Thursday 19 September 2019

Brighton 10k 2019 - Enter it !

Apologies for the lack of comms for such a long time, and then the total lack of normal form... but I digress.

The OFFICIAL Brighton 10k 2019 IS ON. Entry is here:

Other websites and entries which came and went earlier in the year - were unfortunately - not the true representatives of the historic and well loved Brighton and Hove Athletic Club that has always put the race on.

You will be pleased to hear that Brighton and Hove Athletic Club secured the race certificate and are able to once again able to put this very very fast - and very very social 10k on once again. Do not miss out !!

My concern is that due to the confusion earlier in the year - some people now think it is cancelled - and it is not, and that would be wrong... plus the club would miss out on much needed funding that the race generates.

So enter here for the 17th of November 2019. This race usually sells out and you shouldn't miss it !

also - we are looking for sponsors for the race photos this year - so everyone gets them for free as part of their race entry and has your sponsor branding and links on them - live on the day. Suitable for a local business that has a digital marketing budget and looking to reach potential customers within a 50mile radius of Brighton - in November pre-christmas - could be an ideal opportunity to promote your business and services (they don't have to be running related!) - please get in touch on 

This is what it looks like - I'm sure you'd fit in just fine !! So enter today !!


Thank you !
ps normal blogging service will be resumed shortly...