Tuesday 13 June 2023

Mid Sussex Tri 2023 and The Macmiallan Mighty Hike 2023 season is upon us !

 The macmillan Mighty Hike season is upon us and also the Mid Sussex Triathlon 2023 has taken place - which means - why not combine the two and wear your Macmillan Tshirt at the Mid Sussex Tri ?

Paul puts the Macmillan into Mid Sussex Tri

Here's a list of free download galleries you can get your teeth and memories into for the next few days - apologies for not blogging much for the past 3 months, it's been - busy...

Recent Events

Here's a recent list of galleries that are all FREE to download and ofcourse - you also have an upgrade option too - just checkout the product options.

Sun-30/04/2023 3Forts https://sspimg.com/Three-Forts-2023-Gallery
Sun-07/05/2023 UltraX Scotland SUN https://sspimg.com/UltraX-Scotland-2023-Gallery
Sun-07/05/2023 7Oaks Tri https://sspimg.com/7Oaks-Tri-2023-Gallery
Sun-07/05/2023 REP Bluebell https://sspimg.com/REP-Bluebell-2023-Gallery
Sat-20/05/2023 Mighty Hike - Norfolk Coast https://sspimg.com/Mighty-Hike-Norfolk-Coast-2023-Gallery
Sun-21/05/2023 Mighty Hike - Norfolk Coast Half https://sspimg.com/Mighty-Hike-Norfolk-Coast-2023-Gallery
Sun-21/05/2023 REP Arundel Tri https://sspimg.com/REP-Arundel-Tri-2023-Gallery
Sat-10/06/2023 Mighty Hike - South Coast https://sspimg.com/Mighty-Hike-South-Coast-2023-Gallery
Sun-11/06/2023 Mid Sussex Tri https://sspimg.com/Mid-Sussex-Tri-2023-Gallery

Future Events

and then you might be thinking - I fancy entering somthing like a swim or a mighty hike, or a run, then here's a list of future events to enter - but I warn you now - there's not a lot of running with us between now and Septermber...

Date Event Event Website
Sat-17/06/2023 Mighty Hike - Lake District macmillan.org.uk/lakedistrict
Sat-17/06/2023 REP Arun Swim https://rawenergypursuits.co.uk/river-arun-3-8km-swim/
Sun-18/06/2023 Mighty Hike - Lake District Half https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/lake-district-half/
Sun-18/06/2023 Hampshire Hoppit http://bit.ly/hampshirehoppit
Sat-24/06/2023 Mighty Hike - Giants Causeway https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/giant-s-causeway
Sat-01/07/2023 BHF Bournemouth Pier to Pier Swim SAT https://www.bhf.org.uk/how-you-can-help/events/swims/bournemouth-pier-to-pier-swim
Sat-01/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Yorkshire Dales https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/yorkshire-dales/
Sat-08/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Gower Peninsula https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/gower-peninsula/
Sat-15/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Northumberland Coast macmillan.org.uk/northumberland
Sat-15/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Thames Path macmillan.org.uk/thamespath
Sun-16/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Northumberland Coast Half https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/northumberland-coast-half
Sun-16/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Thames Path Half https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/thames-path-half/
Sat-22/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Peak District macmillan.org.uk/peakdistrict
Sun-23/07/2023 REP Dawn on the Downs https://rawrunning.co.uk/events/dawn-on-the-downs
Sun-23/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Peak District Half https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/peak-district-half/
Sat-29/07/2023 Mighty Hike - Dedham Vale https://mightyhikes.macmillan.org.uk/choose-a-hike/dedham-vale/
Sat-19/08/2023 REP Adur swim https://rawenergypursuits.co.uk/river-adur-5km-swim-shoreham-by-sea/

Some fun pictures from this weekends events

I think I've lost the knack of finding pictures to caption with fun, I'm doing my best. I blame Ted Lasso.

zig zag swims are the easiest to swim and photo everyone in lane one

good high elbow, nice alternate breathing, for the win.

no elbows, no breathing...I get wet. Not a win.

can someone fetch the lifeguard ?

philisophical contemplation on the meaning of Try.

DQ for no hands / unsafe riding. Unfortunate really as he seemed so happy.

Top work and enjoying the route !


The joy of finishing

Guns out, job done !

winners dinner plate medals !

And then we also had the Mighty Hikers along the south downs - a fantastic route to Eastbourne

Almost past the 2 furlong point

10 more fulongs to go

wavey planey zooming along

New Album cover - drummer in the background as usual

Julie Andrews is alive and well

Little does he know he still had one more hill

loving the double thumbs ups

They narrowly avoided the rain that swept in behind them

FInsh hugs all round !

Making memories and remembering them

no number - no photos

Just like Parkrun - IT'S NOT A RACE...

So much has gone on these past months it's difficult to know where to start, but to slowly close an arc that's been burning since 2016, it seems it take about 7 years for democracy to catch up with those that would threaten it.

We're mostly Hikes and swims this summer, and it looks set to be another hot one - over the next two months, so keep the factor 50 on, and a wide brimmed floppy hat and keep everything covered up.
And good luck with the training !

Until next time,

Monday 13 March 2023

2023 Brentwood Half Marathon Gallery now live - and a few others...

Apologies - it's been a while and then four large busses have come along at once. It's been busy, and yes, it's been emotional. I really ought to get more sleep.

Most important headline today - the Brentwood Half Marathon Gallery is now live !


Everyone was ready for the start of the Brentwood Half marathon 2023.

The four most recent events galleries are online here - all with free race downloads, searchable by race number - with the excellent upgrades available, or get those prints to make those memories massive !





Keeping things simple - here's a few photos to remind you of the fun in no particular event order - some with captions some not... because that's how I rock these days. 

The English National Cross Country Championships 2023

The Cambridge Half Marathon 2023

The Steyning Stinger - Sussex, 2023

The Brentwood Half Marathon 2023
Hello Paul ! -  I've told you for decades - Tri-Belts don't work.  LOOK ! (this explains the demise of triathlon in my opinion - nobody can find their race photos to promote the sport !)
Elvis has left the race course

One Han Solo

Han not so solo

A MAGA hat in Brentwood  ?



Tasty race time ?

Concentraty face

2 miles in but still smiling !

Sometimes we spot the double thumbsup...sticky out tongue

Man versus white goods. A tale of the centuries...

Chewbacca Wookie ?

Last Corner chicanery

Lovin' it

go go go go !!

we all like a bit of a surprise - hair-raising

So, the main thing is you're all loving the free downloads. 

We have had over 5million image views at the Cambridge Half (and still climbing) because we sent everything out live on the day to over 11,000 participants. All those images had sponsor branding on them... so if you think you would like an easy way to get your sponsor branding front and (slightly off-) centre across runners, their friends and family - in a fast and Environmentally green way - then please get in touch and ask about the Pic2Go.co.uk Technology service !

Until next time, I hope the training keeps going well, keep warm, and see you at Southampton Half Full 10k etc https://www.southamptonmarathon.co.uk/