Friday 30 June 2017

Race to the King, REP Arun swim, and the Leeds Castle Triathlons 2017 all live

click to see larger and download to use as a desktop wallpaper

Where to start ? such a busy weekend we're behind on everything here in the office, including the planning for next weekend, who gave Tony the week off eh ? - but I digress !

Here's a link to June's race galleries - which you will see has been pretty packed full of action

Specifically last weekend we saw the following races and events and some don't have a public gallery, but you can go to the website to find out more:

Date Event Website Event Gallery
Tue-20/06/2017 Big Ride For Africa - Lessons For Life
Free with Pic2Go
Sat-24/06/2017 Race to the King (Sat and Sun)
Free with Pic2Go
Sat-24/06/2017 REP Arun Swim
Free images
Sat-24/06/2017 Leeds Castle Junior Aquathlon
Sat-24/06/2017 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sun-25/06/2017 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-25/06/2017 The Little Welly - Henley-on-Thames

Additionally we also ran the Pic2Go system at the Manx Telecom Cannacord Genuity Sportive  so it's been a busy one - again !!

Within all this business - on the bright side, I have a new desktop background, which I've put here on full resolution if you would like one too. It's about 46miles into the Race to the King on the SDW. Just click on the image to see it full size and then download it to your computer.

I'm minded to take some nicer landscapes for you to use over the next few weeks - let me know if you'd like some !

Also, whilst we were researching locations for the Race to the Kings, we discovered that a)there's been no google streetmapping of the SDW (South Downs Way) - they had the kit from google, but it didn't really work, but also b)you can use the google streetview app with certain 360 degree cameras and create and contribute your own streetviews !
So as part of our own interests (for race planning) and to put something back into the local area, we're going to do much more research and possibly invest in the kit to do this sort of thing and then hopefully be able contribute to the SDW area streetview data - which I know a lot of the events that take place along it will benefit from greatly.

Meanwhile at the Leeds Castle triathlon races
problem with the front wheel too light ?

which way ?

had the smoked haddock for breakfast ?

Someone waving to the front

They wave back

double thumbs up bad ?

just needs a picanse of salt to add flavour

oh no it's stuck

quite a good backdrop really

high fives at the finish

Top teamwork in the relay

REP Arun iron man swim
It's just a step to the left...

nothing to see here

Faye from Steps

and that was the last time we saw them m'lud

Into the washing machine for an hour at 15degrees

and out they come fresh cleaned and rinsed

strike your best catwalk stare pose

pure joy and relief


just a bit too much salt

Tragedy, steps style

'av it

Relief on the marshals faces when everyone gets out ok

those two crazies

and then there was the Race to the King  Arundel to Winchester
All go at the start up to Bignor Hill - follow the King

breathtaking views along the South Downs Way

The climb at Butser Hill

It was a bit steep for some

The crack PR photography team that make the awesome videos

Photobomb !

Pressure to get to the front for a photo, like Trump

nice forearms

picture with the cows ? er certainly.

Volvo support cars followed the photographer to get the best shot

be careful with those last steps

That bling

winners get a bit more bling

The Tyre Lady, on her way to 100 marathons

That finishing Hug reason

the other reason

always careful when playing with a spare sword

let the kids get into the action

I'm a queen and you will do as I say, ok.

Top Team on the course made the event what it is. This is just the finish crew !
So that's it for this week, next weekend if you want to get your celebrity fix, there's a VIP running the Bewl 15 apparently on Sunday, otherwise we have the village fun run here in Hurstpierpoint - scene of one of the olderst fairs in the world - at over 700 years. There's entry on the day, and it goes up wolstonbury hill - which is "a bit of a challenge". Race limit is 200 - so get in there ! (be aware of village road closures). I did very badly last year, and unfortunatley won't be doing it this year - due to other fair commitments...

until next time, don't get too wet in the rain,

Thursday 22 June 2017

Brutal Congo Stream, Muddy Mission, GYBR, Hampshire Hoppit and Shrewsbury Half 2017 Galeries are now live

All go at Congo Brutal, a new course near Deepcut
In another fast paced weekend we covered five events and licensed the Pic2Go technology out to yet another.

It's a quick blog this week as it's late, I need sleep before 2am, it's been hot and we're all bothered !

Here's the table of recent events - just use your race number to search and order your race photos.

Remember for the free ones - order the image and select the free download option and checkout as normal...

Date Event Gallery
Sat-17/06/2017 Brutal Congo Woods
Sat-17/06/2017 Muddy Mission - Free dowloads
Sat-17/06/2017 Great Yorkshire Bike Ride
Sun-18/06/2017 Hampshire Hoppit
Sun-18/06/2017 Shrewsbury Half Marathon - Pic2Go

Heads up to a few recent enquieries as to why we ask for delivery address on all orders - well the law changed about 5 years ago to make VAT applicable in the UK based on the address of the customer, not the supplier. This has killed of tax dodges by digital music sales operating out of Jersey for example, and yes it affects us too...

As a quick round up of the weekend which was the hottest on record this year - if you had wanted a good wet cooling dip in the woods, the the New Brutal Congo Woods course would have been the 10k race for you on saturday. Muddy Mission around the nuts challenge course raised money for Parkinson Disease was also with it's watery dips for a cool down (and wash !).

It was then a quick trip up west to Shrewsbury for a full operated event - the gallery putting images direct to people's facebook account has now had over 1.2million image views for the Sponsors UKRunChat - the main feedback has been the absolute delight on the texts, feedback, tweets and facebook posts saying just how fantasitc the system is, it certainly brings home to us just how much enjoyment we can bring with our work ! (which is nice!) (and makes the total of 9 hours endurec in a transit van of computer and photography equipment without airconditioning - all the more worthwhile!)

It was also the second running of the Hampshire Hoppit, a lovely rolling hills trail half marathon and marathon race with views to take your breath away, again with some tough temperatures, but fantastic trails to run along. 

Next events coming up over the month ahead for you to get your last minute entries in !
Date Event Website
Tue-20/06/2017 Big Ride For Africa - Lessons For Life
Sat-24/06/2017 Race to the King Sat - Free Pic2Go
Sat-24/06/2017 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sat-24/06/2017 REP Arun Swim - Free images
Sun-25/06/2017 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sun-25/06/2017 The Little Welly - Henley-on-Thames
Sun-25/06/2017 Race to the King Sun - Free Pic2Go
Sun-02/07/2017 REP Worthing Tri - Free downloads
Sun-02/07/2017 PP Spire Bushey Run
Sun-02/07/2017 Bewl 15
Wed-05/07/2017 RPAC Summer 10k
Sun-09/07/2017 Chichester Tri
Sat-15/07/2017 The Little Welly - St Albans
Sat-15/07/2017 Race To The Stones - Free Pic2Go
Sun-16/07/2017 Harry Hawkes 10
Sun-16/07/2017 REP Arundel Castle Triathlon - Free downloads
Wed-19/07/2017 Wakehurst Willow 8k
Sun-23/07/2017 PP DTUF Half

quick leg cooling and wash

propper cooling off

someone got a Brutal Tattoo. Don't be tempted, he's the only one getting free races for life now...

The muddy mission for Parkinsons meanwhile, wasn't too muddy but good fun !
over the tyre mountain

king of the peak

hanging on to the edge

this is not a jaccuzi

swing on

That Weller moment

don't forget to hold your breath

Lets go from the top eh ? the puddle has been filled especially !

Good team running into the finish

Over in Hampshire, things were normal
losing the mind slowly !

High five !

It's Penny, from Fleet, the race director no less !

start and finish HQ in the distance

everything ok no up the gallops

always run with friends if you *have to*

fantastic views from the start

plenty of space on the trail for overtaking

That finishing feeling

And over at Shrewsbury, the UK RunChat was set to take off with pic2go live images through the event

Bloke from Tipton wasn't believing the winner billing I gave Ian, I was right, Titon didn't finish

nice view of the crowd out on their way

All good going through town

top photobombing !

great teamwork allaround the course

This group did well to motivate each other around the race
Right, that's it for now, I hope you're all surviving the heat well - for those of you with a silver foil space blanket, I can recommend using them across your car window (when it's parked!), just trap it in the doors when you get out - it has made a massive difference to my car this whole time, and it is super quick to put on, and take off.

Enjoy the galleries - always follow us on twitter or facebook to find out when they were live (usually on average a monday), if you want to see images fast - don't wait for the blog !

until next time, keep hydrated, and wear sunscreen !