Tuesday 29 October 2013

Beachy Head Marathon 2013 Gallery now live

Sandwiched between two wet and rainy days, and just far enough East to avoid the rain in Brighton, Saturdays Beachy Head Marathon was held in perfect conditions.

With what was described as a "magical" tail wind back up the final coast trail by Stuart Mills (he should know), the temperature was perfect for the race, producing a fast sub-3 winning time of  2:55:42 by Hastings runner Jeff Pyrah (he really didn't get value for money out on the course did he!) and 3:30:24 by Andrea Green to win the women's race.

Race Gallery link
Beachy Head Marathon logo The 2013 Beachy Head marathon gallery is now live and online here with over 68,000 images from the day at over 9 different locations around the course:  http://bit.ly/Beachy-Head-Marathon-Official-Photos-2013

We tried to capture the race at a few different locations to previous years - for example given the run route up and round the valley side it's very very hard to get the Cuckmere Haven river consistently in the background. It's just basic angles and it doesn't make it easy. (ok - it's impossible).

Here's a rough map of the locations we planned to have covered: http://goo.gl/maps/UcFL1

We had one small hiccup in our planning for the new 10k, given the on line description of the course with  "the same initial notorious hill start before winding along the coastal trail and looping back around to finish at Bede's " from the 10k website, we thought it went along the cliffs first, and then inland (i.e. clockwise), only to discover on the day that it went anti-clockwise. Next year we will double check ! It's a pity as we could have got the belle tout in the background if we had been in the right place. I'll request arrows on the map next time !

the Highs and the Lows - the emotional roller coaster that is Beachy 

Lost skateboard

Found beer, (and small child)

Discovered freedom

oops photobombed

Double thumbs up from Debbie is always a good sign

Good teamwork from Arena80

Better Teamwork from Bracknell

Mind that Horse over your shoulder Albert

Caped crusader salutes all those who took part !

The highest view we ever get of any start

Chilling with the Mayor after his win

Another lost skateboarder

Good times crossing the bridge at Alfriston

Shiny garmin watch ! Precious...

Yes, Taxi for three to Eastbourne please

No Taxi required. Full Pack required.

On the long march - we say - Never surrender Stevie C

Replacement Sweat, in a handy bottle

He didn't like being overtaken

another shiny watch. Precious...

Why are we always at the top of hills ? Look at the view and you'll see why ! Oh yes !

Cheating - with those three legs...

which way did you say his skateboard had gone ? or was it his pogo stick ?

what happened next ? almost, but close !

double down thumbs. Not quite on top of the world.

Almost done for another year !

So enjoy the gallery http://bit.ly/Beachy-Head-Marathon-Official-Photos-2013 and remember to get them soon as it's only guaranteed to be online for 3 months.

Until next time, when I hopefully won't have been staring for 4 hours into a galeforce gusting headwind that smashes my camera into my forehead continuously (that was fun) and with a big thank you to our team around the course who did an excellent job in tough physical conditions, and the office team who worked through Sunday and Monday to bring the gallery catalogued and online quickly !
Phew !


p.s. get your entries in for this next weekend - free downloads: Loseley 10k near Guildford, just off the A3.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Brutal, Trenches,Denbies, Cabbage Patch10, and Abingdon Marathon 2013 - now live

Well done to everyone from the weekend just gone on great spirit and determination to get out there and do it - on what was potentially a wet weekend.

Here's the gallery link table - we've got them all on line now, it's been four days since 6am on Saturday through to 2am on Tuesday night - so you'll forgive me for the brief update.

Very well done to all of you, Saturday at the Brutal the rain only came in after the event, but passed through the Trenches several times ! Sunday the rain sort of stayed away, with heavy showers before everything but with bright contrasty sunshine in London for the Cabbage Patch 10, and only a few light rain showers unless you were slower than 5:30 at Abingdon, in which case you would have got drenched at the end.

For that real Wella moment...
until next time - probably at Beachy Head on Saturday if you're game ?

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Ashford and Herts 10k, Chichester and Maidstone Halfs and Kellystore Run 2013 galleries all live

Hands up if you're still drying out from the weekend ?!

A very wet weekends racing for almost everyone - but it sorted the runners from the talkers and provided us with the opportunity to get the proof for you that you all did what you did !!

Gallery links below, a few photos at the bottom, plus a few race links you probably want to think about too !
See you next weekend and I look forwards to seeing your choices from the gallery:

Race Logo Race link

Ashford Givaudan 10k : http://bit.ly/Givaudan-Ashford-10k-2013-Photo-Gallery

Chichester Half Marathon: http://bit.ly/Chichester-Half-2013-Photo-Gallery

Profits to the race charity Children on the Edge

Herts 10k: http://bit.ly/Herts-10k-Official-Photos-2013
Profits to Grove House Hospice

Kellystore Guildford Fun Run: http://bit.ly/KellyStoreRun-Guildford-2013-Race-Photos

Free downloads - sponsored by Kellystore to help Entrants raise sponsorship
Maidstone Half Marathon: http://bit.ly/Maidstone-Half-2013-Photo-Gallery

Future events forecast:

Call for entries:Race Entry links for Halfs and fulls
October Races  remaining
19. Brutal Woolmerhttp://bit.ly/Brutal-10-homepage
19. Back to the Trencheshttp://bit.ly/back2thetrenches-2013
20. Denbies 10- Events to Livehttp://bit.ly/ETL-races
20. Cabbage Patch 10 - Stragglers (full)http://bit.ly/cabbage-patch-10
20. Abingdon Marathon (full)http://bit.ly/Abingdon-marathon
26. Beachy Head Marathonhttp://bit.ly/Beachy-head-marathon
November Races
10. Poppy Half Marathonhttp://bit.ly/poppy-half-entry-2013
10. Grand Union Canal Half Marathonhttp://bit.ly/Grand-Union-Half-Marathon
17. The Brighton 10khttp://bit.ly/Brighton10k-entry-2012
March 2014
2nd - The Steyning Stingerhttp://bit.ly/The-Steyning-Stinger
9th - Surrey Half Marathonhttp://bit.ly/Surrey-Half-Marathon-entry
23rd - Richmond 13.1 and 10khttp://bit.ly/Richmond131-half-marathon

And here's a few photos from the wet weekend that was !
Fingers crossed for this weekend !

Start wave 2 of the Herts 10k - more than 2000 people turned out  

Very fast winner at Herts for the win - almost caught us off guard !

High five finishing

Great run for First lady back for Becca

Take the finish straight glory - it's yours !

Watch those pronating ankles in the mud - ouchy

Good to see James Baker in the Charity Running vest - taking the win at Chichester Half

Good team running into the finish

A Bolt ! - we still see less of these than you would expect.

Four half marathons in four weekends - good effort Claire www.virginmoneygiving.com/ClaireKeith 

Run like you're winning

Warm up was compulsory at Kellys - for your own safety in the cold rain

Even the Kangaroo joined in !

Fast starts on the grass - over 400 people stepped up to raise money for the charity

Your Medal Makers ! Get yours today !

No guts, no glory - sticking back at the rain.

Running in the Rain, it's OK !

Yes, that's you that is !

Just a bit wet on the course at some points...

Always try to get ahead of the bloke in front

Running in the rain is double thumbs fun

Barefoot. The MD of the charity - Children on the Edge made it all the way round !

Just out of shot - a big crane and sky hook !

Just a bit damp at Ashford at 1mile

Nice Work sticking to the task no matter what the weather

For the finish win

Also for the win !

Probably the most sensible running kit we saw all day !!
So on that note, I hope you all kept clean warm and dry last weekend, despite the rain. Personally I was sat in a puddle on my chair whilst working away for 2hrs. The chair still hasn't dried out, nor have my waterproof leggings which are going to get another dose of waterproofer - unless anyone can recommend a brand for me ?

It's a muddy Saturday ahead with the first of the Brutal winter series, the Third ever Back to the Trenches, and then Sunday it's the classic and fast flat Abingdon Marathon, the hilly challenge of the Denbies 10 and the new to us - the twickenham based Cabbage Patch 10. So if anyone just wants to do a 10k, you're out of luck !

Until next time, keep running,