is too laa

trying to see what the other person is texting, whilst running, is difficult

He's a Firestarter #prodigy

I'm sometimes asked why we like our jobs. I don't know.


If I add one more lap to five, how many laps will I have again ? #brainmelt strikes again during excercise

Harry Hawkes 10 got the off

Not Mr Grumpy, just a sly face when he saw a camera I'm sure

bling blang blong

"well i'm not on fire". Nobody told him those canisters get hot then...

Film directors are also runners

Only one more lap mate, come on

Innovative signposting

top king commentary

not his boss (possibly)

just another monday morning

Is this purple enough Jenni ?

rage at the machine

always do it with style and flair

mud brothers

Luigi and Mario

if you have to do a tri swim, this isn't too shabby is it

All OK - possibly found a bike better than the one he put in transition

backdrop time again

all looks quite proficient here...

Ryan - all grown up !

Relief at finishing

get this blasted thing off my head

I've had it up to here, don't push the green hat thing, or hulk gets angry...

You are allowed to ask for competitor help to undo a zip..

Water was warm enough then....

Found a better bike, and off for a go

damn hilly slopes on the run

racing finish...

Double racing finish - top work

So that's it for this week as I'm tired, it's late and I have a full day of big meetings tomorrow...
Train well, and please be sensible in this heatwave, keep a calm head on yourself !
until next time