Tuesday 25 May 2010

Dorking 10 and Great Baddow Races now live

Two separate 10 Mile races last Sunday, one in Dorking, Surrey, the other in Great Baddow, Essex. Both had their fill of fine weather and sunshine - and the pictures to prove it can be found in the respective galleries here:

For those of you who are not familiar with it, the Dorking 10 is one of our longest covered events, since 2004, whilst this was our first year at the Edmund Carr Great Baddow Races (they have a huge fun run as well as the 10 mile race) and it was a pleasure to be there after being invited earlier in the year.

You can go to their respective websites for race information and results here:

Having covered three longish races in Essex already this year, I have to confess that first and second places at Great Baddow were not the biggest upset since England winning against Mexico tonight. Equally, it was good to see such a strong turn out for DMVAC in their home race in second and third places respectively in the mens results.

Here's a few shots for you below to get a feel for the races themselves - plenty of entries into the fun run, some fetchies were also spotted out and about, and some strong running from the kids, as well as the hungry catepillar, and one person on a space hopper...(but I'll leave you to find that one for yourselves), and some fantastic family support all round from the sidelines.

I hope that you all survived the sudden onset of summer, didn't get sunburnt and can now relax into the week as the temperatures are forcast to return to Autumn levels. Yes that was all the summer you're going to get, lets hope we can remember it by next week !

Until next weeks race reports, which include two triathlons and an international half-ironman from sunny Kent...

Saturday 22 May 2010

Call for Entries - Sevenoaks Tri

Whilst 99% of the Blogs and news on this page are about events we have covered, we do like to help point out when popular events are going to be available and open for entry.

Well - the Sevenoaks Triathlon - voted "Race of the Year" is now open for entries for their September the 19th Race.

By now you should know what you're training for, what races you have entered, but you have probably left off the post "summer de-training" bookings. Well, here's the one to get you motivated and up and out on the hot summer days ahead... (or not as the forecast has been a bit pants really).

The last race sold out in under four days - and the waiting list was ridiculous - so by the magic of this blog or the sevenoaks newsletter - here is your "get in whilst they are available" link: http://www.bit.ly/7oaks0910

I'm writing this 45 minutes after entries opened - you'll get this 6 hours afterwards. At the moment (at 12:45am) the entries stand at 146. At this rate - It will be sold out by sunday - so DON'T DELAY !

I can only apologise to all of you who read this blog on Monday when you get to work, but hopefully that one place you need will still be there....

On a similar but different note, I'm going to start putting links to event and race finding services. Why ? well, as my job revolves around knowing what events are going on where - I like to think I'm a bit of a guru on which websites and what helps - so - I thought I'd share that with you. Some sites are easier than others, but they all have their good and bad points. I'll tag links to the sites onto the end of my usual blogs and I hope you find them useful and handy to use.

Right, best get some beauty sleep for those photos at the weekend. I might even make it to Parkrun tomorrow monring... although not going to do any running (not with my bad neck at the moment - see earlier blogs). The kids park in Hove is a mecca for my daughter, so she'll be the winner !

See you at Great Baddow in sunny Essex on Sunday, or you'll see some of the team at Dorking 10 - so give them a wave.


Tuesday 18 May 2010

Oxford Town and Gown 10k now live

The official race gallery for the 2010 Oxford Town and Gown 10k is now live here: http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=3xtzflk

With over 3,000 registered runners, the 29th running of the Oxford Town and Gown 10k was always going to be a busy race.  Thankfully the rain showers all passed by before the start - leaving pretty good running conditions for the race on the traffic free roads of Oxfords Town and University land.

The race is a significant fundraising event for the Muscular Dystropy Campaign and this year the total has exceeded £100,000 which is an amazing achievement.  Visit the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign website for more details about their work http://www.muscular-dystrophy.org/news/2294_oxford_town_gown_get_your_race_time

You can see your results on the Sport Systems website here: http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/Oxford%20Town%20and%20Gown/

The race photo gallery now has over 17,000 images from the race for you to search by your race number, view and purchase here http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=3xtzflk and as always for charity races we will be donating a share of the profits from the photo sales to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign - it's an easy and longlasting way to donate that last little bit to them and say thank you for a race well run !

Well done to all of you who ran on the day, you can see a small selection of pictures below, and congratulations to Alun, Dave, Paul and the huge team on such a well organised race. Shutting down Oxford traffic for a morning is no small feat !

Well done everyone ! Just click here to go to the gallery :http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=3xtzflk

See you at another race soon !

East Grinstead Triathlon - free downloads

The 25th East Grinstead Triathlon gallery is now live and open for downloads here:

There is a great write up of the race here: http://egtri25.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=151:the-east-grinstead-triathlon-sunday-16th-may-2010&catid=1:news&Itemid=12 which is also on the Tri247.com race pages.

The free download images on the gallery are 800px on their longest side - which is about right for the majority of things you might want to do except print large high quality prints. So go forth and share your achievements from Sunday with all and sundry after you have downloaded them from the race galery... the download button is either with all the thumbnail view of your search results, or just below the large preview image. I'm sure you'll all get it sorted out easily enough... ENJOY !!

Here's a little selection of what you might find if you look hard enough in the gallery. You can also search for the prize photos with "prize" and any other miscellaneous images with "misc"...

right, now to finish the Oxford Town and Gown... 1am here...rock on !

Monday 17 May 2010

Bognor 10k, Staines 10k and Ranelagh Half marathon

Some great racing on Sunday, with the weather being pretty good everywhere except for the odd few drops of rain - at least it's starting to warm up a bit !

Here's the current status of the Galleries as of 5pm on Monday:

Date Event
Image count
16/05/2010 East Grinstead Triathlon 2010
not quite yet !
16/05/2010 Staines 10k 2010
1882 files
16/05/2010 Ranelagh Richmond Half 2010
2633 files
16/05/2010 Bognor Prom 10k 2010
7732 files
16/05/2010 Oxford Town and Gown 10k 2010
not yet !

Simply click on any of the links above to go to the particular gallery you want to see.

We're on the last few thousand from EGTri, and about half way through the Oxford Town and Gown images, so we're going to be going into the small hours tonight and we're booked into an early morning too to get through them as fast as possible.

Here's a very quick selection of piccys from the weekend so far:

A future "Fathers for Justice" recruit, fresh from the Alderan galaxy, took a bit of exercise in Bognor at the 10k.

The Pier at Bognor is approximately - *this* long...

David, now why weren't you at the Ranelegh half ? Good Result sub-40 !

Matt, Here's the one I promised of you at Hampton Court on the Ranelagh Half that I said I'd put in the Blog... :-) good running !

And the Staines 10k was well attended again this year - thankfully without the torrential rain of last year !

Here the Stains 10k Men and Womens winners show that it's not about smiling and chatting - it's about the race !

Right, best get on with the East Grinstead Triathlon and The Oxford Town and Gown,
Watch this space for updates in good time !


Thursday 13 May 2010

F3 Events Mid week Tri #1

The First of the midweek Triathlons organised by F3Events race photo gallery is now live here: http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=15rzflg

A thankfully dry evenings racing at Dorney lake, with the rain staying away (mostly over Heathrow) and the setting sun shining down the rowing course gently illuminating the boathouse against the brooding skies. Almost Poetic.

About 60 in total set off around the course for this first race in the mid-week series - so a nice gentle opener in what could be described as one of the first half-decent spring evenings we have had.
Don't however think that this is normal - usually its a 200 person race - did perhaps the football keep you all at home ? It's blown your chances of being the series winner if it did ! It's anticipated that the next races will be full , so don't hang about in getting your entry in on the F3 website.

Only the one casualty on the bike and a lot of road rash - we all wish him well in getting fully recovered. The swim seemed to go down well enough, although the exit mat provided it's own hazards... some were more graceful than others on the exit.

There are some great shots of the cycling that Mick took - given the field size it's great to be able to deliver such a varied and unique set of images for you to get hold of - the
lighting was fantastic when the sun shone through, and the backdrop of the lake and the course makes for some special pictures.

So go and check out the pictures - with such a small entry list for this one you've basically had your own photoshoot - there won't be so much choice at the next one so get them whilst they're hot !

until next time

p.s. this Sunday is the busiest day in our race calendar -with five events across the south of England. If you're at Bognor 10k, Staines 10k, Ranelagh Half Marathon, Oxford Town and Gown 10k, or the EgTri - have a good race and I look forwards to seeing you on the other side when it's all over !!

Tuesday 11 May 2010

The Marlow 5 - gallery now live

The Marlow 5 gallery is now live and online. Here is the direct link: http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=1fjzfkn

Not a bad days Racing with 1657 of you turning out for the 5 mile race, in weather conditions that were not looking very promising to start off with, but turned out to be pretty much perfect for running in.

For those of you who like your age grading (here's an explanation) - the overall mens winner Thomas Beedell managed it in  26:03 or 82.34 age grading, whilst Hayley Higham (nee Yelling) managed a 27:24 or 87.94 age grading - that's just a bit faster then 5:30min miling for you and I mortals. From the results the highest age grading was by the chap who just beat Hayley to 9th place - Paul Gregory as a Vet50 in a 27:13 or 91.56 age grading - which is frankly extremely good running indeed !!!

It's also not every day that you recognise someone from school some 22 years ago, so I've put his photo in the mix here - but I'll leave it anonymous - although I'll confess to being impressed by his ~6 minute miling, he never did that way back when, although he was a good rower if I recall.

Otherwise it was a great days running, with lots of companies, friends and families running out - have a look at the photos to see if you're there - it does get a bit dodgy and weavey so apologies in advance if you were blocked by someone else in your way. A good way to check is to look at the results (here on sportsystems.co.uk) and
have a search for the runners who finished slightly in front of you too - are you in the background or blocked from view by another runner ?

So go and check your results here: http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/resultsEvent.htm?eventId=344 and then the race gallery here: http://gallery.sussexsportphotography.com/a.tlx?k=1fjzfkn

One final thing - last call for orders from Abingdon marathon 2009 and Beachy Head 2009 as we have the busiest day of the year coming up on May the 16th and need to free up space on the gallery for the new races. It's been 7 months, so you should all be sorted by now !

all the best until next time,