Monday 26 July 2021

REP Dawn on the Downs now live and Northumberland and Thames Mighty Hikes on the same day 2021

Northumberland Mighty Hike 2021

Macmillan Mighty Hikes - Northumberland Coast and Thames Valley

 Now some of you may be thinking - how do they do two events over 330 miles apart ? Simple - lots of photographers and an internet technology that works. Well almost. To be fair, if you're shooting on the coast in an area of outstanding natural beauty away from the general population - you're not going to get any sort of data signal. All the more disappointing if you did get a signal in the same spot 2 years ago. But - that only introduces a bit of a delay from one of the locations on getting the images up ASAP - if it's not possible, then as soon as it is possible is the best that's going to happen !

No WiFi anywhere here

All the images from Thames path were uploaded and sorted before we finished and left site, and the Northumberland were sorted by about midnight when a suitably more robust internet connection had been secured after leaving site ! The Pic2go system meant that anyone could have had their images on the day as they were walking along - one participant said they had been posting them to facebook all day and had "smashed" through their £300 target into the £1000 mark already. Brilliant !

Early on the celebrations - but across the start line for sure

So that's another 60,000 images all free to download sorted, and the backup galleries are also on the normal SSP galleries - that's almost 2 Million images we now have online - all free to download.

Some of you might be thinking exactly what a few of you said to me at the 6 mile point on saturday "oh I'd like your job, sitting there" and I can empathise with you to a certain extent, and whilst I understand the momentary desire to sit down I would have swapped with any of you in a second... because I did 11,600 steps and was also stood up for 12hrs with an 19hr day... so maybe you do want to swap - but I really wouldn't recommend it !

Full results for the two events are here

and you can get your Free Photos on the day via pic2go here

or buy your higher res backup gallery here where all the galleries are on the usual place -

Some more Northumberland photos


Lovely views along the coast

Top matching Nails

Excellent team effort

High tide gets this high

Fart blame. It was the sea.

It's this big a challenge !!

It's this big a challenge !!

She lead them on a zig zag the whole way

Top fancy dress work

Thames Path Hike Photos

It's a nice rose bush. You didn't want to see the bridge did you ?

Good half marathon work !

They walked the whole way like this

Lost from vikingland 

Nobody was going to overtake this group !

The Thames is jolly nice !

Look, it's the queens house and it's THIS BIG

good team waving

proper big it up victory pump !


Euro winners

Good work in the sun by these ones

The boat lock is about this big

Early celebrations at 6 miles

Good cheerleading

Baby Spice

Challenge unicorns

Dawn on the Downs

Have you seen one of these lately ?

This Sunday just gone was the Raw Energy Pursuits Dawn on the Downs. Next year it's going to be renamed Fog on the hills. We thought we were going to avoid the rain as it all seemed to be sitting in the Channel, but then it slowly pushed north and came down into West Sussex from Kent. We had lighting and thunder later in the day after the race, so I guess we got lucky...

Chestnut Tree House - a local Childcare respite centre

It wasn't so bad on the start and finish field - but up top it was proper misty and wet when it rained - not ideal conditions to work in, at least it was actually quite mild and warm for the running though - with some good times put through on the course - full results are here: 

Safe - under a tent...

Nonetheless it was great to see people out running again, and with a canicross - good to see them out and about too. One point to the commentator though - you really have to call the dogs name out as well - Rocky (was not a boxer!) would have liked a shout-out for sure. I think event entry forms should explicitly ask for the dogs name...

Bling Blong

All going well


so far ahead, it was all ok

Foxy Lady

KP Nuts

It's Nice !

Hands, Face, Space

Keep Two Meters

only one km in and she'd lost it

The relief of being on the way home



yes yes yes

This lad smashed the 10k

not 2m, but the dogs were

Focus at the finish

The clouds on the hills were alive with the sound of runners

good fun really !

So that's it for this week - all the galleries are on the usual place -   and if you want to get a high-resolution upgrade for your Macmillan hike photos too - then this is the place to go.

And news just in - we have secured you free photos with the Southampton Half and Full Marathon in September - so you should be getting your entries in urgently right now !!


We're off to Dedham Vale this weekend coming for the last job before the August break - and that's especially empty this year thanks to Covid - so have a safe holiday and until next time...