Thursday 25 February 2010

The Steyning Stinger - last call for entries

Entries close very very soon for what can only be described as one of the best off road marathons and half marathons of the year this is a gentle reminder for you to get your entries in soon as they close on Friday !(yes tomorrow - really really soon)
There are no entries on the day - so you have to get it sorted out now !

All the information you need about this great race is here:

Did you get bogged down in the Brighton Half last weekend, and you have just seen the weather forecast for this weekend then you are probably going to have a slightly lower mileage than planned and possibly be a little bit behind schedule?

As they always say - All is not lost and don't panic !

In about a weeks time it will be ideal timing for you if you are doing either the Brighton or London Marathons to get out and do at least a half Sussex...on the downs. ANd why not ?

There are some great maps of the race available on the race website too - check this one out for the full marathon:

So as you sit in the office today, staring out the window at the rain, thank yourself that you have sorted out your race schedule and get entered into the Stinger. NOW.
Download the application form - and then if you don't think that your cheque will get there by Friday - then give them a quick ring (number on the entry form), email in the form and sort out the entry fee asap. You know it makes sense ! It's a great race, great views and great fun... I wouldn't want you to miss out.

I look forwards to seeing you on the day, remember to smile everywhere - you just don't know when you're going to have your photo taken (which will be free to dowload off our gallery later).
I make no apology for the persuasive nature of this email - if I can make the effort to get out on my 40th Birthday weekend sunday morning to see you up there, the very least you can do is turn up to the party :-) and yes - you are the last one I have personally invited.


p.s. A free all day breakfast for all finishers ? YES - it's got to be worth it just for that alone !!

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Sussex XC League, F3 Events Duathlon 2 and Sparks 10k

Sussex XC League
The final Sussex Cross Country League race 4 took place on Saturday at Lancing Manor in some of the first sun for a long time, although still a bit cold there were good conditions under foot.  
Enjoy the gallery and the 
There was tight racing with a few close positions in the final scores - with only the odd point between places in the final tally. Full race report and league results should be found here on the Sussex AAA website.

F3 Events - Dorney Lake
Sunday saw a different sky arrive compared to Saturday over the south of england. Not covering the crowds at the Sussex Beacon we thought we'd go north to Windsor and escape the rain. We failed. Thank goodness for the Red Bull Tent and the hot tea from the F3Events team...
The first race was Race 2 in the Winter Duathlon Series -the gallery is here:

After lunch it was the Sparks 10k and 5k races - and the gallery for those is here:

The duathlon Started in the rain, it got heavier, and then it finally abated for the last finishers coming through at the end, with the sun glimpsing through the broken clouds to illuminate the competitors against the dark and stormy background.

A quick word to the wise here - if you're a duathlete looking for your photos - please make sure you check the 000 images - a combination of tri-bands, all weather rain jackets and gloves transpired to cover up almost every single number some of you had - which makes it difficult for us to identify you in the pictures. use the caption correction email link just under the previews if you find one that needs to be sorted out.

The 10k and 5k started off in dry weather and remained dry. We could actually see the boathouse in the distance at the other end of the lake and the ice covering half of the lake slowly started to melt off. Some great racing and fast times, as well as some real challenges achieved. 

Here's a small selection from the day below, enjoy the galleries on the links above !

Monday 15 February 2010

Februarys G3 Snow+Rock free downloads

The free gallery for the February Snow+Rock G3 race is now available here:

Enter your race number to find your pictures and you can just click on the download button and have your free pictures to keep from the race on Saturday. (yep - you read that right - the downloads are free. Last months G3 over 2000 downed in 2 days)

It was a close days racing with the favourite Sam Gardner (#148) coming in only a second ahead of second place (#325) - the race results are here if you are interested: 

Underfoot the conditions were good-to-firm as the cold had hardened up the soft ground, as had the ice and snow that still had settled up at newlands corner. The sand up St.Marthas Hill broke up after a few runners had gone over it, so conditions were as dry and heavy going as usual.
Heavy cloud was the main welcome for trying to take photographs, and it wasn't until about 50% of the field had gone back past the church that the sky began to break into bits of blue between the clouds. Overall perfect conditions for running (in winter, in england), if a little on the cold side.

For those of you who made it to the Barn for breakfast afterwards - how many of you noticed Sandi Toksvig in there too? I was too British to interrupt her Saturday morning, choosing the full english to pass the time. Worth a try if you're in Guildford any time and like a fry up. The salmon and scrambled eggs is a plateful to behold.

Anyway, you probably didn't want to sit here reading about a great Saturday breakfast  on a Monday morning - you wanted to show off what you did at the weekend. WelI I figure there's on average 20 photos each - so get to the gallery and have a good download.
Stick them on your facebook and drop me an email link to prove it ! (because that would be cool)

Congratulations to Toby and the team on putting on another great race. 


p.s. some of you were clearly having too much fun (see photos below) 

p.p.s. hi to everyone I saw at the TCR show at Sandown on Sunday - a real busmans day out - Thanks to Andy from Brooks Shoes for the complimentary entry, and a nod to Toby, Jez, Tosh, Ben, Jasmine, tri247, the nice lady who gave my daughter chocolate, Liz and Midgie... to name but a few.

Thursday 11 February 2010

The Great Bentley Half Marathon 2010

Apologies for these photos being later than planned - but something arrived earlier than planned (more at the footnote).

The gallery for the 2010 Great Bentley Half Marathon and Essex Championships is now live and online here:

Results and all good race related information can be found here on the GBRC website

For those of you who missed this fastest of half marathon courses - simply have a read of the online reviews here on runners world:
Last year the ratings made it 47th out of the top 50 highest rated races in the country, so get your vote in to raise it up even higher...

Clearly a lot of PBs being made on Sunday in what would have been ideal conditions if it had been that little bit warmer, and there was quite a discussion going on over on

Here's a quick selection of the photos from the day - the marshals at the waterstation, did a great job.

The early leaders stormed through the first 1.6 miles and never really looked back, although by 5 miles it had changed to 748 into the lead who continued to build on it...

Some great team running with friends and commitment to the race from everyone.

The leader looked far too fresh at the 10 mile mark, clearly not enjoying himself, and by the look of things - going the wrong way past the 5 mile mark...

Some strong finishing and great run-ins across the green to the warmth of the space blankets.

Very well done everyone, and please except my apologies for the late delivery of the gallery - it was interrupted somewhat by the early arrival of our second daughter on Monday, just when I should have been prepping and editing the gallery, and it had to take a little bit of a priority. Mum Sally - who took the photos at the finish line - is going well too. Last time it was the Henfield half marathon that brought on daughter number 1, and they have both been 15days early. Hmmm.

Many thanks for all the kind words and congratulations, they all mean a great deal to us !

See you at a race near you soon !


Tuesday 9 February 2010

Ashford and Bookham 10k's now live

A very brief update for reasons that will be made clear in a moment -
Two of the three events from the weekend are now live and ready to view - just click on the links below which will take you to the event galleries, which include links to the race websites and results etc.

Bookham 10k Gallery

Ashford 10k Gallery

For those of you waiting for the Great Bentley Half Marathon photos - please bear with us. Sally who was taking your photos at the finish produced baby daughter number 2 on Monday morning - precluding the cataloguing from getting done. Mum and Daughter are doing very well, and Big Sister seems happy with it all.


The cataloguing of Great Bentley begins tomorrow, Triss who covered the Bookham 10k is going to be working through them. Hopefully Sally and Baby will be home tomorrow, I'll pass on your well wishes as soon as I can, and many many thanks for all the kind words and congratulations in so far, they all mean a great deal to us all.

see you out at a race soon,


Tuesday 2 February 2010

Abingdon Marathon 2010 - Entries now open

what, eh ? yes !! THE ABINGDON MARATHON 2010 - Entries are now open over on runners world.

9:00am, Sunday 17 October 2010 will see about 1000 people questing their way out and around the fast and flat lands that they call Abingdon.

If you're not familiar with this marathon, then you should know it came 32nd in the Runners World list of races with more than 50+ votes - i.e. extremely popular. If you were to filter this by just marathons, then it was the 8th best marathon in the country (but by my reckoning the 4th best road marathon) - which given the choice these days - means it's pretty darn good !

If you want to relive some of the fun from last years 2009 race - have a read of the blog I posted back then here watch the video and then consider entering quickly before all places are sold out...

Only one thing to remember - it can't be as good a start as 2009 - because Gymnast and TV presenter Suzanne Dando started that race...
And if you're really lucky, you'll get to meet Mick'n Phil too...

So, get on over to Runners World and get your spot sorted out - fast !

Epsom Perch and the Worthing Lido 4

The Galleries for the Epsom Perch and the Worthing Lido 4 are now fully catalogued and online for you to browse and purchase here:
The Epsom Perch:
The Worthing Lido 4:

Sunny with a hint of overnight frost and then just to add to the mix a brief snow shower just after the race started made for an intersting and challenging Perch on Saturday, Hard, soft adn slippy in places under foot made it variable, but not totally muddy. Down on the coast at Worthing it was much the same but with a bit more side sunlight, and coastal wind, and very much flatter on the promenade !

As the Epsom Perch race start wended its way over the hill towards Tatenham corner the clouds gathered into what can only be described as "awkward" from the photographers point of view. Is the sun out ? is the sun in ? yes, no, err, yes, oh goodness it can't decide... Lets just make sure we don't just take photos of sillouttes, so with the sun reflecting off the icy grass up the hill to the finish with the light driving nicely straight into the lens, the challenge was set...

Many runners took on a tougher challenge as they came into the final straight up the hill and then round the corner - catching a few finishers off guard as that singular place slipped away in the final yards. It was good to see so many regular faces out there as well as some new ones in the area... some epic finishing battles were had and great race cameraderie.

Well done to everyone on completing the Perch !
The Epsom Perch Gallery is here:

The Lido 4 at Worthing seafront as part of the West Sussex Fun Run League had some of the best weather so far this year. With good conditions some fast times were set and a healthy turn-out. Worthing Harriers the hosts have a full race report here: and with 436 finishers it's one of the largest in the WSFRL calendar.
Worthing Lido 4:

And just another reminder - over 400 of you have clicked through and read about the Steyning Stinger Half and Full Marathon held on March the 7th: get your entry in soon as it's a popular race and we wouldn't want you to miss out !

And Finally...

It's the Great Bently Half Marathon (full) over in Essex next Sunday, and also the Ashford 10k as well as just sorting out coverage for the Bookham 10k - with entries on the day before 9:30am!

see you out running soon !